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Local Police Bring Presents to Two Stabbing Victims

Phoenix Police Officers Bring Gifts To Two Stabbing Victim Children


Christmas is the time of giving. Although most people forget about the giving and is pretty much more excited about the getting, that’s not true in every case. There are still some great people left in this world and some of them are Phoenix Police officers.


This week some of the most kind Phoenix Police Officers went out of their way to help bring some holiday cheer to two little children who had been attacked by their own mother!


According to a local news report, the mother, Brenda Begay had been arrested on Monday for stabbing both of her children. A twelve year old daughter and thirteen year old son. The children of course had to be hospitalized and cared for after their mother brutally turned on them. They are at the hospital recovering and making friends.


Kindness From Police Officer Bring Stabbing Victims Holiday Cheer


These kind police officers heard about these poor children and that they would be in the care of Child Protective Services as soon as they were released from the hospital. Not only did these poor kids get stabbed but they lost everything due to whatever set their mother off. The officers who were on the call Monday, decided to do something sweet for these children. They all purchased several gifts fro the children and even went to visit them in the hospital on Tuesday. How sweet is that? These officers wanted to give these children a proper Christmas.


 The Phoenix Police Department’s Facebook Read:

To say the Phoenix Police officers who responded to the home, to that horror, were profoundly affected by the plight of these children would be a huge understatement.Those officers spent time with the kids and did their best to let them know someone cared, and that they were special, and that they deserved Christmas.


If only everyone had these guys’ great attitude and kindness, the world would be a better place.






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