Wrongful Death

Man Arrested in Phoenix for Murder in Bar Brawl

Murder Suspect Arrested for The Murder of off-duty Security Guard

Things can get pretty rough when people get drunk and start feeling a little cocky, things got out of hand one night in Phoenix and it ended with an off-duty security guard losing his life. Phoenix police officers have the man who they think is responsible for killing the off-duty security guard in custody. They think the man’s brother was also involved in the murder bar brawl that happened in march.

The main suspect, Alex Ray Flores who is twenty-one years old was booked on charges of : “First-degree murder, burglary, endangerment and misconduct involving weapons”.

According to the police statement, Alex was drinking at a bar with his twenty-two year old brother, Max Flores. This was on March 14 near 32nd and Oak streets. The bar closed at two in the morning and afterwards Max and Alex had tried to leave the bar with their beer bottles in hand, which you can’t do.

A local security guard, Jesus Rafael Lozano-Vidal, was at the bar enjoying his time off-duty. This is when he saw the men leaving with the beer, he tried to stop the brother then that is when both brothers attacked him. Jesus was shot, taken to the hospital and later died.

According to the Phoenix Police, they believed that Alex was the shooter in this crime. During the brawl, Alex even shot his own brother, Max in the arm.  Alex and Max both fled the scene on foot.

However in this bar brawl case

both brothers are in custody on allegations related to the Lozano-Vidal murder.