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Police Finds Crate Carrying Marijuana   Metro police intercepted a crate containing 140 pounds of marijuana shipped from Phoenix for distribution to street dealers in Nashville Thursday. When detectives received information that the 327 pound wooden crate located at a local freight company could be tied to criminal activity, they sent Caine, a police dog, to check, police

Court Ruling Proves Medical Marijuana Can Cause DUI   People have been speculating like crazy ever since laws have been passing for the use of Marijuana medical or residential. Citizens have had a ton of questions how this is going to work? What if someone uses Marijuana and then drives? Will they be punished? Is

Phoenix Police Detective Killed by Man with Violent Past William Thornton has a pretty violent history. His violent way of life took a toll of a Phoenix Police Detective. The man shot and killed the Phoenix Detective and even injured another person. According to the ABC15 Investigators, they did some searching through the court documents

Forty Year Old Sentenced for Drug Trafficking   On Monday, A forty year old Mexican man was sentenced for a growing crime of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to seventeen and a half years in the Arizona Federal Prison for the Drug Trafficking crime. It seems like a harsher punishment is hopefully so others will

Man Bites Officer and Resists Arrest Monday morning did not start off too good for a Mesa Police Officer after an altercation with a man that he was trying to arrest. The man was arrested early Morning after the Mesa Police officer stated that the man had bit an Officer who had attempted to stop

Man Charged For Ecstasy Operation Near Arizona State University Drug trafficking and manufacturing is becoming a real problem now days. There are a tons of ways to make things and it seems like  people are starting the trade at a much younger age. On March 23, 2014 an Arizona Man was charged for being connected