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Sexual Assault Crimes

Man Sexually Abuses Young Women

How can sex offenders go under the radar for so long? Does neighbors or someone not find them suspicious? Maybe not. However, in some cases people do notice and they call the authorities.

A man has allegedly been sexually abusing a group of underage girls in Coolidge over a twenty year period. The witnesses have luckily began testifying in the trial for their attacker.

The suspect, Robert Molina’s victims said that the fifty-eight year old man would molest her when she was only twelve years old.

Another witness said that she woke up on night to find Molina fondling her. There will be seven brave young women testifying against Molina. The crimes started in the 1990’s.

Molina has been charged with six counts of child molestation as well as three counts of sexual conduct with a minor and three counts of sexual abuse.

The charges have been classified as, “dangerous crimes against children”. Luckily those cases usually have stricter and tougher penalties.

Police Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect

The prosecutor for this case, David Ahl said that Molina used his hand to sexually gratify himself and to repeatedly violate his victims. He did however, accuse the defendant saying that he put his hands down the children’s pants to touch them inappropriately while they slept.

Opening arguments got straight to the point, the prosecutors told the jury not to believe any suggestions that the victims were working as a “conspiracy”.

There was another witness to testify, she didn’t immediately report the abuse due to the fact that she was scared and embarrassed which isn’t uncommon for a case like this.

Molina has pleaded not guilty to all of the other charges. They’re claiming that the stories don’t “corroborate” with one another. He thinks that there is reasonable doubt involved.

I have a feeling this will not be a long trial. There’s too many witnesses against this man and evidence. However, with the right defense lawyer anything can happen.

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Phoenix Sexual Assault Cases

Phoenix Man Sentenced to Live In Prison For Killing  2 Year Old

According to the local authorities, a Phoenix man has now been sentenced to a natural life in prison for the 2010 death of his girlfriend’s 2 year old son. It’s so sad someone could harm a little two year old child. This man probably deserves worse than what he got.

The Maricopa County prosecutors say that Walter Munoz, who is only twenty- eight years old was sentenced on Monday for first-degree murder. Munoz pleaded guilty for the death of 2 year old, Daniel Resendiz at the West Phoenix apartment complex. The young boy’s mother also made some statements that led to the arrest of Munoz.

Man Gets Drunk and Kills 2 Year old Boy

The court records show that Munoz claimed that he was drunk on that October 30, 2010. While he was drunk, he tripped over the boy in the apartment complex. First of all, why in the world would you be drinking or be drunk around a toddler? How irresponsible could someone be? Where was this boy’s mother? Why wasn’t this poor little boy looked after better?!

This next part of the story, is absolutely sickening. The court records showed that Munoz actually started to bite the 2 year old little boy and then beat him with his own fists until the little boy died. This is so sad, and heartbreaking. That poor baby boy. How could anyone be low enough to do this?!

The mother returned home later, that is when Munoz told her something was wrong with her 2 year old.  The mother grabbed the little boy then ran across the street to call 911. Sorry, to this mother, but it’s a little late to be protective after the baby is dead. I’m so heartbroken over this story.


Children Taken From Sexual Abuse Home

Two children have now been reportedly rescued from a home of a Phoenix woman. The woman who allegedly admitted to sexually abusing them and even creating child pornography.

As a parent, this article is heartbreaking to read let alone write about. How could anyone let a lone a PARENT harm a child? How could someone be so sick as to do anything sexual with a child?! This is just horrible, and sadly these cases are on the rise. What the heck is wrong with people?

According tot he Phoenix Police, Roxanne Chapin who is only twenty-six years old admitted to molesting the children. How horrible. The children were only three and six years old. She also admitted to taking photos of the abuse and distributing the images.

Police Keep Sexually Abused Children’s Identity Secret for Their Protection

Police are not going to exposes these children’s names. First of all they are underage and this whole ordeal is horrible, they don’t want to make things harder on the children. They are also keeping quiet about the relationship between the woman and the children for extra safety precautions.

Police have been searching Chapin’s home which is near 23rd Avenue and the Loop 101. They found some more images of other children being abused as well. Ugh, makes me sick.

The Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children were able to rescue these innocent children after the department was able to find some imagines of the children online.

Chapin was arrested on Friday night. She was then booked into jail on one count of child molestation, two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Police are asking that if anyone thinks their children might have been involved, please let them know. Anyone with information please call Internet Crimes Against Children at 623-466-1828 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.



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Arizona Athletes And Sexual Abuse Cases

Former Coach Arrested for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is horrible. However, one of the lowest forms of abuse, is coming from someone you trust. Whether it’s from a family member or from a teacher you’re scared for life.

A former Scottsdale cheerleader coach is now arrested for accusations saying he was molesting two of his former athletes.

There are new court documents that show that twenty-one year old, Yohel Gattaz will now face one count of child molestation, as well as two counts of sexual conduct with a minor, two counts of sexual abuse, and one count of aggravated assault on a  minor. Pretty serious charges.

According to reports, Gattaz had worked at the Desert Storm Elite in Scottsdale for a little less than a year. The incidents were said to have happened between January and March 2016. Eric Contreras who is the owner of the gym, confirmed that Gattaz was fired in May.


Eric Contreras Statement:

It was difficult because we do extensive background checks on all our employees and there was no criminal record. We take very good care of our kids and our families. It’s a safe place for children it always has been and always will be.


The court paperwork showed that the Phoenix Police had recieved a report about the sexual abuse on May 17th. They then contacted the victims mother. The mother made a report to the police that there could have been another child that had fallen as prey to Yohel. The other victim’s mother contacted the Scottsdale Police Department.

The girls were both fourteen years old. They both told the police that they had been inappropriately touched by Gattaz on separate incidents. One of the girls say that they had tried to roll away from Gattaz but he grabbed her and pulled her back towards him.

The other victim was upset and told the police “This isn’t right, this is illegal”.


Phoenix Girls Suffer from Sexual Abuse


In the court records, the locations of where the girls suffered the sexual abuse was not listed. There were some e-mails sent to the parents though that stated that the incident happened off the gym’s property. The e-mail also said that all of the Desert Storm Elite employees have to pass a background check. Gattaz passed his background check.

The owner is very adamant about the abuse not taking place at the gym property. He also makes it clear that nothing like this has ever happened at the gym before.

The parents wrote to the local news, they were worried that Gattaz could have even more victims that might be scared to come forward. He was very close to the teens at the gym and he did have to spend a lot of time on the road with them for competitions.

Gattaz was arrested on June 16th and he immediately requested an attorney. Since he asked for an attorney he was not asked any questions.

The mother of two, Pam White said that one of her daughters were also coached by Gattaz last  year. She also said that she had never had any issues with the gym. She said that Gattaz was very professional.


Pam White’s Statement about Yohel:

I’ve always had a positive experience at the gym. The gym has become a second family for my daughters and I’ve always felt I’ve been very well informed by the gym with information parents needed to note.


She also said said that she will wait until after the police finish with their investigation before she will make the decision to let Yohel coach her child again or not.

Yohel’s attorney, Matt Hilscher said that “it’s important to remember at this point these are merely allegations” he also said that since Yohel is in ” this line of work makes him susceptible to these types of allegations”.

The online jail records show that a judge had set Gattaz bone at $150,000. His next court appearance is on July 1st.

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Sexual Assault Cases Involving Children

Man Arrested for Seeking Sexual Relations with Infants


You would think that a man studying to be a priest wouldn’t travel around the country to try to find infants to have sex with. However, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE) that is exactly what an Ohio student did.

Twenty-three year old, Joel A. Wright had to be taken into custody by special agents from Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). They caught him right outside of baggage claim at the San Diego International Airport.  The investigators say that Wright had flown into San Diego with plans of going to Mexico to have sex with at least three babies.

Wright was charged with two felony counts. The accounts were traveling with the intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor as well as attempting to engage in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign country with the southern district of California.

Studying Priest Arrested for Attempting Child Sexual Assault

The young man’s arrest came after months of undercover child sexual exploitation investigation conducted by the HSI special agents. Usually these cases are long, and very slow paced but the reward of catching these criminals outweigh any of the cons.

Wright had posted a Craigslist ad that seemed a bit off. He posted about wanting to adopt an infant. An unidentified man saw the ad and offered to bring Wright a child to him at the Tijuana hotel.

The man of course contacted the HSI special agents, giving them the full details of his communications with Wright.

According to the information provided, Wright had paid the informant an adoption fee upfront and then waited at a hotel in Tijuana. The man told the investigators that he never actually went to the hotel with a child, or otherwise.

According to certain records, Wright did enter into Mexico on July 2014. This is consistent with the informant’s story. The man then said that he made a communication with Wright on July 2015, this was after Wright had posted an ad on Craigslist for a Tijuana guide. At this time, the informant was using a different e-mail.

According to the federal officials, Wright eventually gave up the information that he wanted to have sex with female babies, instead of adopting a child.

Wright’s Sexual Abuse Statement:

I have not gone all the way before but I have made it very close in the past so I do have experience.

He also claimed that “virgin babies are the best”. How sick and scary is that?

Wright also holds onto his religion saying that “Yes I like church-it makes me feel good”. I’m not sure what religion he claims but I’m sure it’s only in his head, religion wouldn’t agree with harming children.

Wright also planned on giving the kids Tylenol and candy to make the three year old child relax.

HSI then took over the e-mail account, with the permission of the informant, and started to mail Wright themselves. Wright of course wasn’t aware that he was speaking with the law enforcement, he still believed that he was chatting with a Mexico based tour guide.

The complaint stated that Wright described in graphic detail what he wanted to do to a baby sexually, he even went as far as to say, “It is so much more fun when it’s a bit of a struggle”.

The investigators continued to talk with Wright via e-mail. Wright continued to run his mouth about his sick plans. He told the agent that he wanted to travel Tijuana to find a child to adopt or own a child under three years old to have sex with that child.

Wright didn’t waste much time, he then booked his flight to San Diego where he had thought he was meeting the tour guide. The plans were to meet at the hotel in San Diego and then travel to a Tijuana hotel so that he could buy female infants.


Dave Shaw, HSI Agent’s Statement:

This investigation opens a window into a secret world where sexual predators prey on young children around the globe. Pedophiles who mistakenly believe they can escape justice by committing child sex crimes outside the U.S. should be on notice that HSI will seek to vindicate the rights of those victims regardless where they live. Fortunately, in this instance, our perseverance and diligence prevented the sexual exploitation of yet another innocent victim.

Wright seemed to be a normal pre-theology student. He was immediately suspended from his studies after the charges though.

Mother Fights for Son Who Was Sexually Abused

A mother from Texas is understandably angry that very little is being done about her eight year old son being sexually abused on a school bus by two other eight year old boys.

The young boy is only a first grader at the Northbrook Elementary school in Fort Worth. She said that her young son was just simply riding the school bus to school on a Thursday morning, when two other eight year old boys pulled down his pants and performed a sexual act. They then beat him up.

The Mother’s Statement About her Sexual Assaulted Son:

This is a scrape mark from when he was punched and kicked in the stomach. They said, ‘Tell anybody, and I’ll hurt you again, and you’ll be in trouble, too.’


The mother has said that her son has been complaining about being bullied lately. She however, had no idea it would get this serious. The mother claims that this bullying as escalated into “full-blown sexual assault”.

A spokesman, Sgt. Steve Enright from the Fort Worth police department, confirmed that there is an investigation starting. However, if the two boys are just eight years old, there’s very little that the police can do.

Legal wise, any child under ten years of age, can not have criminal charges against them.

The Mother’s Statement:

Where is the magic line? That is the question. And what is the degree of crime that they can commit before they say, ‘You know what? Maybe you do need some sort of court intervention.

The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District’s Statement:

As soon as school and district personnel were made aware of the report, we responded immediately and have put every measure into place that we legally can to protect and support those involved in this matter.

The school has designated an adult monitor to the bus route. The spokeswoman for the school has not and will not comment on the actions taken against the two boys at this time. The mother of the victim wants the boys expelled.

Mother’s Statement:

My son is now going to have to go to a school where his attackers are going to be, and that’s not fair with him being the victim.

Child Protective Services have also been investigating this incident.


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Phoenix Woman Accused of Abusing Her Son

 Woman Accused of Abusing Her Two Year Old Son


When you have a child, most people want to protect them and keep them from harm. How a woman could abuse her own son is beyond me. I can’t understand how anyone would harm a child, let alone your own flesh and blood.


A woman from Phoenix has now been accused of abusing her two year old son. She has pleaded no contest to the child abuse or the sexual misconduct with a minor charge. Seriously? That poor baby. You wouldn’t think a mother could do that to her own son. You usually have to worry about predators outside of the house, not in.


Woman Being Sentenced for Abusing Her Son


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the mother, Rickesha Jovani Burns, twenty-two years old, has entered her plea on Friday. Burns is set to be sentenced on December Third of this year.


The Phoenix Police were called to the home in March 24, 2013. They found the suspect, Rickesha Burns holding her young son. The police say that the little boy was crying and bleeding. They immediately transported her son to the hospital in Phoenix. Burns told the police that her young son had been playing with a twelve year old little boy at the park that day. She claims the twelve year old had done something to her son.


The doctors said that her son had injuries around his rectal area, he even had to have surgery to remove a foreign object. That literally had me crying writing that. Who would be so sick to do that to anyone, let alone a little baby. I hope they find justice for this poor child.  Phoenix Police say that the didn’t find any evidence that a child had assaulted her son at the park.






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Man Arrested for Molesting Two Young Girls at a Park


Man Arrested for Molesting Girls in Phoenix Park

On Thursday, the quick thinking of the Phoenix police and some witnesses led to a quick arrest of man who was accused of molesting two young girls at the Phoenix Park.

The Phoenix Police said that the officers had to respond to a report of child molesting at four:twenty in the evening. The location of the call was at the Falcon Park.

The Phoenix Police Officers had learned  that a boy and two young girls had went into a ladies restroom in the park. While in the bathroom a man had touched both of the girl’s private parts.

The girls are only six and seven years old. Police stated that one of the girls had ran out and told a teen relative that then confronted the mean.

The man then got into his car and then left the park. Luckily one of the family members of the girls got a license plate number on the vehicle.

The investigators found out that the vehicle was registered to a home in the Gila River Indian Community and then the Gila River Police were notified.

The Phoenix Police Found the Molesting Suspect

The vehicle was found as well as the suspect, Charles Styles. Charles was then taken into custody.

Charles was turned over to the Phoenix Police as soon as it was determined that Mr. Styles wasn’t a member of the Gila River Community.

Forty-three year old, Charles was later identified by the victims as well as the witnesses.  The investigators say that Charles is a registered sex offender.

Charles Styles was booked and put into jail on four counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor.