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Former MLB Star Arrested for Dispute Former MLB All-Star Albert Belle was arrested Sunday in Scottsdale on suspicion of driving under the influence and indecent exposure after police say he urinated in the parking lot of a Scottsdale soccer stadium. Police said one of the people he exposed himself to was a juvenile. Belle was arrested

Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Shooting   Times are hard and relationships are hard. Domestic Dispute’s are happening more and more, and they rarely have a happy ending.  Phoenix Police stay pretty busy with domestic dispute calls, however Sunday’s call was a little different than their normal calls. Phoenix police are now investigating a domestic dispute

Woman Escapes After Her Boyfriend Duct Tapes and Chokes Her   Luckily a woman managed to escape this morning after her boyfriend allegedly duct taped and choked her. Why on earth would someone do that to a significant other? All because of an argument, according to the Phoenix Police Department. How crazy is this? I

Man Arrested for Murder of Former Arizona State University Football Player A man is now facing charges for the murder of a former Arizona State University Football player and Scottsdale bouncer. This was after he was caught after he hit his girlfriend and both of her dogs. Ian Alexander Macdonald was arrested by the Mesa

Man Brutally Assaults His Pregnant Girlfriend A woman who is seven weeks pregnant was recently strangled by her live-in boyfriend. According to the local Sheriff’s Office, Christopher Willson who is twenty-four years old has admitted to also pushing his eighteen year old girlfriend’s head into the wall on Monday night at their home. The Officer

Domestic Dispute Gets Threatening in Phoenix On Friday morning the Phoenix police are investigating a shooting that took place near Cave Creek Road and Greenway Parkway. According to the Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson, this all happened when a twenty-two year old young man and his girlfriend were having a domestic dispute. Then the man