Police Find Alleged Kidnapping Wife Victim in Phoenix

Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Was Involved in Kidnapping His Wife


Police say that a wife has reportedly been kidnapped by her husband with a gun in the Phoenix area. The authorities have found the wife and she was luckily unharmed and now the man has been arrested.


Police say that some witnesses told them that a man had fired some shots from a car before he forced the woman into the vehicle on Monday. The witnesses also said that the woman had even jumped out of the car, however the man had forced her back inside of the vehicle. The car then drove away and the police were worried about the woman’s safety.


Kidnapping Victim Found


The thirty-four year old wife was found safe on Tuesday. Her name has not been released at this time. The man in the case, was thirty-four year old, Alejandro Valenzuela.


Alejandro told the police that his reasoning for kidnapping his was is that she told him after sixteen years of marriage that she wanted to leave him. The couple has two children.


Gabrielle Rogers, Neighbor Witness Statement:

I glanced out the window, saw the car, and was like, ‘that’s it’ and I called (police).


The neighbor couple has two girls of their own so they were pretty worried and not pleased to hear the gunshots outside of their home.


Chris Rogers Statement:

He was over there shooting in the air or shooting at her, nobody’s really sure. She’s yelling and screaming for help, everybody that was out here at the time didn’t know what to do, because obviously he was armed.It was a domestic violence incident that basically turned into a known-person kidnapping.


Thank goodness the Rogers family called the police about the possible kidnapping and the wife was safe when authorities found her.





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Two Men Arrested For Kidnapping and Assaulting a Woman

Woman Kidnapped and Assaulted from Tempe Bar


Two men in the Buckeye area have now been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and violently assaulting a woman earlier in the month. The Buckeye Police Department says that the female victim had been out drinking at a local bar in Tempe on November 14th. She then claims she woke up in the desert near the Interstate 10 and Watson Road.


The woman said that she does not remember how she got out to the desert or even leaving the bar that night. However, her friends witnessed two men talking to her that night and her then getting into a white car. The friends tried to call the female victim but she would not answer her phone.


Buckeye Police Press Release Statement:

The victim was brutally attacked, both physically and sexually.


A tracking device that was on the victim’s phone was able to lead the police to a home in Buckeye. The police investigators got to the scene and was able to arrest twenty-four year old Damian Hernandez as well as twenty-two year old, Esai Leon on November 28th. They were booked into jail on charges of “sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and tampering with evidence”.


Commander Mark Mann from the Buckeye Police Department Statement:

These guys are predators, they target women. They brutally and violent beat them and left them alone in the desert.


The police say that the suspects even admitted that they were in Tempe, however they “pointed the finger” at each other when it came to who assaulted the woman. The police also said that one of the suspects had thrown her boots and cell phone out the window of their car after they had assaulted her.


Neighbor to the Suspects, Dustin Scheas Statment:

I’m appalled. Coming from a man who has sisters, has a daughter. What he did was to someone’s daughter, and it’s disgusting. They have no respect for life clearly.


Police served search warrants to both of the suspects homes on Wednesday. They were hoping to find some evidence to link them to some similar cases around the area.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Buckeye Police Department at 623-349-6400.




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Man Charged With Several Charges in Kidnapping 8 Yrs Old Girl

Man Arrested for Disappearance of 8 Year Old Little Girl


A man is in some serious trouble after being previously questioned in the disappearance of an eight year old little girl. The man has now been booked into the Mohave County Jail for the following charges: first-degree murder, kidnapping, as well as shoplifting. That poor little girl.


Chief Brian Williamson from the Bullhead City Police, confirmed that twenty-six year old Justin James Rector was indeed taken into custody for the above charges including the death of the eight year old Isabella Grogan-Cannella. The innocent little girl was reported missing last Tuesday. According to the local authorities, on Wednesday Isabella’s lifeless body was found in a shallow grave near her home. Rector was taken into custody on Thursday.


Family Friend Murders 8 Year Old Little Girl


According to chief Williamson, Rector was a family friend that had been visiting and staying with the family at their home for a few days. Isabella was last seen with Rector at around 11:30 on Monday night. She was seen by her ten year old sister with the boy. Isabella was reported missing around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


Chief Williamson also said that Rector had went to the local Walmart to shoplift some shoes, underwear, and a shirt to change into. Rector admitted to actually hiding his old outfit along the highway. Rector was first arrested for the shoplifting and then held in the jail so that the investigators could look into Isabella’s disappearance. The detectives were able to find the shoes and shirt, as well as the surveillance video from the store which showed the evidence of Rector shoplifting. Rector had at first told the investigators that he had gone to a friends house after leaving Isabella’s home, however they were unable to confirm that. The investigators did find a set of show prints at the site where Isabella’s body was found. The shoe prints did match Rector’s old shoes.


The court documents read that Isabella was found in the same shirt she was wearing when she went missing, however she was found not wearing anything on her lower half. They are going to preform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Rector didn’t deny killing the 8 year old Isabella, he did say he couldn’t talk about it and wanted an attorney.


According to the investigators, they aren’t sure of a motive for the girl’s murder. The investigation is ongoing at this time and police are unsure of future charges or arrests at this time. There were several other people at the house when Isabella disappeared.  Child Protective Services are also involved, but it is unsure what for at this time.




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19 Year Old Arrested for Kidnapping and Killing a Man

Phoenix Police Arrest 19 Year Old for Kidnapping and Killing a Man

On Thursday the Phoenix Police arrested an 19 year old young man for kidnapping another man for two days and then tried to shoot him in the face with a shotgun.

The suspect that was arrested was nineteen year old Noe “Quiet” Silva. He was booked on charges of attempted first-degree murder, as well as kidnapping and managing/organizing a street gang, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

According to the court documents, a man had told the police that the young man (Silva) and another young man that went by “sleepy” had kidnapped him near Glendale and 17th avenues.

The police believe that Silva is a gang member. The man said that at one point the other kidnapper had put a shotgun in his mouth and then pulled the trigger. Luckily the gun did not fire though.

The man escaped by prying open a window in the apartment, the window was however nailed shut from the outside so it must have been a pretty hard task.

The man stayed in the nearby alley ways. That is when Silva found him and then shot him in the face with the shotgun. Luckily, the man survived the shot. The man was able to identify the men in a photo lineup.

Before the kidnapping the man said that Silva had been “taxing him“. He believed that Silva’s gang would be acting soon.


is when a gang threatens someone with force for financial gain.

The kidnappers made the man turn his phone, hats, and other personal items over to them.

Silva’s sentencing

He was convicted for theft of means of transportation in 2009 while he was still a juvenile. The previous conviction prohibits him from having a weapon. A judge has ordered Silva be held in jail on a $750,000 bond.


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Los Angeles and Phoenix Police Working Together to Stop Teen-Prostitution

Federal Agents Look To Phoenix Police in Hopes to Catch Teen-Prostitution

Teen-prostitution has been on the rise for some sick reason in the last few years. Luckily the Federal Agents and Phoenix Police are searching to find those young kids and help them.

The Federal Agents think that the California man they recently arrested on child-prostitution allegations could be involved with some other underage victims. The man arrested on Monday for these charges was thirty-six year old, Laron Darrell Carter. According to the ICE statement, it took a year long investigation to finally bring him in. The search began after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were able to save a sixteen year old girl. The girl was reported missing by her family.

Phoenix Police and Federal Agents are working together to hopefully find some more information on teen-prostitution in the Valley area. According to ICE, they think there might be more victims in the Phoenix, Southern California, and Las Vegas areas thanks to the investigation that brought them to the arrest of Carter.

The affidavit that was filed in the case had stated that the young girl had told Homeland and Security investigators that “she had met Carter over the phone through a mutual acquaintance.” That is when Carter persuaded her to leave Los Angeles to meet him, he promised to be her “boyfriend” and “take care of her.”

According to the NEWS release, the 16 year old told federal investigators that after she arrived in California Carter had taken her to a local hotel that is when he then forced her into prostitution. She also said that Carter had made her pose for suggestive photos that he could post on the internet.

The investigators say that she was able to flee after a few days however without money or anywhere to stay she had to return to the hotel to Carter. He allegedly beat her upon her return.

The federal agents say that in late January 2013 that on the sixteen year old’s last night working for Carter he severely beat her by slamming her head into a car window and then forced her to “engage in a sex act with him.” The young girl went to a nail salon to stay safe and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were able to come to take her into protective custody.

The affidavit also said that the investigation had revealed that Carter had been convicted of pandering January 2013. According to the police report, he had taken a thirteen year old girl from California to Las Vegas to work as a prostitute.  It went further to say that he even used physical violence as well as wouldn’t let her sleep and have food if she failed to follow his “rules.” Carter was later released in December on parole.

 Please help stop teen-prostitution

Anyone with information about this matter is encouraged to call HSI’s tip line at 1-866-347-2423.