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Felon Sentenced For Shooting Phoenix Police Officer

Man Shoots Phoenix Officer and Sentenced for 62 Years


A convicted felon has now been sentenced to sixty-two years in prison for the 2013 shooting that had wounded a Phoenix Police Officer. These police officers put their life on the line to keep our lives safe, so I’m glad this officer will get some peace knowing that his shooter is facing the consequences. Not often enough, do the victims get to see justice from the suspects. This was a win for all wounded police officers.


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the shooter, Brandon McCabe was sentenced on Thursday to an “aggravated term”.  He had been convicted back in August for attempted first-degree murder as well as: aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, misconduct involving weapons, and resisting arrest.  Quite a colorful past for our shooter.


McCabe Has Criminal Past


On January 6, 2013 Brandon McCabe was accused of shooting Police Officer, Peter “Chris” Bennett on that January night.  Luckily thirty-six year old Officer Bennett survived his gunshot wounds. He suffered injuries to his face, right hip, and right arm. Apparently Officer Bennett survived the wounds. He approached the shooter, McCabe in an area which has a pretty high burglary rate.


Brandon had ignored the Officer’s command and then the two then exchanged gunfire. McCabe was then arrested after he was found hiding in a nearby shed, like a little coward. He also had some gunshot wounds to both of his hands. Sounds like it would have been a crazy gun shoot out.


Hopefully less officers are injured keeping our streets safe. They work hard all year round with many hours, they definitely do not get paid enough. Let’s hope Officer Bennett’s recovery goes well and he’s back to being himself.  We need more police and more citizens like Officer Bennett and less people like McCabe in this crazy world.




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Man With Violent History Shoots Phoenix Police Detective

Phoenix Police Detective Killed by Man with Violent Past

William Thornton has a pretty violent history. His violent way of life took a toll of a Phoenix Police Detective. The man shot and killed the Phoenix Detective and even injured another person.

According to the ABC15 Investigators, they did some searching through the court documents and found that William Thornton is facing multiple convictions.

William Thornton has more trouble with Phoenix Police

When William Thornton was only fifteen years old, he had his first run in with the authorities. This was in the year 2000. William was arrested and convicted of attempted aggravated assault.

Just one short year after his assault charge he was in some more trouble, this time for a marijuana possession charge. Later, in 2003 he was in bigger trouble. William was given six and a half years in prison for an armed robbery and theft.

After all of this trouble, William still hadn’t learned his lesson. In 2009 he was heading back to prison for stealing his own step-father’s truck. Which he then ran from the police when they tried to stop him.

Once again he faced more trouble, in 2012 he was also convicted and sentenced to more prison time. This time for another drug possession and resisting arrest.

Now he is the main suspect in an attempted murder which happened on February 25, 2014. In this incident a man was shot in the back. This was in the neighborhood that is close to 40th Avenue and Camelback.


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Phoenix Police Kill 55 Year Old Shooter

55 Year Old Man Killed By Police For Shooting at Them


An older man of fifty-five years old has been killed by the phoenix police. The man was shot by the responding officers after he started shooting at the officers from his front porch. The shooter was armed with five guns.

According to a Phoenix Police Officer, James Holmes, the first shots were fired at around 10:15 on Monday night.


Holmes Statement about the Shooting

People living in the area called police saying they were hearing gunshots.

According to Officer Holmes, the officers had hear an additional shot when they approached the intersection of 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.  The Phoenix officers then went to the home where they believed that the shots were coming from. However, as they were talking to the homeowner the officers started to get shot at from another direction. The investigating officers quickly took cover and were able to figure out where the shooting was coming from. According to Officer Holmes, the officers saw a man standing on his front porch with a rifle.

Police told the local NEWS that at least dozens of shots were fired. The officers quickly called for back up as the man continued his rifle assault on them. As the man kept shooting the police had a police helicopter come to the scene. However, the helicopter had to land after the man had started to also shoot at the police helicopter.

Officer Holmes’ Statement about the Shooting

In 18 years I can’t remember a time when someone blatantly turned to an aircraft and started shooting at it.

After the police again took cover, the officers shot and killed the fifty-five year old shooter. They shot the man while he was standing on his own back porch. Police are investigating the mans criminal and mental health records to hopefully find out why the man had started shooting at the authorities in the first place.

Holmes’ statement about the Shooter

We have to sort all of this out because it is very very hard for us to fathom that a person without cause it going to be armed to the teeth on his porch and just randomly start shooting at police officers when they show up.

Luckily there were no other people were harmed during the shootout. A couple of the shooter’s bullets did go into some nearby houses but everyone was ok.



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Parents Warning Children About “Stranger Danger”

Phoenix Police Advise Parents to Warn Children About “Stranger Danger”


After an incident that involved an eight year old little girl, the Phoenix police are advising parents to talk to their children about “Stranger Danger”.  Of course you would think most parents would strongly warn children about strangers anyway, but it’s nice that the law enforcement is wanting to help and remind the parents of those dangers.


According to the Phoenix Police, the little girl had just gotten off of the school bus near 13th and Campbell avenues around one o’clock in the afternoon last Wednesday. The little girl was walking to her home when a pickup truck had stopped and then the driver opened the pickup truck door.


Stranger Exposes Himself to 8 Year Old Girl

According to the police report from the Phoenix Police department, the driver of the pick up wasn’t wearing any pants and he was exposing himself as well as masturbating in front of the eight year old little girl. The little girl immediately ran home and met her father just as he was arriving home.


The shocked and outraged father got back into his vehicle and then followed the suspect as the man in the pick up truck drove around another neighborhood which was near the 19th Avenue and Indian School Road. The Phoenix Police said that the father watched as the man began to drive slow near yet another young girl that was wearing a school uniform. However, for whatever reason, the man in the pickup suddenly sped away and the father suddenly lost sight of the suspect. Luckily, the quick thinking father was able to get the license plate number of the pickup truck.


The father called the Phoenix Police and gave them the license plate number. The police records showed that the pickup belonged to a Danny Ray Jones. Jones is a sixty-two year old registered sex offender. The Phoenix Police detectives immediately went to Mr. Jones’ home and waited for him to return home again.


Around six thirty that evening a patrol officer noticed Jones’ truck in the area of his home. Jones was driving on the wrong side of the road and the officer was able to pull him over. Police Investigators say that Jones even admitted he was in the area where the little girl was walking and even admitted to being naked and masturbating in front of her.


Jones Gets Arrested for Exposing Himself

Danny Ray Jones was then booked into the local jail for one count of Indecent Exposure. Indecent Exposure in Phoenix is a Class 3 Felony. Phoenix Police are proud of the girl and her father for the way they handled the situation. The police say that this incident is an important reminder that every parent needs to constantly remind their children about “Stranger Danger” and have a plan in place for if something like this should ever happen to them.



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Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly

Domestic Dispute Gets Threatening in Phoenix

On Friday morning the Phoenix police are investigating a shooting that took place near Cave Creek Road and Greenway Parkway.

According to the Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson, this all happened when a twenty-two year old young man and his girlfriend were having a domestic dispute. Then the man had threatened to kill himself.

According to the report, the man had went into the bedroom and then the girlfriend said she heard some gunshots. She thought he might have followed through with his threat. However, he only fired some shots through the bedroom which sadly traveled through the window of a neighbors house which was across the street.

The shot hit a thirty-nine year old. The victim was holding a cup of coffee at the time of the shooting and was hit in the wrist.

The report also said that the shot victim then walked across the street to his neighbors house to secure the weapon before the police got to the scene. The gun shot victim was taken to the local hospital for some non-life-threatening injuries.

The gunshot victim’s neighbors are thankful for his courageous act.

One of those neighbors, Esther Guevara stated that:

It was a good thing that he went over there to make sure everything was fine. That was a good thing

Sgt. Thompson said that the suspect has been arrested and will face multiple charges. The investigators have not released any names in this case as of yet.

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