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Drug Traffickers Found a New Way to Smuggle Meth

Drug Traffickers Found a Way to Make Meth Liquid

The Police authorities say that drug traffickers now days are getting creative. They have found a way to disguise methamphetamine as a liquid so that they can smuggle it into the United States from Mexico.

They now seal the meth in Tequila bottles or plastic detergent containers so they can fool the border agents and the traffic officers. Once they arrive deep inside of the California’s Central Valley, which is a national distribution hub, the meth then cooks and convert into crystals…which happens to be the most sought-after form on the street.

Mike Prado with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigation’s Fresno unit said that the conversion labs are popping up all over the neighborhoods. As the result of a lab that had caused a house in the Fresno area to explode just two years ago. The explosion rattled the neighbors nerves.

Meth Labs are Creating Numerous Problems

Mike said that the labs are pretty dangerous due to the fact that they are hidden away and most cases are in densely populated apartment buildings and foreclosed homes in quiet neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods are family areas where the children could be playing in the street.