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Stabbing Incidents in Phoenix

Phoenix Stabbing

Even though things are always changing, it seems like there’s one constant in the world. There will always be violence. Police have recently released a sketch of one of the suspects who was involved in a deadly tabbing in South Phoenix.

The Phoenix Police Department says that the suspects in the November 22nd stabbing could have been just sixteen and fourteen years old. The stabbing happened near 4th Avenue and Buckeye Road. How sad is it that a fourteen or even a sixteen year old can get access to a knife. Not only do they have access but they want to harm other people? Something is seriously wrong.

The Police say that the stabbing victim was twenty-four year old, German Del Bosque. They say he was stabbed several times, as he was just innocently walking with his girl friend.

Maria Ruelas (Bosque’s Grandmother) Statement:

I just pray that guy will turn himself in and pay for what he did,” said Maria Ruelas, Del Bosque’s grandmother.


Maria said that her grandson and girlfriend were planning on getting married just one month away from the stabbing. Now, his family will be laying him to rest.

According to the local witness reports, there was a sketch and it showed one of the suspects being a Hispanic girl. They think that should be as young as fourteen years old. They say she is around five foot tall and weighs around one hundred pounds. So she’s tiny. They say she has dark, poofy hair.

Police say that other suspect is a Hispanic boy, he could be around sixteen years old. They say he is around five foot, eight inches tall. They think he weighs around one hundred, fifty pounds.

Both of the suspects were reported to be riding a dark colored BMX or Mongoose-style bike. The Police still do not know what promoted this attack.

Police are asking that if you have any information regarding this case, then please call the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-7626 or the Silent Witness program at 480-Witness.

Please someone call with information about this case, kids should not be going around and stabbing people for the fun of it. Their parents as well as the authorities need to know what these kids are up to.

Lady Arrested for Stabbing

You don’t really hear about too many bearded ladies now days. Unless of course you’re thinking of a circus act, however the San Diego police have had a run in with one recently and it was definitely not dealing with the circus.

According to San Diego Police, they have now arrested a woman that they described as weighting four hundred pounds and also had a beard. She was arrested for her involvement in the stabbing of a man, who just asked for a cigarette.

On late Thursday night, the police arrested the bearded lady that they say stabbed the man in the neck on Wednesday.

Police Officer, Robert Heims, said that the thirty-nine year old man had walked up to the woman as well as a group of other people and had simply asked them for a cigarette.

According to the reports, the woman then told the man to get away from her things, right before stabbing him and running away. They described her as a heavyset woman with facial hair, she was wearing a white shirt and jeans.

The man had to be hospitalized, but was luckily expected to survive. Safe to say, he probably won’t be asking for cigarettes off of anyone anytime soon.

Phoenix Assault Lawyer

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A verbal altercation in a bar or at your own home could be misconstrued as an assault charge. If you are accused of starting a bar fight or engaging in domestic violence, secure experienced legal help immediately. Understandably, you may feel tempted to explain your side of the story to law enforcement. But, any details you provide could be used against you.


At the Phoenix Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we will act quickly to develop an effective defense strategy against battery and assault charges. Comprised of former prosecutors with comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, our team knows firsthand how prosecutors develop cases against individuals suspected of criminal assault. We are prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution through identifying any procedural errors, contradictory evidence or violations of your civil rights.


Types of Assault Cases

The highly skilled Attorneys at the Phoenix Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC come equipped with a substantial background in defending individuals throughout Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area who have been accused of offenses ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. These offenses may include:


  • Domestic Violence
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • Assault and Battery
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon


Choosing an Effective Assault Defense Strategy

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC will devote the right resources to develop an effective defense strategy against any damaging charges. They will meet with any eyewitnesses to understand the series of events before the alleged criminal activity occurred. We are prepared to craft a strategy around self-defense, if you were in fear of your life. They will also seek to illustrate any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence or contradictory statements from the plaintiff. When appropriate, we work with psychologists to illustrate the plaintiff’s state of mind and tendency to exaggerate or lie. Your case will be properly analyzed from every angle possible. If your civil rights were violated or procedural errors were made, we will fight for an acquittal.


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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as Assault, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.



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Phoenix Domestic Violence Cases

Phoenix Woman Pleads Guilty to Murder

You know, every couple fights. Sure, everyone feels like they could “shoot” their spouse but no one actually does it. Except for maybe one Phoenix woman. She pleaded guilty to second degree murder. She fatally shot her husband in their home.

Thirty-one year old, Amanda Lynn Miller told the Phoenix Police that she shot her thirty-six year old husband, Jesus Nevarez-Galindo. She was trying to leave their home as it was filling up with smoke from a fire. He had set the kitchen on fire.

Court documents showed that police counted seven wounds in the man’s body. Miller told the police that the situation began as an argument over financial issues and lack of food in the house broke out. Sure makes sense. Hungry. Let’s catch the kitchen on fire.

Apparently the couple had quite the history of domestic violence.

Woman Suffers From Sexual Abuse

A young woman of only eighteen years old has suffered from serious injures as she was beaten, burned, and sexually assaulted and forced to drink bleach. This was after she reportedly refused to sell drugs for a man.

Twenty-five year old, Johnel Henry Thomas has now been booked into jail for one count of each sexual assault as well as kidnapping, unlawful means of transportation, as well as six counts of aggravated assault.

The court documents stated that the victim was taken to Mr. Thomas’ apartment in West Phoenix. She was taken there by another female and possible suspect.

After she was in his apartment, Mr. Thomas allegedly beat her as well as tortured the poor young girl. She recieved a broken arm, smashed hands, burns all over her body from a hot knife and swords, burns from the bleach being poured over her as well as bruises all over her body from hammer blows.  This poor girl, I can’t imagine what she suffered.

Violence Reported

The report also said that the police had stated that the victim had still had a belt around her neck when she was found by the police officers. There were also marks on her neck, ankles and wrists from her being restrained. She was also sexually assaulted, which also caused even more injuries.

Luckily a neighbor saw Mr. Thomas and another man dragging the eighteen year old girl into the suspect’s apartment and heard her please for help. The neighbor called 911.

When the officers had arrived to the scene the front and back doors were open to the apartment. Thomas was later located by the police in a stolen vehicle.

According to the report, when Thomas had seen the officers, he fled the scene, naked and out the back door. The victim was also naked as she walked from the back door. She was walking to the front of the complex to find the officers for help.

Domestic Abuse

Police said that she was understandably hysterical. She was telling them about the suspect pouring bleach on her and making her drink it. Officers were able to pour some water on the young woman and tried to get the bleach out of her eyes and off of her body.

The victim was later taken to the hospital for treatment. She told the medical staff that she had been sexually assaulted and the staff has confirmed that her injures match what she said.

As the police searched the apartment, they found a number of knives as well as swords and empty bleach bottle as well as two hammers.

When Mr. Thomas was interviewed by the investigators, he had told them that a female friend had “assaulted the victim inside the apartment” . However, he did admit to “having sex” with the victim. Another man was also taken into custody. He had told the investigators that he was in the apartment during some of the assault, however after his arrest he denied participating.

Police have said that the victim had severe burns. She even had to have surgery for her broken arm.


Phoenix Violent Crimes Lawyer

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If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. A skilled lawyer will not only look for ways to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed but will also focus on developing an effective criminal defense trial strategy. At Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have a substantial background defending clients accused of violent crimes in the state of Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our lead criminal defense attorney, Daniel Perlman, is a former prosecutor who previously pursued charges against individuals suspected of violent crimes. Mr. Perlman and the entire Perlman Law Group offer a comprehensive view of the criminal justice system and know the right steps to take in developing a defense strategy while seeking to mitigate any potential damage.


Our ability to work with the facts in plea negotiations can turn a weak defense into a strong one. In our experience, a creative approach to your defense strategy can result in a sentence of probation or work release, even on a felony plea.


Effective Defensive Strategy for Violent Crimes

As a starting point for an effective defense strategy, we will evaluate the police report, witness statements and any physical evidence. Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC takes its approach a step further through identifying creative solutions by focusing on the actual risk of punishment you are currently facing. The threat of prison will probably be based as much on your prior record as it will be on the facts of the current criminal charges.


Our firm handles cases involving all types of Violent Crime allegations, including:

  • Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Armed Robbery
  • Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
  • Criminal Threats
  • Gang-Related Crimes
  • Resisting Arrest and Assault on an Officer
  • Domestic Violence


If weaknesses in the government’s case mean that you stand a good chance of success at trial, we will aggressively represent your interests before a jury. If the evidence against you makes a trial too risky, we will advise you and work with all parties — including prosecutors, probation officers, court services and community agencies — to show that you are an excellent candidate for favorable treatment.

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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.


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Man With Violent History Shoots Phoenix Police Detective

Phoenix Police Detective Killed by Man with Violent Past

William Thornton has a pretty violent history. His violent way of life took a toll of a Phoenix Police Detective. The man shot and killed the Phoenix Detective and even injured another person.

According to the ABC15 Investigators, they did some searching through the court documents and found that William Thornton is facing multiple convictions.

William Thornton has more trouble with Phoenix Police

When William Thornton was only fifteen years old, he had his first run in with the authorities. This was in the year 2000. William was arrested and convicted of attempted aggravated assault.

Just one short year after his assault charge he was in some more trouble, this time for a marijuana possession charge. Later, in 2003 he was in bigger trouble. William was given six and a half years in prison for an armed robbery and theft.

After all of this trouble, William still hadn’t learned his lesson. In 2009 he was heading back to prison for stealing his own step-father’s truck. Which he then ran from the police when they tried to stop him.

Once again he faced more trouble, in 2012 he was also convicted and sentenced to more prison time. This time for another drug possession and resisting arrest.

Now he is the main suspect in an attempted murder which happened on February 25, 2014. In this incident a man was shot in the back. This was in the neighborhood that is close to 40th Avenue and Camelback.


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Man Arrested For Abusing Woman,Dogs and Murder

Man Arrested for Murder of Former Arizona State University Football Player

A man is now facing charges for the murder of a former Arizona State University Football player and Scottsdale bouncer. This was after he was caught after he hit his girlfriend and both of her dogs.

Ian Alexander Macdonald was arrested by the Mesa Police after an altercation, the victims in the altercation said that Ian was trying to kill them. This was according to the Court documents.

According to the court paperwork, Ian’s girlfriend had told the police that they returned home with a male friend Ian allegedly “went crazy”. The male friend had just came home from the Skyline Park on Saturday, July 5th.

At the park, earlier that evening, a park ranger had gave all three of the victims a citation for consuming alcohol.

Things Go Downhill After Ian Gets Home

The male victim that was inside of the home said that Ian was so upset about the citation when they arrived to the house (around 2:40) that he immediately got into an altercation with his girlfriend. That is when Ian then hit her and her two dogs.

The female victim in the case said that her boyfriend had threw one of the dogs against the wall and then started to kick the other one. She tried to go to pick up the poor dogs and that is when he then hit her. The hit caused her a bloody nose. According to the female, Ian then walked around the home and picked up a handgun.

The male victim had secretly dialed 911 and then placed his cell phone into his pocket before he saw Ian pick up the gun.

Luckily the male victim used his head while things were about to go crazy. The male told the police that he knew that Ian had a bad temper and also had a weapon in the home. So while the couple was arguing, the male victim sneaked around and was about to remove the magazine clip from the handgun.

When the police officials arrived, the suspect had told the police that a Hispanic male that was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt had pounded on the front door while holding a gun in his hand and that the man then fled on foot.

Police questioned both of the victims separately. They told the officials that once Ian had grabbed the handgun he stared at both of the victims for about thirty seconds before he placed the gun onto the floor. The female victim was then able to hide the gun in her bedroom.

Ian’s Sentencing

Ian Macdonald is now facing six charges which include assault, false reporting to law enforcement, and failing to comply court orders.

Ian had been on a felony release for second degree murder charge of Tyrice Thompson. He posted bond, however he was prohibited from possessing weapons or consuming alcohol.

According to the police officials, Ian admitted to the police to drinking alcohol and that he accidentally hit the female victim in the face.


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Man Arrested for Assaulting His Pregnant Girlfriend

Man Brutally Assaults His Pregnant Girlfriend

A woman who is seven weeks pregnant was recently strangled by her live-in boyfriend.

According to the local Sheriff’s Office, Christopher Willson who is twenty-four years old has admitted to also pushing his eighteen year old girlfriend’s head into the wall on Monday night at their home.

The Officer reports say that the female victim had called 911 saying that she had been strangled and having some difficulty breathing.

Apparently Christopher had become upset during a conversation about her pregnancy. When she got upset and called 911, Willson allegedly smashed her telephone on the ground.

According to the victim, Christopher then put his hands around her neck and then pushed her head into a nearby wall. He then continued strangling her until she couldn’t breath and could only see “bright lights”. The victim said she had tried to yell for help but she couldn’t.  After however long she then lost consciousness. She told the officers that she was just worried that Christopher Willson would try to kill her and her unborn baby.

After she regained consciousness she had to drive herself to a nearby family member’s home. They then called 911 and she was then taken to the hospital. She had swelling around her neck as well as some defensive wounds on her arms and hands.

The police officials searched for Willson but had no luck in finding him. However, on Tuesday one of his family members called the police and told them where he was. He was then located and taken into custody.

Christopher Willson Charges:

Willson faces charges of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and preventing use of a telephone in an emergency.


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19 Year Old Arrested for Kidnapping and Killing a Man

Phoenix Police Arrest 19 Year Old for Kidnapping and Killing a Man

On Thursday the Phoenix Police arrested an 19 year old young man for kidnapping another man for two days and then tried to shoot him in the face with a shotgun.

The suspect that was arrested was nineteen year old Noe “Quiet” Silva. He was booked on charges of attempted first-degree murder, as well as kidnapping and managing/organizing a street gang, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

According to the court documents, a man had told the police that the young man (Silva) and another young man that went by “sleepy” had kidnapped him near Glendale and 17th avenues.

The police believe that Silva is a gang member. The man said that at one point the other kidnapper had put a shotgun in his mouth and then pulled the trigger. Luckily the gun did not fire though.

The man escaped by prying open a window in the apartment, the window was however nailed shut from the outside so it must have been a pretty hard task.

The man stayed in the nearby alley ways. That is when Silva found him and then shot him in the face with the shotgun. Luckily, the man survived the shot. The man was able to identify the men in a photo lineup.

Before the kidnapping the man said that Silva had been “taxing him“. He believed that Silva’s gang would be acting soon.


is when a gang threatens someone with force for financial gain.

The kidnappers made the man turn his phone, hats, and other personal items over to them.

Silva’s sentencing

He was convicted for theft of means of transportation in 2009 while he was still a juvenile. The previous conviction prohibits him from having a weapon. A judge has ordered Silva be held in jail on a $750,000 bond.