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Several Robberies in Phoenix

Man Arrested for Multiple Robberies in Phoenix

Robberies in Phoenix seem to be a seemingly odd occurrence in Phoenix. Of course, robberies can happen anywhere.

Police are searching for a man that was seen in a surveillance video of a robbery in May 13th. The robbery was of a Metro PCS store which was in Phoenix.

According to a Silent Witness’ statement, the man walked into the store just before 9:30 in the morning. The store was located at 32nd Street and Greenway Road. The man then proceeded to pull out a gun and escorted two employees into the back room. Must have been an extremely scary situation for the two employees.

Sgt. James Rothschild’s Statement About the Robbery:

He doesn’t just steal the money and leave right afterwards.


According to reports, the man actually lingered in the business. He then placed the gun to the head of one of the victims. The suspect then ordered the employees to crawl on their hands and knees to the back of the building before he ran out the front door.

Police got reports that the man was last seen running south from the PCS store.

The male’s description is described as a Hispanic male. He is estimated at 5 ft 11 inches tall at around 160 pounds. The man reportedly had acne on his face as well as a ponytail. At the time he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Police are asking that if anyone has any information about this robbery then please call the local police or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS. There are rewards being offered for any information that could help in his arrest.

Phoenix Police Investigate Truck Robbery

Phoenix police have been extremely busy with robberies in the area. The Phoenix police are saying that a street vendor who was selling food from a cart was scarily gunned down. They think that this was an attempted robbery situation.

Eladio Arrendando-Estrad is a fifty-nine year old and was sadly fatally shot on Tuesday night. This was as he helplessly ran from two suspects who confronted him in a parking lot.

Sgt. Alan Pfohl said that one of the suspects fired at least one shot into the ground in front of the victims bicycle. Then when the victim turned to run the suspect shot him.

Police are asking for any public information about the case. The shooting happened near East Bell Road and North 26th Street.

So please, help bring Estrad’s murderer’s to justice!

FBI Searching for Woman Involved in Bank Robbery

The FBI are now on the hunt and need the public’s help in hopes of finding a woman who recently robbed a Wells Fargo Bank on Thursday in Phoenix.

According to the FBI the woman suspect walked into the branch which is located in a Fry’s Grocery store close to 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckey Road.


Reports said that the woman gave the teller a “demand note” telling them that she was armed with a gun. The teller did as she was told and gave the woman the money. However, no weapon was ever seen according to the police.

The FBI said that the woman is described as a Hispanic female in her thirties. She was medium build at was around 5 ft 4 inches tall. At the time she was wearing a purple hat, purple jacket as well as purple pants and cream colored boots. The woman had long, black curly hair.

FBI stated that the woman ran from the scene in an older Nissan SUV.

The FBI did release the bank surveillance photos which is in hope to help find the woman.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the FBI at 623-466-1999 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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