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Man Arrested for Molesting Two Young Girls at a Park


Man Arrested for Molesting Girls in Phoenix Park

On Thursday, the quick thinking of the Phoenix police and some witnesses led to a quick arrest of man who was accused of molesting two young girls at the Phoenix Park.

The Phoenix Police said that the officers had to respond to a report of child molesting at four:twenty in the evening. The location of the call was at the Falcon Park.

The Phoenix Police Officers had learned  that a boy and two young girls had went into a ladies restroom in the park. While in the bathroom a man had touched both of the girl’s private parts.

The girls are only six and seven years old. Police stated that one of the girls had ran out and told a teen relative that then confronted the mean.

The man then got into his car and then left the park. Luckily one of the family members of the girls got a license plate number on the vehicle.

The investigators found out that the vehicle was registered to a home in the Gila River Indian Community and then the Gila River Police were notified.

The Phoenix Police Found the Molesting Suspect

The vehicle was found as well as the suspect, Charles Styles. Charles was then taken into custody.

Charles was turned over to the Phoenix Police as soon as it was determined that Mr. Styles wasn’t a member of the Gila River Community.

Forty-three year old, Charles was later identified by the victims as well as the witnesses.  The investigators say that Charles is a registered sex offender.

Charles Styles was booked and put into jail on four counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor.