Phoenix Police Arrest Man For Sexually Assaulting Women

Man Arrested for Physical and Sexually Assaulting Women

According to some court documents, the Phoenix Police have arrested man in the connection with the physical assault of a woman and the sexual assault of another woman.

The man that was booked for the suspicion of robbery, assault, sexual assault, and voyeurism is forty-nine year old Christopher Jay Hoyt.

The court documents also showed that a woman had noticed Christopher following her outside of a local Walmart on April 23, 2014. Then Christopher Hoyt jumped at her which knocked her down. In the process her short pocket was ripped and her ipod and cell phone fell out.

Police say that Christopher lost his shirt in the struggle but ran away with the victims electronics.

While the police were conducting their investigation, the police found a video that showed Christopher Hoyt sexually assaulting another woman. The woman was unconscious at the time that of the attack. According tot he police documents, he was also seen taking money from the woman he was assaulting. Police have not identified this woman yet.

Hoyt Assaulting Women

Hoyt was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the offenses, according to the documents.