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Several Phoenix Shooting Incidents

On Behalf of / Friday, 22 December 2017 / Published in Homicide, Pedestrian Accident, Wrongful Death

Man Shoots Policeman in Arizona

According to Sgt. Richard Guinn who is with the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, A man had been accused of shooting a woman and a police officer has now died after he had been shot after the police on Saturday afternoon.

According to the report, the whole incident began when the suspect had reportedly fired a gun from the cab of a red pickup truck. This was as he was driving by the LDS Stake Center which is in Eagar.

There were several police departments quick to respond to the scene, including: The Eagar Police Department, Springerville Police Department, Apache County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona Department of Public Saftey, Arizona Game and Fish department, as well as the U. S. Forest Service.

The suspect is, forty year old, Eric Robinson who is from Eagar. They say he fired at the officers which led to him hitting one of the officers from the Eagar Police Department.

Some of the other officers who were at the scene, pursued the suspect as he fled from the scene. Officers say that Mr. Robinson had drove to his house where he then ran inside. The officers then quickly set up a perimeter and tried to get the nearby residents out and away from the scene safely.

According to the reports, the suspect then began to fire at the police from the inside of his home. As the suspect ran out of his home and towards one of the deputies, the officers from the Eagar Police Department as well as deputies form the Apache County Sheriff’s Office then shot him.

The suspect had to be taken to the White Mountain Regional Medical Center where he later died from his wounds.

According to Sgt. Guinn, the Eagar police who was shot is in “good condition”. The officer was treated for his wounds and later released from the hospital.

The woman who had been shot, was shot in the shoulder. She was taken to Summit Regional Medical Center. They are not releasing information about her condition at this time.


Shooting At A Public Place

Tragedy has struck at an unlikely place. Imagine sitting and watching a movie in a packed theatre and then a gunman just stands up after about twenty minutes into the showing of “Trainwreck” which is ironically a comedy movie, and then began to fire at everyone in the theater. Sadly, that isn’t hard to imagine because it happened just a few days ago.

Police have said that the gunman had initially tried to escape on Thursday night by trying to blend into the fleeing, scared crowed. However, he turned back when he saw the police heading inside from the parking lot. Officers then began to start following after him back into the theater. They heard a single gunshot and found him dead inside of the theater.

While police haven’t released his name, they described the gunman as a fifty-eight year old man. He did have a criminal history as well. The gunman was by himself when he started the rampage by shooting two of the people who were unluckily sitting in front of him.


One of the Witnesses Described the Shooting

We heard a loud pop we thought was a firecracker. He wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t hear anybody screaming either.


She also added that she had heard around six gunshots before she and her fiance were able to run to the nearest exit.

Gov. Bobby Jindal traveled to the scene not long after everything happened. He was quick to tell the reporters about the heroic attempts that some people showed. Like one teacher jumped in front of a second teacher to save that teachers life. The second teacher reacted quickly by pulling a fire alarm to warn the other moviegoers.


Jindal’s Quote About the Teachers

Her friend literally jumped over her and, by her account, actually saved her life


President Barack Obama was busy visiting his family to make an appearance to thank those heroes or console the wounded.

According to the news reports, there were at least 100 people inside of that theater that could have been hurt or killed.

Reports say that on Friday, law enforcement personnel went to a Motel 6 to see search the room where the gunman might have been staying.

Police wanted to stay calm and smart about the attack. They kept the gunman’s name out of the public so that they could search and make sure that this wasn’t a terrorist attack form another country or something like that. They wanted to safely track down any friends or family that the suspect might have.


Edmonson’s Statement:

We have no reason to believe that this individual acted beyond this location here.


According to Edmonson, the police had saw something “suspicious” on the inside of the gunman’s car. There was a bomb-sniffing dog at the scene and made a “hit” on three different locations in the vehicle. So, police was being cautious on every aspect of this investigation.  Luckily there were no explosives or bombs found in the car or the theater complex.

The nation has tried to show support to these victims. Amy Schumer, who is the star in “Trainwreck” took to her verified twitter to give her condolences.


Schumer’s Tweet:

My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Louisiana.


Governor Jindal’s Statement about the Shooting:

What we can do now is we can pray. We can hug these families. We can shower them with love, thoughts and prayers.

There are several different types of “shootings” however, of the time all shootings end up with someone getting injured or worse.


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