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Man Arrested For Abusing Woman,Dogs and Murder

On Behalf of / Monday, 07 July 2014 / Published in assault, felony, Personal Injury

Man Arrested for Murder of Former Arizona State University Football Player

A man is now facing charges for the murder of a former Arizona State University Football player and Scottsdale bouncer. This was after he was caught after he hit his girlfriend and both of her dogs.

Ian Alexander Macdonald was arrested by the Mesa Police after an altercation, the victims in the altercation said that Ian was trying to kill them. This was according to the Court documents.

According to the court paperwork, Ian’s girlfriend had told the police that they returned home with a male friend Ian allegedly “went crazy”. The male friend had just came home from the Skyline Park on Saturday, July 5th.

At the park, earlier that evening, a park ranger had gave all three of the victims a citation for consuming alcohol.

Things Go Downhill After Ian Gets Home

The male victim that was inside of the home said that Ian was so upset about the citation when they arrived to the house (around 2:40) that he immediately got into an altercation with his girlfriend. That is when Ian then hit her and her two dogs.

The female victim in the case said that her boyfriend had threw one of the dogs against the wall and then started to kick the other one. She tried to go to pick up the poor dogs and that is when he then hit her. The hit caused her a bloody nose. According to the female, Ian then walked around the home and picked up a handgun.

The male victim had secretly dialed 911 and then placed his cell phone into his pocket before he saw Ian pick up the gun.

Luckily the male victim used his head while things were about to go crazy. The male told the police that he knew that Ian had a bad temper and also had a weapon in the home. So while the couple was arguing, the male victim sneaked around and was about to remove the magazine clip from the handgun.

When the police officials arrived, the suspect had told the police that a Hispanic male that was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt had pounded on the front door while holding a gun in his hand and that the man then fled on foot.

Police questioned both of the victims separately. They told the officials that once Ian had grabbed the handgun he stared at both of the victims for about thirty seconds before he placed the gun onto the floor. The female victim was then able to hide the gun in her bedroom.

Ian’s Sentencing

Ian Macdonald is now facing six charges which include assault, false reporting to law enforcement, and failing to comply court orders.

Ian had been on a felony release for second degree murder charge of Tyrice Thompson. He posted bond, however he was prohibited from possessing weapons or consuming alcohol.

According to the police officials, Ian admitted to the police to drinking alcohol and that he accidentally hit the female victim in the face.

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