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Robberies Near Phoenix

Police Investigate Robberies

Phoenix has seen a string of Home invasion robberies. Especially since May of 2017. The scary part of that is, these home invasions are sometimes linked to human trafficking. Not all of them of course, but a large number of them are.

The Baltimore County Police have charged three men for their involvement in a May 18th home invasion robbery. This happened in the Phoenix area.

According to the reports, twenty year old, Anthony Denicolis was charged with armed robbery for the robber in the 12400 block of Wolbert Way. He was also charged with Burglary, first degree assault, animal cruelty, and two counts of second degree assault.

Two other men were also charged, nineteen year old, Ronald Joseph Horvitz Jr and nineteen year old, Richard Peter Jaffray III with armed robbery and first degree assault. Not a great way to start adulthood.

Police say that the men entered the home of Mark and Renee Greene which around four o’clock in the morning and killed the family’s dog. The dog was a tiny little Shih Tzu and was killed with a baseball bat. According to the reports, they approached forty-two year old Mark Greene who was sleeping on the couch at the time. They wielded a kitchen knife at him.

According to Cpl. Vickie Warehime who is a police spokeswoman, they awakened thirty-three year old, Renee Greene who was asleep upstairs. They then forced her downstairs. She luckily was able to escape and made it to a neighbors house and was able to call 911.

Family Dollar Robbery

When you think of Family Dollar, you think of family friendly store. If you think of robbing a family store you must be pretty darn low in life.

Police are now looking for a man that’s apparently reached that point in life. He’s recently robbed a Valley Family Dollar store.

Phoenix police say that a robbery recently happened near, 16th Street and McDowell. This happened on June 17th. The suspect walked up to the cashier’s counter to pay for an item, however when the clerk tried to put the money into the register the suspect reached over the counter and stole the cash tray.

Police say the suspect is described as a male, Black or Hispanic man. He’s around twenty years old. He’s around 5’11 and weighs around 200 pounds.

Hopefully they find this man who prays on a story that strives to help low income families. Why would they want to take from the people that already have the least?

Circle K Robbery

Another robbery happened in Phoenix.  Silent Witness need the public’s help finding the suspect though. The male suspect casually walked out of a Phoenix Circle K with the cash drawer.

On May 17th just after 8 in the evening, police say that a Hispanic man had entered the Circle K near Broadway Road and Central Avenue.

The man then walked behind the counter after the clerk refused to sell him cigarettes. He then told the clerk to open the register and ended up taking the entire cash drawer. Greedy and rude.

You could see from the surveillance video that the suspect walked out of the store with the drawer. The suspect was last seen going west on Broadway Road.

The man was described as a five foot, six inch tall man. He weighed around 135 pounds, so very slender built. He was last seen wearing a green jacket and blue jeans. He was wearing a white Diamondbacks hat.


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Several Robberies in Phoenix

Man Arrested for Multiple Robberies in Phoenix

Robberies in Phoenix seem to be a seemingly odd occurrence in Phoenix. Of course, robberies can happen anywhere.

Police are searching for a man that was seen in a surveillance video of a robbery in May 13th. The robbery was of a Metro PCS store which was in Phoenix.

According to a Silent Witness’ statement, the man walked into the store just before 9:30 in the morning. The store was located at 32nd Street and Greenway Road. The man then proceeded to pull out a gun and escorted two employees into the back room. Must have been an extremely scary situation for the two employees.

Sgt. James Rothschild’s Statement About the Robbery:

He doesn’t just steal the money and leave right afterwards.


According to reports, the man actually lingered in the business. He then placed the gun to the head of one of the victims. The suspect then ordered the employees to crawl on their hands and knees to the back of the building before he ran out the front door.

Police got reports that the man was last seen running south from the PCS store.

The male’s description is described as a Hispanic male. He is estimated at 5 ft 11 inches tall at around 160 pounds. The man reportedly had acne on his face as well as a ponytail. At the time he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Police are asking that if anyone has any information about this robbery then please call the local police or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS. There are rewards being offered for any information that could help in his arrest.

Phoenix Police Investigate Truck Robbery

Phoenix police have been extremely busy with robberies in the area. The Phoenix police are saying that a street vendor who was selling food from a cart was scarily gunned down. They think that this was an attempted robbery situation.

Eladio Arrendando-Estrad is a fifty-nine year old and was sadly fatally shot on Tuesday night. This was as he helplessly ran from two suspects who confronted him in a parking lot.

Sgt. Alan Pfohl said that one of the suspects fired at least one shot into the ground in front of the victims bicycle. Then when the victim turned to run the suspect shot him.

Police are asking for any public information about the case. The shooting happened near East Bell Road and North 26th Street.

So please, help bring Estrad’s murderer’s to justice!

FBI Searching for Woman Involved in Bank Robbery

The FBI are now on the hunt and need the public’s help in hopes of finding a woman who recently robbed a Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday in Phoenix.

According to the FBI the woman suspect walked into the branch which is located in a Fry’s Grocery store close to 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckey Road.


Reports said that the woman gave the teller a “demand note” telling them that she was armed with a gun. The teller did as she was told and gave the woman the money. However, no weapon was ever seen according to the police.

The FBI said that the woman is described as a Hispanic female in her thirties. She was medium build at was around 5 ft 4 inches tall. At the time she was wearing a purple hat, purple jacket as well as purple pants and cream colored boots. The woman had long, black curly hair.

FBI stated that the woman ran from the scene in an older Nissan SUV.

The FBI did release the bank surveillance photos which is in hope to help find the woman.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the FBI at 623-466-1999 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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Multiple Robberies in Phoenix

Police Searching for Robberies Suspects

According to the Tempe police, there have been three people arrested and two other people are still at large after a string of robberies in Phoenix as well as Tempe.

Spokesman, Lt. Michael Pooley stated that in the early morning of 1:30 a.m. a Whataburger was robbed. It was located at 48th Street and Broadway Road in Phoenix. There was also a carjacking in Phoenix on 40th Street, south of Baseline Road. Tempe was also busy, with another robbery of a person at Priest and Elliot roads.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was able to locate and then tried to stop a suspect in a vehicle which was in the town of Guadalupe. However the vehicle ran from the police. According to Lt. Pooley, there was a police helicopter that had to be brought in to help with the search. The helicopter followed the suspects to the area of Ninth Street and Farmer Avenue which is in Tempe. Three people then jumped from the vehicle and started running away on foot.

Suspects of Robberies Flee Scene

The vehicle was still running at the time and then crashed into a moving train. Talk about a messy situation. There was luckily no injuries from the crash. Pooley said that there were three people found and then taken into custody.

The two people who stole the Nissan Altima are still at large at this time.

Police Arrest Robberies Suspects

Talk about a busy month or so in Phoenix. The Phoenix police say that five teenage boys are now in custody after they were arrested for multiple armed robberies.

Officer James Holmes say that the officers was able to arrest the five teenagers after they were found in a pickup truck that matched a description of a suspect vehicle from three robberies reported earlier in the week.

Of course the young men ran from the truck. Luckily the police were able to quickly apprehend the two males. The officers then found three more people hiding in the trash cans in the back yard of a home around an hour later.

Officer Holmes said that a police dog bit one of the teenagers due to the fact that the young man was refusing to comply with police commands.

Officer Holmes also said that the three teenagers were suspect of at least five armed robberies and that it’s possible that, that number could rise to a total of seven armed robberies.


Police Find Robberies Suspects

Police search long and hard for people who do crimes. You never know what kind of situation you’ll come across. Now the police have arrested five robbery suspects. They were arrested near 55th and Southern Avenues. They have been linked to at least five crimes at this time.

The suspects ages range from 14 to 16 years old. How crazy is it that these KIDS have already started a life of crime? The 14 and 16 year olds are linked to at least five robberies.

ABC15 NEWS Quote

ABC15 video showed one man, who was wearing dark shorts and no shirt, in a backyard of a Laveen home taken away by police. A second individual was also seen taken into custody; that individual was wearing a dark shirt and jeans. A third subject, wearing red shorts and no shirt, was also taken into custody but taken away in an ambulance after he was injured by a police canine. A white truck, with three doors open, was also spotted in the area surrounded by police.

According to the police, the weapons were tossed from the suspect vehicle. Police went door to door searching the neighborhood.



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Man Dies After Strange Events Happen in Phoenix

Man Dies in Phoenix After a Series of Strange Events


Sunday morning in Phoenix, a man died after a series of strange events happening. The incident is till being investigated at this time. The Phoenix Police say that the officers were called to 39th and Orangewood Avenues in Phoenix around sick o’clock in the morning.  This was after they had recieved several calls from a forty-eight year old man who claimed he was undergoing a medical issue. The dispatchers say that the statements that the man was making seemed like the man was having hallucinations and didn’t make any sense.


Neighbors also made calls to the authorities, saying that the man was disturbing them. The man had been reportedly trying to break into several homes and was throwing items, and damaging properties. He even got into several confrontations with some of the neighbors.


Victim Neighbor Statement about the Phoenix Incident

I [had] him at gunpoint… screaming like, ‘Don’t come in! I got a gun and I got kids, and I’m going to shoot you!


Apparently the man had tried to break into a neighbor’s home and broke the front window and tried to get into the house. Police had recieved around fifteen calls about the man. They’re not quite sure how many was from the man himself though.


Neighbor Statement:

I was not going to put [my family] at risk, he was insane.


When the officers got to the scene, they tried to contact the man however he didn’t believe they were there to help him. He then proceeded to try to punch the officers. After a struggle with the authorities they pulled him off the ground and was able to detain him. However, the soon realized the man had stopped breathing.


The man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police do not know what happened exactly but they are looking into the incident. The man had not been tasered and there were no known medical conditions with him.




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Woman Shoots Burglar After Breaking Into Her Home

Woman Defends Herself Against Burglar


Times are hard and people are even rougher these days. Break-ins and violence is on the rise and there’s nothing law enforcement can do about it until it already happens. People need a way to protect themselves from people trying to harm them, so when a widow shoots a man for breaking into her home and threatening her, then I say “Heck Yea!”. No one should be afraid to live in their own home.


Local NEWS was able to hear the 911 recording of the moments from the incident. The widow had to huddle in her bathroom and hide as she was confronted by the burglar. The woman then shot the man who is being charged with breaking into her home. The woman was on the phone with the 911 before, during and after the shooting. She remained on the phone until authorities were able to arrive.


Woman Protects Herself The Right Way


Police investigators say that the forty-seven year old homeowner did everything right. She called 911, armed herself and hide. Just what they would want her to do. On the recording you can hear the whole scary scene play out.  The break in and shooting happened back on May 6th. After twenty year old Michael Lewis stayed in the hospital for a month for his gunshot wound recovery, he was arraigned in June.


Luckily for the widow, her husband wanted her to be safe and taught her how to shoot the .38 caliber handgun. According to the News, on the recording you could hear her yell to the 911 dispatcher that the suspect had beat on her before she shot him.


Michael Lewis didn’t argue the charges. He pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary as well as aggravated assault. He was granted bond and now is waiting for sentencing on September 15th, which is just days away. This will be the first time the burglary victim will see her assaulter since the night of the attempted burglary.  Hopefully this story will inspire other people to take some gun control classes and learn how to protect themselves as well. Or perhaps this might warn other burglars to think twice before trying to rob someone, you never know who might be waiting for you.



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18 Year Old Under the Influence Attempts to Enter a Woman’s Home

Young Man, Michael Micolo Attempts to Enter a Woman’s Home

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, On Saturday, An eighteen year old had been arrested for trying to force his way into a woman’s home in the San Tan Valley area.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, the Investigators believe that the young man, Michael Micolo, was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Pat Ramirez from the Pinal County Sheriff’s spokesman, said that a woman who lives near the Hunt Highway and Copper Mine road had made the call to the emergency dispatchers at around two o’clock in the morning on Saturday. It was to report a man that she did not know that was trying to force his way into her home.

When one of the Sheriff’s deputies arrived to the scene, Michael seemed to be under the influence of drugs. He would not comply with the deputy’s commands. According to Ramirez, the young man would not listen and began to fight wit the deputy on scene. He was eventually brought into custody though.

Ramirez stated that the deputies called medical crews to the scene so that they could evaluate Michael Micolo. He was then taken to the hospital for further treatment. At the hospital the young man continued to struggle as he was treated for the the drugs that he had taken earlier.

Michael Micolo admitted to being under the influence

After Michael was released from the hospital he then told the deputies that the last thing that he could remember was smoking marijuana with friends, flashes of something going on with the cops at a house and waking up in the hospital.

The police arrested Michael on “suspicion of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and trespassing”.