Wrongful Death

Car Wash Shooting Kills 54 Year Old Man

Phoenix Car Wash Shooting Leaves One Dead


According to the Police, a suspect shot a man at a car wash in Phoenix and then had a seat on the ground nearby the incident. James Holmes who is a spokesman with the Phoenix Police said that the victim was a male. He was at a car wash that was near 3rd Street and McDowell Road on Sunday. The shooting happened around two, thirty in the evening. The suspect just walked up to the victim and shot him.


Mr. Holmes said that the suspect had walked only a short distance from the scene and then sat down under a tree while holding his weapon. The responding officers were luckily able to convince him to give him self up after some negotiations. Holmes also stated that the victim had died from his gunshot injuries. A police lieutenant who was at the scene told the local news that the suspect and the victim were related.


 Police Investigate Car Wash Shooting


The police were able to identify the victim. The Phoenix Police say that the victim was a fifty-four year old man named David Pacheco-Chavez. The car was that he was shot and killed at was the Los Olivos Car Wash.


Police are unsure of why the suspect would shoot his family member. Especially since the victim and suspect lived together. But apparently there might have been an on-going dispute between them. The victim, David Pacheco-Chavez was actually an employee of the Los Olivos Car Wash.


This might sound like a strange shooting and it is, but sadly these kind of random shootings aren’t uncommon. It’s sad that these family members couldn’t work out their differences peacefully instead of it ending with one of their lives.




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