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Phoenix Police Assault

Phoenix Police Shooting

Police work extremely hard. They risk their lives every day for ours. When a citizen does it for a police man it’s truly touching.

According to reports, a citizen has recently saved the life of a Arizona state trooper by fatally shooting the troopers assailant.

Reports said that Thomas Yoxall was simply driving on remote highway when he saw Trooper Edward Anderson being assaulted by a man. The police later found out the man was a former Mexican Federal police officer, Leonard Pennelas-Escobar. He was in the country illegally.

Apparently Leonard had rolled his car on the interstate right before he randomly attacked officer Andersson. Andersson had innocently stopped to help Leonard. Leonard for what ever reason opened fired on officer Andersson.

Leonard had said something in Spanish before he started shooting the trooper.  Talk about a crazy situation..

Shots Fired in Phoenix


Yoxall’s Statement:

It was very visceral and instincitve – I had to help.

That’s great when someone helps like that. Wish more people would help in the world like that.


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Criminal Defense Cases

Formerly referred to as terroristic threats, the crime of criminal threats may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on case specifics. A criminal threat occurs when an individual threatens to kill or injure another person and that person has a reasonably sustained fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family. A defendant may potentially be convicted of making criminal threats even if he or she did not intend to carry out the threat, provided that the alleged victim had a reasonable basis to fear for his or her safety.


Arrest in Phoenix for Criminal Threats

If you have been arrested for making a criminal threat, it is critical that you protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney. For a vigorous defense, contact the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC immediately.

Arizona prosecutors have considerable discretion to charge criminal threats offenses as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor criminal threat, harassment or stalking offense, you could face up to one year in county jail. If you are convicted of a felony criminal threats offense, you could face up to four years in state prison. You could face significantly greater penalties if you used a firearm or other dangerous weapon while making criminal threats.


Types of Criminal Threats

A Criminal Threat is a strike offense, which means that you could face significantly enhanced penalties if you are convicted of a future felony. Even a nonviolent felony could result in twice the prison sentence if you have a prior strike offense. A third strike could result in a prison sentence of 25 years to life.


Criminal Threats Defensive Strategy

There are many ways that our skilled Phoenix Defense Attorneys can raise a strong defense on your behalf. First, we will examine the facts of the case to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to obtain a conviction. In particular, we will look at any evidence of the alleged communication. Does the prosecution have copies of an email or voicemail? If the state has nothing more than a he-said-she said case, the prosecution will have a tougher time proving its case.


Taking Your Criminal Threats Case to Trial

Even if the prosecution has evidence of the alleged communication, we will examine the nature of the communication. Was the threat a serious one? In other words, did the alleged victim actually fear for his or her safety and was he or she reasonable to have such fear? The prosecution does not have to prove that you intended to carry out the threat, or even that you had the current ability to carry out the threat. However, the prosecution must establish that the threat you made is the type that would have caused the defendant to have a reasonable fear.

If you choose to take your case to trial, we offer skilled Phoenix trial lawyers who will aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom. If you do not want to fight your charges at trial, we can negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable plea agreement. Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to help you keep this off of your record. If that is not possible, we can seek a plea to a lesser offense, including a non-strike offense, or we can seek an agreement on sentencing that will limit the penalties you face. With a team of former prosecutors, the skilled attorneys at the Phoenix Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC are highly adept at finding creative solutions for their clients.


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Phoenix Police Involved In Robbery Investigations

Phoenix Police Respond to Bank Robbery

The Phoenix police stay pretty busy. Let’s be honest, any police station stays pretty busy now days, but especially those closer to borders or cities.

Recently, the Phoenix Police Department as well as the FBI investigated a bank robbery. This was at 19th Avenue and Van Buren Street. Must be pretty serious to have the FBI to get involved.

According to a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police, a man had walked into Chase bank around eleven o’clock in the morning. He then passed a note to an employee.

The bank quickly went into a security lock down mode. There were twenty people who were trapped inside. Luckily, according to the reports the suspect remained calm and didn’t have a weapon on him. If the suspect had been hyper and crazy things could have been a lot worse.

The suspect was quickly taken into custody, without anyone being harmed.

Authorities Arrest Robbery Suspect

Of course a robbery doesn’t just have to happen at a bank, it can happen at a home as well. Police have recently arrested a suspect who was accused of shooting at officers on a Sunday morning. Talk about a crappy day to start shooting a people.

The Phoenix Police Department arrested, twenty-three year old, Derek Johnson after he opened fire on the responding officers. They were responding to a call near the Interstate 17 between Camelback and Indian School roads. Thanks to local tips that were shared with police led to the man’s location. Unfortunately that was at a home near 23rd and Northern Avenues on Thursday, July 6th.

According to reports, the suspect has an outstanding warrant against him and the police were able to find him and take him into custody.

To continue on with that story, on July 2nd at 4 a.m. police officers responded to an unknown trouble call near 27th Avenue and Camelback Road. The caller told 911 that the suspects were armed with handguns. Must have been a very situation for the 911 caller.

When the officers got to the area of the call they activated the blue lights as well as the police spotlight in the direction of a man that was walking eastbound on West Hazelwood Street.

According to the authorities, Johnson stopped and at first placed his hands up before he turned away from the officers. He then pulled out a pistol and started firing a round at the officers as he turned back turned back towards them.

Police Search for Suspect

The round of the bullets struck the center part of the patrol vehicle’s windshield. The officers then got out of their patrol car. As they got out of their car they left it in drive and it rolled and then crashed into the fence.

According to the reports Johnson was last seen running on the North Black Canyon Access Road. He was not found that morning. He was booked on two charges of attempted first degree murder and one charge armed robbery.

Apparently, this isn’t Johnson’s first run in with the police. He had a previous run in with the police and it was for robbery as well. He as well as three other people held a clerk at gunpoint and took merchandise with them from a business.


Phoenix Violent Crimes Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. A skilled lawyer will not only look for ways to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed but will also focus on developing an effective criminal defense trial strategy. At Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have a substantial background defending clients accused of violent crimes in the state of Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our lead criminal defense attorney, Daniel Perlman, is a former prosecutor who previously pursued charges against individuals suspected of violent crimes. Mr. Perlman and the entire Perlman Law Group offer a comprehensive view of the criminal justice system and know the right steps to take in developing a defense strategy while seeking to mitigate any potential damage.

Our ability to work with the facts in plea negotiations can turn a weak defense into a strong one. In our experience, a creative approach to your defense strategy can result in a sentence of probation or work release, even on a felony plea.

Effective Defensive Strategy for Violent Crimes

As a starting point for an effective defense strategy, we will evaluate the police report, witness statements and any physical evidence. Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC takes its approach a step further through identifying creative solutions by focusing on the actual risk of punishment you are currently facing. The threat of prison will probably be based as much on your prior record as it will be on the facts of the current criminal charges.


Our firm handles cases involving all types of Violent Crime allegations, including:

  • Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Armed Robbery
  • Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
  • Criminal Threats
  • Gang-Related Crimes
  • Resisting Arrest and Assault on an Officer
  • Domestic Violence


If weaknesses in the government’s case mean that you stand a good chance of success at trial, we will aggressively represent your interests before a jury. If the evidence against you makes a trial too risky, we will advise you and work with all parties — including prosecutors, probation officers, court services and community agencies — to show that you are an excellent candidate for favorable treatment.

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Phoenix Police Officers Struggle with Brutality

Phoenix Police Facing Backlash Over Brutality

A 17-year-veteran of the Phoenix Police Department who was fired earlier this year after an incident of police brutality is back on the job, assigned to the Maryvale-Estrella Precinct.

Officer Kevin McGowan was involved in an incident on Dec. 23, 2014 at a smoke shop near 40th Street and McDowell Road. He was found to have used excessive force resulting in an injury to an 18-year-old named Patrick D’Labik.

The entire incident was caught on video tape. The Phoenix Police Department released that footage in April, shortly after McGowan’s termination.

The video shows McGowan walking into the store and pulling his weapon.

At the same time you see D’Labik put something down on the store counter and raise both his hands in the air.

D’Labik then starts to get down on the ground in a push-up-type position and was almost on the ground when McGowan stomps on D’Labik’s upper back, forcing his arms to buckle and his face to smash against the ground.

“I tasted blood, and that’s when I had spit and I looked on the ground and my teeth was already there,” D’Labik in an interview after the incident.

The strike knocked out three of D’Labik’s teeth and broke two others. D’Labik said that at the time, he didn’t know what the officer used to push him to the ground.

“I just know that he pushed me down more than he should have – way more than he should have,” D’Labik said.

Although the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute McGowan for aggravated assault, citing “no crime committed,” Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner said McGowan’s violation of policy warranted his firing.

McGowan appealed.

Phoenix Police Struggle with Brutality

The Phoenix Civil Service Board last week agreed with the recommendation of the hearing officer who heard McGowan’s case, and reinstated him to his former position.

The hearing officer described McGowan’s behavior during the December 2014 incident as “unacceptable,” but determined that “dismissal is not reasonable or appropriate under the circumstances.”

“There is no evidence of a pattern of improper behavior,” the hearing officer wrote in her recommendation. That officer also pointed out that McGowan amassed an “extensive amount of commendations and awards” during his 17 years on the job. In addition, she said McGowan accepted responsibility for his actions and “has sought counseling and continues to do so to ensure he can better deal with stress so that this type of incident would not recur.”

Although McGowan has not commented on this turn of events, his attorney, Steven J. Serbalik, issued a statement.

“On April 7, 2015, Officer McGowan was terminated. On August 13, 2015 the Phoenix Civil Service Board voted to reinstate Officer Kevin McGowan to his former position as a Police Officer for the City of Phoenix. Officer McGowan is a decorated 17-year veteran of the Department. He earned dozens of commendations and had no significant prior discipline.

“As we stated before, the video obtained by the media does not show the complete series of events related to this detention/arrest.

“The entirety of this incident, including the video, was reviewed by an independent expert and by a panel of attorneys at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. These reviews resulted in a determination that no crime was committed by Officer McGowan. Officer McGowan filed an appeal of his termination. A hearing was held before a neutral hearing officer on June 22, 2015.

“Officer McGowan respects the Civil Service Process, and is thankful that he had the opportunity for a hearing officer and a panel of citizens to review all of the facts related to his employment, not just a video showing an excerpt of a single incident.

“The hearing officer, after reviewing not only the video, but also hundreds of pages of additional information and hours of witness and supervisory testimony, recommended that Officer McGowan be reinstated. The Phoenix Civil Service Board, consisting of appointed civilian members, adopted the report and recommendation, and ordered Officer McGowan’s reinstatement. Officer McGowan received a 240-hour unpaid suspension, and was not awarded back pay.

“Officer McGowan will not be giving any interviews related to this incident, and this will be the only statement he will give related to this matter.”

For its part, the Phoenix Police Department has not said anything about the board’s decision to reinstate McGowan other to confirm that he is back on the job and his assignment.

D’Labik, whose injuries still cause him pain, described McGowan’s reinstatement as “really aggravating.”

“I mean, I ain’t getting my teeth back. … Why should he get his job back?” he asked. “For what? Why should you be able to do something like that and get your job back?”

“I just don’t think the man deserves his job back,” D’Labik’s grandmother, LaVerne O’Hare, said. “I really don’t.”

While she’s not worried for herself or her grandson, the fact that McGowan is back on the job troubles O’Hare.

“I didn’t think it was right for the simple fact that I don’t know what the man could do on another time,” she explained. “I’m not concerned for any of us. I’m concerned for anybody else out in there in Phoenix that might come across him.”

Although she is still angry about what McGowan did to her grandson and wholeheartedly disagrees with the board’s decision to reinstate him, she concedes that time will tell if the board did the right thing.

“If he can keep himself controlled and do things the way he’s suppose to in the future then it’s OK, but I just personally myself, because of what happened to my grandson, I don’t think it’s right,” she said. “I understand he needs a job he needs to make money. He needs to support his family but what he did to my grandson was not right.”

D’Labik believes it is unfair that McGowan got his job back, but he is pragmatic about it.

“I mean it is what it is,” he said. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Comprised of five people appointed by the City Council, the Phoenix Civil Service Board “hears appeals of disciplinary demotions, discharges, and suspensions of [city] employees,” including police officers.

Current members include Robert Lord, Kurt Mangum, Bruce Meyerson, Craig Steblay and Adrienne Wilhoit.



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Man Sentenced for 62 Years in Prison for 2013 Shooting

Man Shoots Phoenix Officer and Sentenced for 62 Years


A convicted felon has now been sentenced to sixty-two years in prison for the 2013 shooting that had wounded a Phoenix Police Officer. These police officers put their life on the line to keep our lives safe, so I’m glad this officer will get some peace knowing that his shooter is facing the consequences. Not often enough, do the victims get to see justice from the suspects. This was a win for all wounded police officers.


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the shooter, Brandon McCabe was sentenced on Thursday to an “aggravated term”.  He had been convicted back in August for attempted first-degree murder as well as: aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, misconduct involving weapons, and resisting arrest.  Quite a colorful past for our shooter.


McCabe Has Criminal Past


On January 6, 2013 Brandon McCabe was accused of shooting Police Officer, Peter “Chris” Bennett on that January night.  Luckily thirty-six year old Officer Bennett survived his gunshot wounds. He suffered injuries to his face, right hip, and right arm. Apparently Officer Bennett survived the wounds. He approached the shooter, McCabe in an area which has a pretty high burglary rate.


Brandon had ignored the Officer’s command and then the two then exchanged gunfire. McCabe was then arrested after he was found hiding in a nearby shed, like a little coward. He also had some gunshot wounds to both of his hands. Sounds like it would have been a crazy gun shoot out.


Hopefully less officers are injured keeping our streets safe. They work hard all year round with many hours, they definitely do not get paid enough. Let’s hope Officer Bennett’s recovery goes well and he’s back to being himself.  We need more police and more citizens like Officer Bennett and less people like McCabe in this crazy world.




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Local Police Bring Presents to Two Stabbing Victims

Phoenix Police Officers Bring Gifts To Two Stabbing Victim Children


Christmas is the time of giving. Although most people forget about the giving and is pretty much more excited about the getting, that’s not true in every case. There are still some great people left in this world and some of them are Phoenix Police officers.


This week some of the most kind Phoenix Police Officers went out of their way to help bring some holiday cheer to two little children who had been attacked by their own mother!


According to a local news report, the mother, Brenda Begay had been arrested on Monday for stabbing both of her children. A twelve year old daughter and thirteen year old son. The children of course had to be hospitalized and cared for after their mother brutally turned on them. They are at the hospital recovering and making friends.


Kindness From Police Officer Bring Stabbing Victims Holiday Cheer


These kind police officers heard about these poor children and that they would be in the care of Child Protective Services as soon as they were released from the hospital. Not only did these poor kids get stabbed but they lost everything due to whatever set their mother off. The officers who were on the call Monday, decided to do something sweet for these children. They all purchased several gifts fro the children and even went to visit them in the hospital on Tuesday. How sweet is that? These officers wanted to give these children a proper Christmas.


 The Phoenix Police Department’s Facebook Read:

To say the Phoenix Police officers who responded to the home, to that horror, were profoundly affected by the plight of these children would be a huge understatement.Those officers spent time with the kids and did their best to let them know someone cared, and that they were special, and that they deserved Christmas.


If only everyone had these guys’ great attitude and kindness, the world would be a better place.






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Man in Custody After Standoff in Phoenix

Man Arrested After Stand Off in Phoenix


On Sunday a night a thirty-five year old man was arrested after a standoff in South Phoenix. The Phoenix police responded to the call on 24th Street and Baseline Road. The call came at six,forty-five in the evening. The call was reported as a man standing at a corner and was holding a machine gun.


When the Phoenix Officers arrived to the scene they found the thirty-five year old man, Aristeo Saliz, in the front yard of a home. There was also a forty-year old female victim there as well. According to the police, Saliz ran into the home as soon as he saw the officers.


Police Talk to Standoff Victim


After the authorities talked to the female victim, they had determined that she had actually had an order of protection against the suspect. The suspect, Saliz actually had some felony warrants for his arrest.


The officers were able to surround the home. The police took some precautions and had some of the neighborhood residents evacuate. After a few hours of some tough negotiating the officers finally entered the home and were able to find Saliz, who was hiding in the attic.


Saliz was arrested and according to the police, it looked like he was having symptoms of having a seizure. The suspect was quickly treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital. Mr. Saliz was released from the hospital and then he was quickly booked into jail for violating the order of protection as well as his felony warrants and possessing a firearm.


It has not been said what caused this rampage or the condition of the female victim.




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