Phoenix Narcotics

Border Patrol Finds Narcotics Sadly, drug crimes are on the rise. Times are getting desperate and it seems like people will do anything even resort to trafficking drugs. According to reports a woman was recently arrested when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found 235 pounds of marijuana in her truck. The woman was twenty-eight… Continue reading Phoenix Narcotics

Marijuana Drug Bust in Phoenix

Police Finds Crate Carrying Marijuana   Metro police intercepted a crate containing 140 pounds of marijuana shipped from Phoenix for distribution to street dealers in Nashville Thursday. When detectives received information that the 327 pound wooden crate located at a local freight company could be tied to criminal activity, they sent Caine, a police dog, to check, police… Continue reading Marijuana Drug Bust in Phoenix

Drug Tunnel Found

Marijuana Seized From Drug Tunnel A ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana were seized from a cross-border tunnel that stretched from a Tijuana, Mexico, home to a San Diego, California, suburb, U.S. authorities said Wednesday. “We believe this to be the longest tunnel that we have discovered in this district to date,” said… Continue reading Drug Tunnel Found

Man Identifies Man Killed in Police Officer Shooting

Police Investigate Mans Death Involved with Officer Shooting   On Tuesday the police were able to identify a man who was killed in an officer involved shooting. The shooting happened around six o’clock in the evening, near 25th Avenue and Greenway Road at an apartment complex.   The Phoenix Police stated that the officer who… Continue reading Man Identifies Man Killed in Police Officer Shooting

Woman Charged in Fatal Shooting At Phoenix Sports Bar

Woman Sentenced for Fatal Shooting Outside of Phoenix Bar   Bars in America can either be the funnest time of your life or the scariest. Most people go to have a fabulous time, but sometimes you never know how the alcohol will settle with some people. Or maybe you’re having a fun night with someone… Continue reading Woman Charged in Fatal Shooting At Phoenix Sports Bar

Mexican Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

Forty Year Old Sentenced for Drug Trafficking   On Monday, A forty year old Mexican man was sentenced for a growing crime of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to seventeen and a half years in the Arizona Federal Prison for the Drug Trafficking crime. It seems like a harsher punishment is hopefully so others will… Continue reading Mexican Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking