Murder Charges and Investigation

New York Woman Facing Murder Charges Most the time when you hear or think about a murder, you think of how awful it is. You’re always expecting the worse like someone got stabbed or shot. This case however, is very gruesome. A woman from New York City, is now facing murder charges after the police… Continue reading Murder Charges and Investigation

Sexual Assault Crimes

Man Sexually Abuses Young Women How can sex offenders go under the radar for so long? Does neighbors or someone not find them suspicious? Maybe not. However, in some cases people do notice and they call the authorities. A man has allegedly been sexually abusing a group of underage girls in Coolidge over a twenty… Continue reading Sexual Assault Crimes

Bishop Involved in Sexual Abuse Case

Bishop Faces Felony Charges When you think of a Bishop you really don’t think of sexual abuse. However, sometimes it happens. You just never know now days, it can happen anytime and any where. There were a few charges that have been dropped against the Arizona Roman Catholic bishop. However, the former church officials still… Continue reading Bishop Involved in Sexual Abuse Case

Sexual Assault in Communities

  Man Arrested for The Sexual Assault of a 16 Year Old The police have been investigating a sexual assault claim. according to the Police a sixteen year old Valley girl was sexually assaulted by an Uber Driver. This happened during her ride home from school in the 2015 year. An Uber driver is an… Continue reading Sexual Assault in Communities

Crimes Against Children

Police Fight for Crimes Against Children Child abuse or crimes done to children is absolutely disgusting. In my opinion it’s one of the worse forms of abuse. This is probably why the abusers doesn’t last long in prison. According to the Woonsocket Police, on Friday they were able to arrest a man who was accused… Continue reading Crimes Against Children

Child Sexual Abuse Case in Phoenix

Man Charged With Child Sexual Abuse Child sexual abuse is sadly something that never goes away. It seems like more and more people are abusing children. Luckily they’re getting caught more and more as well. Recently a man has been charged for two counts of child sexual abuse, soliciting a minor for indecent exposure, as… Continue reading Child Sexual Abuse Case in Phoenix