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Cocaine Drug Busts

Cocaine Thrown from Vehicle During Police Chase

Two men are now in custody after they allegedly hit several police vehicles and also threw out some crack cocaine from their car during a wild chase. This happened in Philadelphia. Talk about a crazy, severe situation.

The incident started just before nine o’clock at night. It started when the 15th District narcotics officers tried to approach a fifty-one year old man and a thirty year old man that were inside of a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. It happened near the Cottoman and Torresdale avenues. Both of the men were suspects in a drug transaction, according to the local investigators.

As the police announced that they were going to make an arrest, the fifty-one year old driver, quickly put the car in reverse and hit an unattended parked car. He then tried to run over the narcotics officer. Luckily the officer was able to jump out of the way before the man could strike him with the car.

The Marquis went through a nearby playground and then continued to travel wildly until it’s front right tire blew out. Police stated that the police officers then continued to chase, however during the chase the men began throwing crack cocaine out of the vehicle.

Car Chase Ends

The car finally pulled over in the 7600 block of Torresdale Avenue and the men seemed to be turning themselves in. According to the officials, as the officers started coming towards the vehicle the driver and passenger opened their door. However, the driver made a decision to drive off again at a high speed. The driver hit two marked police vehicles in the process and then the chase continued.

During the chase, the Marquis also hit another police vehicle. During this part of the chase, the front tire was completely blown out. The driver finally stopped the vehicle on the 7900 block of Torresdale Avenue. Both of the men finally got out of the vehicle, but the chase wasn’t over yet. The men started to run through a vacant lot.

Police officers quickly chased after the men on foot. They finally got both men apprehended. Investigators say that the men had pills and crack cocaine in their possession. Of course, the police later confiscated the drugs.

Both the men are finally, safely, in custody and were charged with possession of narcotics. The fifty-one year old man was charged with eluding police and aggravated assault. He also suffered from a minor cut to his head and was treated at local hospital, Aria Torresdale. The passenger, a thirty year old man, was somehow not injured. Police say that luckily, none of the officers were hurt during this crazy chase.


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Being convicted of a drug offense of any kind is a serious matter that could result in criminal penalties and could adversely affect your employment opportunities. If you have been arrested on drug possession charges, contact the Law Offices of the Phoenix based Perlman Law Group for immediate assistance.


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Our Phoenix drug possession attorneys handle all drug possession charges, including:

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  • Illegal possession of prescription medications
  • Forged medication prescriptions
  • Drug possession for sales or distribution


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We have extensive experience defending clients charged with illegal drug possession. We closely examine the evidence in the prosecution’s possession and look for ways to exploit police and prosecution errors to our clients’ advantage.


Important Questions Pertaining to Your Case:

  • In your situation, if the illegal drugs turned up in a traffic stop, did the police have a good reason to stop your car?
  • Did the seizure of the evidence against you violate the terms of a search warrant?
  • Did the police fail to instruct you of your right to remain silent or your right to legal counsel?


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The sooner you engage us to develop your defense strategy, the more our law firm will have to work with in protecting you from a conviction. We examine these and other issues to raise the strongest possible defense on our clients’ behalf. Our attorneys are also familiar with treatment options and creative measures that may allow you to avoid a criminal conviction or minimize the penalties you may face. We care about our clients and work hard to protect their freedom, record and rights.


If you have been arrested for drug possession, you may be innocent, you may have made a mistake or you may have a chemical dependency issue. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we will be the strong and caring advocates you need. For people who do have a chemical dependency issue, incarceration is not the answer. We will do everything in our power and within the law to protect your freedom.


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Drug Trafficking felony Narcotics

Marijuana Drug Bust in Phoenix

Police Finds Crate Carrying Marijuana


Metro police intercepted a crate containing 140 pounds of marijuana shipped from Phoenix for distribution to street dealers in Nashville Thursday.

When detectives received information that the 327 pound wooden crate located at a local freight company could be tied to criminal activity, they sent Caine, a police dog, to check, police said.

With the help of a Caine, officers found 140 pounds of marijuana inside the cargo during a search warrant, repackaged the marijuana and followed the shipment to a home in the 5000 block of Ryan Allen Court, the affidavit continues.

Police arrested Tusabi Edwards, 40, and Terrence Reames, 38, in connection with possession with intent to sell, deliver, or manufacture a controlled substance in a school zone.

Depending on the grade of the marijuana, current drug prices provided by Metro police show it’s valued at anywhere between $385,000 to $630,000.

His co-defendant, Reames, told police Edwards came to Nashville to oversee the load of marijuana and that Edwards was supposed to sell the marijuana in Nashville. Reams also said he was to receive $2000 for his part to distribute the marijuana for providing a place to receive and break down the marijuana for re-sale in Nashville, the affidavit states.

Edwards is being held in lieu of $200,000 bond. Reames’ bond is set at $50,000.

As of Friday morning both men remained incarcerated at the Metro jail.


The Maricopa County Drug Task Force removes Marijuana plants and growing materials after shutting down an allegedly illegal grow operation at a warehouse located near 40th Street and Washington on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, in Phoenix, Ariz. Danny Miller / | The Republic

Armed with a search warrant, authorities arrived at a grow warehouse near 40th and Washington streets at 7:30 a.m. and seized more than 600 marijuana plants in what may have been one of the county’s largest drug busts, said Lt. Jeff Gentry of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Hash, edibles and kief — a dried form of marijuana — also were found at the warehouse.The marijuana collected from the warehouse will be dried at a Drug Enforcement Administration facility and then will be packaged as evidence, Gentry said.

A total of 12 warrants were served in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Fountain Hills in connection with the investigation. Among the items seized were guns and more than $100,000 in cash, according to officials.

A father and son are believed to head more than 10 similar marijuana grow facilities in Phoenix and northern Arizona that have been running for about a year and a half and have generated at least $16 million for the operators during that time, Gentry said. That dollar amount is a conservative estimate, he said.

Arrested Tuesday were Perry Lee Hestor, 57, Brandon Lee Hestor, 35, Christopher Neil Rafferty, 36, James Allen Donaldson, 62, and Christopher Yancy Martin, 44. All have been booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail and face charges including fraudulent schemes and illegal possession and selling of marijuana, officials said.

Gentry said those involved in the illegal enterprise posed as caregivers, which, under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, would allow them to grow up to 12 marijuana plants provided they did not live within 25 miles of a dispensary. The task force kept the warehouse under surveillance for about four months and did not witness any deliveries that exceeded 25 miles, Gentry said.

A Sheriff’s Office statement said the business is believed to have grown over 2,000 pounds of marijuana per year since they began their operation in late 2013.

Authorities were initially directed to the warehouse after complaints of a strong odor wafting in the area.

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, sheriff’s spokesman Joaquin Enriquez explained the business flouted state standards for legal dispensaries by neglecting to have background checks for employees, dispensary fees, agent cards, safety regulations, product inspection, inventory controls, taxes and transportation limits or regulations.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said detectives believe up to 25 individuals were involved in the illegal enterprise and about 15 more suspects are under investigation.

He said the operation involved people “just trying to make money” and that investigators found no connection between the business and Mexican drug cartels.

“We cannot blame Mexico for this,” Arpaio said, tapping the wooden podium forcefully with his finger. “This is domestic. This is home grown.”

The Maricopa County Drug Suppression Task Force includes law-enforcement personnel from agencies including area police departments, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


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drug possesion Drug Trafficking felony Narcotics

Drug Traffickers Found a New Way to Smuggle Meth

Drug Traffickers Found a Way to Make Meth Liquid

The Police authorities say that drug traffickers now days are getting creative. They have found a way to disguise methamphetamine as a liquid so that they can smuggle it into the United States from Mexico.

They now seal the meth in Tequila bottles or plastic detergent containers so they can fool the border agents and the traffic officers. Once they arrive deep inside of the California’s Central Valley, which is a national distribution hub, the meth then cooks and convert into crystals…which happens to be the most sought-after form on the street.

Mike Prado with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigation’s Fresno unit said that the conversion labs are popping up all over the neighborhoods. As the result of a lab that had caused a house in the Fresno area to explode just two years ago. The explosion rattled the neighbors nerves.

Meth Labs are Creating Numerous Problems

Mike said that the labs are pretty dangerous due to the fact that they are hidden away and most cases are in densely populated apartment buildings and foreclosed homes in quiet neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods are family areas where the children could be playing in the street.


drug possesion Drug Trafficking felony Narcotics

Mexican Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

Forty Year Old Sentenced for Drug Trafficking


On Monday, A forty year old Mexican man was sentenced for a growing crime of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to seventeen and a half years in the Arizona Federal Prison for the Drug Trafficking crime. It seems like a harsher punishment is hopefully so others will see how wrong this is and spook them into quitting.


According to the Federal Prosecutors, The Mexican man’s name is Luis Enrique Villegas-Lugo. Back in February, Luis Enrique Villegas-Luga pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine”. I guess one good thing is he didn’t fight the charges, but usually pleading guilty gets you a slight lesser sentence.


Drug Trafficking Investigation

The police authorities say that the organization that operated this drug trafficking was originally investigated from July 2006 to September 2006 over the Phoenix area. The ring of drug traffickers allegedly imported methamphetamine from Mexico and then transported it to a stash house that was located in Phoenix. The drugs were then distributed to the waiting customers.

Police Seized Meth, Guns, and Drug Packaging Materials

During the investigation the investigating police law enforcement agents seized almost twenty pounds of meth as well as two handguns, two rifles, as well as some drug packaging materials from the stash house in Phoenix. Luis Enrique Villegas-Lugo was actually charged for the drug trafficking back in February of 2009. He is just now getting his sentencing which he got seventeen and a half years. The court probably allowed him the 5 years he already served to be taken off making him have twelve and a half more years to serve.

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Final Suspect in Marijuana Trafficking Has Been Sentenced

Final Defendant in Drug Trafficking Case Sentenced


Drug trafficking is sadly becoming a pretty popular thing. People are getting big time into the drug trafficking and making thousands of dollars on it. A recent breakthrough in the Phoenix drug trafficking case left 14 defendants to be judged and prosecuted. The federal prosecutors stated that the final defendant in the case involved a Phoenix Marijuana trafficking and robbery operation has now been sentenced.


According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona stated that Issac Reed who is thirty-two years old has been sentenced on Thursday for two years in prison.  Issac Reed didn’t fight the charges, he pleaded guilty back in February to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute marijuana.


14 Defendants All Sentenced for Drug Trafficking


The authorities say that fourteen of the defendants have now all been sentenced for their roles in the marijuana drug trafficking as well as some armed robberies as well as a fatal shooting of a “co-conspirator”. According to the prosecutors, they have been doing the drug trafficking gig for quite a while. The organization has been going on since September 2009 to January 2011. The had a pretty good run at it. first the would steal the marijuana from the deals and then divide it among themselves so that they could sale it locally or even out of state.


According to the prosecutors, the fourteen defendants also made an attempt to steal almost 200 pounds of marijuana. Their attempt at the theft led to the death of Brandon Edwards. Hopefully when these fourteen people return to civilization, they’ve learned their lesson and will get their lives on track. Maybe this will also be a warning to others who are on this kick and see that eventually, you will get caught and suffer the consequences of your actions.





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Law Enforcement Makes Huge Drug Trafficking Bust

1,500 Pounds of Marijuana from Trafficking Group

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office made a huge breakthrough, a group of Valley and Federal Law-Enforcement agencies worked together to confiscate weapons, cash and at least 1,500 pounds of marijuana from a drug trafficking group. The group had been operating across the Phoenix area.

The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement was able to confiscate 1,710 pounds of marijuana. According to the Sheriff’s Office this was from six locations that was operating in the Metro Phoenix area. They were using the city as a distribution hub.

The Sheriff investigators believe that the locations are suspected to be under the direction of a foreign supplier. They first got a search warrant for every location, some of which included homes that were being used as drug “stash houses”. The officials made an arrest of seven different people that were believed to be involved in the drug enterprise.

According to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, The Drug Enforcement were able to confiscate at least fifteen weapons and more than $60,000 in cash money. They also confiscated several vehicles from the locations.

Law Enforcement Worked Together to Bust the Drug Trafficking Operation

The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement strike force is made up of officials from the U.S. immigration and Custom’s Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Administration.