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Man Murders His 12 Yrs. Old Half Brother

 Violent Man in Jail for Murdering His 12 Year Old Half Brother

A violent man is set to appear in court for a trial in March 2016. The Phoenix man was charged for fatally stabbing his younger half brother. The brother was only twelve years old.

The police stated that Andrew Ward, 27 years old, killed the young Austin Tapia on March 12th.

The Man’s Motive for Killing his Younger Brother

Honestly, I just felt like killing.

The prosecutors are pushing or the death penalty for the suspect. Andrew Ward however, pleaded not guilty to the murder charge in his younger brother’s death.

While Andrew Ward has been in the Maricopa County jail, he was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his cellmate which happened on April 2nd.

The investigators believe that Ward used a golf pencil to stab his cellmate, thirty-three year old Douglas walker in the eyes. He first beat him and then forced a plastic bag and a peanut butter sandwich down Douglas Walker’s throat.

Andrew Ward also pleaded not guilty in Douglas Ward’s death. There has yet to be a trial date set for this new case.