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Phoenix Police Assault

Phoenix Police Shooting

Police work extremely hard. They risk their lives every day for ours. When a citizen does it for a police man it’s truly touching.

According to reports, a citizen has recently saved the life of a Arizona state trooper by fatally shooting the troopers assailant.

Reports said that Thomas Yoxall was simply driving on remote highway when he saw Trooper Edward Anderson being assaulted by a man. The police later found out the man was a former Mexican Federal police officer, Leonard Pennelas-Escobar. He was in the country illegally.

Apparently Leonard had rolled his car on the interstate right before he randomly attacked officer Andersson. Andersson had innocently stopped to help Leonard. Leonard for what ever reason opened fired on officer Andersson.

Leonard had said something in Spanish before he started shooting the trooper.  Talk about a crazy situation..

Shots Fired in Phoenix


Yoxall’s Statement:

It was very visceral and instincitve – I had to help.

That’s great when someone helps like that. Wish more people would help in the world like that.


Phoenix Criminal Threats Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

Formerly referred to as terroristic threats, the crime of criminal threats may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on case specifics. A criminal threat occurs when an individual threatens to kill or injure another person and that person has a reasonably sustained fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family. A defendant may potentially be convicted of making criminal threats even if he or she did not intend to carry out the threat, provided that the alleged victim had a reasonable basis to fear for his or her safety.


Arrest in Phoenix for Criminal Threats

If you have been arrested for making a criminal threat, it is critical that you protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney. For a vigorous defense, contact the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC immediately.

Arizona prosecutors have considerable discretion to charge criminal threats offenses as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor criminal threat, harassment or stalking offense, you could face up to one year in county jail. If you are convicted of a felony criminal threats offense, you could face up to four years in state prison. You could face significantly greater penalties if you used a firearm or other dangerous weapon while making criminal threats.


Types of Criminal Threats

A Criminal Threat is a strike offense, which means that you could face significantly enhanced penalties if you are convicted of a future felony. Even a nonviolent felony could result in twice the prison sentence if you have a prior strike offense. A third strike could result in a prison sentence of 25 years to life.


Criminal Threats Defensive Strategy

There are many ways that our skilled Phoenix Defense Attorneys can raise a strong defense on your behalf. First, we will examine the facts of the case to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to obtain a conviction. In particular, we will look at any evidence of the alleged communication. Does the prosecution have copies of an email or voicemail? If the state has nothing more than a he-said-she said case, the prosecution will have a tougher time proving its case.


Taking Your Criminal Threats Case to Trial

Even if the prosecution has evidence of the alleged communication, we will examine the nature of the communication. Was the threat a serious one? In other words, did the alleged victim actually fear for his or her safety and was he or she reasonable to have such fear? The prosecution does not have to prove that you intended to carry out the threat, or even that you had the current ability to carry out the threat. However, the prosecution must establish that the threat you made is the type that would have caused the defendant to have a reasonable fear.

If you choose to take your case to trial, we offer skilled Phoenix trial lawyers who will aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom. If you do not want to fight your charges at trial, we can negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable plea agreement. Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to help you keep this off of your record. If that is not possible, we can seek a plea to a lesser offense, including a non-strike offense, or we can seek an agreement on sentencing that will limit the penalties you face. With a team of former prosecutors, the skilled attorneys at the Phoenix Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC are highly adept at finding creative solutions for their clients.


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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as a Terrorist Threat, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to.



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Murder Charges and Investigation

New York Woman Facing Murder Charges

Most the time when you hear or think about a murder, you think of how awful it is. You’re always expecting the worse like someone got stabbed or shot. This case however, is very gruesome.

A woman from New York City, is now facing murder charges after the police found a pregnant mother’s baby cut from her womb. Talk about a painful way to go.

The woman, Ashleigh Wade is only twenty-two years old and she’s being charged with murder as well as: criminal possession of a weapon and several other charges. The New York Times reports that her charges are all related to the stabbing death of Angelikque Sutton.

According to the authorities, Ashleigh had been telling people for month that she was expecting a baby. She would even post a baby registry and due date online. However, Ashleigh was never pregnant, according to the investigators.

Ashleigh Wade was reportedly friends with Angelikque Sutton back in Elementary School, the two had reportedly reconnected just before Wade invited Sutton to her apartment. The police found Sutton’s body at the apartment as well as Wade being there.

When the police first got to the scene, Ashleigh claimed that the newborn baby was hers. However, she later changed her story and claimed that she stabbed Sutton in self-defense. Ashleigh also told the police that she cut out Sutton’s unborn child to save the baby.

The local neighbors told the local NEWS that deceased Sutton would have been a great mother if she would have had the chance.

Neighbor Monica Keller’s Statement:

She would have been the best possible mother to that baby. Devoted to that baby, making sure that baby had everything it needs.


Luckily the poor defenseless baby survived, sadly his or her mother didn’t. The baby is reported to be in good health.


Fatal Stabbing near Oceanside City Beach


Police are on the hunt for a suspect who fatally stabbed a thirty-two year old man near Oceanside City Beach. They are even asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect.

The victim that was later identified as Joseph Prince, was at first thought to have been hit by a vehicle along the Wisconsin Street area. The responding officers quickly found out that this wasn’t a routine pedestrian vs. vehicle situation.

When the officers got to the scene, they found Mr. Prince lying unconscious in the roadway and suffering from stab wounds. It happened on a Thursday around 3:45 p.m. according to Oceanside Police Lt. Leonard Cosby. The officers also reported that Prince sadly died at the scene of the incident.

According to a local media outlet, Mr. Prince had became a part of a brief altercation with the suspect and then was stabbed with a screwdriver. However, it’s unclear what the fight was about at this time.

Local witnesses also told the police that a possible suspect had left the area and was riding on a black beach cruiser bicycle. The suspect was described as a while male, around his thirties in age and was wear a red baseball cap and blue jeans.

If anyone has any information about this incident or the suspect, please call the police at (760) 435-4428.

Phoenix Manslaughter Lawyer

At the Phoenix based Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have defended many clients charged with a violent crime, including murder charges and other high-level violent crimes. We can provide the strong defense you need if you have been charged with voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter.

If you discovered your spouse in bed with a lover and as a result killed your spouse in a sudden rage, you may have been charged with first-degree murder. However, you may only be guilty of voluntary manslaughter, an offense that carries a maximum prison sentence of 11 years, as opposed to a life sentence.

Manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. The term malice is used in a highly technical sense and does not simply imply a feeling of anger.


Types of Manslaughter Defenses

If you have been charged with murder and the evidence is stacked against you to show that you did unlawfully kill another person, seeking a conviction to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter may make a significant difference in your case.

To effectively raise such a defense, you must be able to establish that you were provoked, that a reasonable person in such a situation might be similarly provoked to kill, and that you did not have sufficient time to cool off and further contemplate your actions. If retained as your counsel, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to determine which defense strategy gives you the best opportunity to protect your freedom.


Types of Manslaughter Cases in Phoenix

In the state of Arizona, you may be charged with involuntary manslaughter under two separate circumstances:

  • If you committed a crime (other than a felony) and unintentionally caused the

death of another person.

  • If you were engaged in a lawful act that might cause death and acted without

“due caution and circumspection.”


Manslaughter Conviction and Sentencing

A conviction for involuntary manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of four years imprisonment. If you caused the unintentional death of another person and you were not committing a crime, it is not sufficient for the prosecution to allege that you made a mistake. The phrase “without due cause and circumspection” implies something more than a simple mistake. Our Phoenix Attorneys can raise a number of issues and defenses on your behalf to raise the strong defense you need. A plea to a lesser offense or a plea that allows you to avoid a criminal conviction may be possible depending on the facts of your case. If you choose to fight your charges at trial, we have the skilled trial lawyers to aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom.


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If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as Manslaughter, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.

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Police Get Involved in Phoenix Shooting

Man Shot By Two Phoenix Police Officers

When a police situation turns scary who do you call? On Wednesday night a thirty-two year old man was shot by two Phoenix police officers. However, the man later admitted to charging at the officers with a knife because he actually wanted to shoot them.

The Phoenix Police Sgt. Vince Lewis said that the man was actually part of a domestic violence case. He was carrying a large kitchen knife when he ran towards the officers. That’s when the police did, what they believed was their only choice and opened fire at the man.

Sgt. Lewis’ Statement:

The family reported that the suspect has a mental illness and was consuming alcohol during the evening. The suspect later told police that he charged at the officers to force them into shooting him.

According to the reports, the shooting happened just before 7:30 in the evening.  The police had to be called for a domestic disturbance abuse call. The police said that the call involved an adult man who was mad and threatening to kill his mother and stepfather. What a horrible thing, just because you’re mad at someone, you can’t just decide to kill them.

When the officers arrived to the scene they found a man chasing his own stepfather with a knife.

The officers told the man to drop his knife, however he continued toward them. That is when the officers had to start firing at him.

Sgt. Lewis’ Statement:

Fearing for their lives, and that of the stepfather who was hiding behind police, both officers fired their service weapons, striking the suspect who then dropped the knife, thus ending the violent threat.


According to a neighbor, David Rice, the man had chased his stepfather down the street. They got into a confrontation about a block from in front of Mr. Rice’s home.

Apparently the man has schizophrenia and the mother was running down the street to tell the police that.

The suspect, had to be taken to the hospital. He was in “very critical condition”. As of Thursday, he was still in the hospital.

Rice said that the suspect was well known in his neighborhood. The neighbors say that he is usually a pleasant man and is quite often seen riding his bicycle. Rice said that he’s never seen anything before that would make him believe that the young man would turn violent.

Sgt. Lewis said that the two officers who shot at the suspect were: a forty-five year old man who served for 15 years as an officer and the other was a thirty-three year old man with nine years experience as an officer.



Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

The highly skilled Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC advise and represent people facing criminal charges for domestic violence often described as Spousal Abuse, Spousal Battery or Domestic Dispute, such charges do not always reflect a case between married people, but include those living in the same location (cohabitation), or sometimes just engaged in a domestic (dating) relationship.  Such cases can also lead to violation of a restraining order or protective orders.  They are NOT the same as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order however.

With a team of former prosecutors, Phoenix based Criminal Defense Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC offer a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. They understand the necessary steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy focused on securing a dismissal or minimizing any potential penalties associated with a conviction.

Domestic Violence cases have become extremely political and are regularly treated as “guilty until proven innocent.”   Even with minor cases, that do not involve a documented injury, proactive and rapid action by a caring defense attorney may be they key to not only avoiding a damaging no contact order, but may play a significant role in custody issues and an eventual resolution in the case that does not result in a life-time ban on the possession of firearms, tragic orders separating you from your family and other consequences that can interfere with work, school and life.

At the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we are committed to helping you achieve a resolution to your immediate problems, while seeking opportunities to improve the troubled family dynamics that might be underlying factors.

In domestic violence cases, the district attorney and the judge will be especially interested in what you’re willing to do to improve relationships, conflict resolution skills, and anger management. Your demonstration toward positive change will often make the difference in the outcome of your case. We work closely with people charged with domestic assault or battery to obtain a dismissal, diversion to community treatment or deferred entry of judgment prior to eventually achieving a dismissal.

Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

Our creative approach to difficult criminal defense problems can help you avoid the consequences of a conviction in situations such as the following scenarios:


  • Violence or assault between spouses, unmarried parents, or cohabiting adults
  • Elder Abuse
  • Child Abuse, Cruelty to a Child, or Child Endangerment
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Criminal Threats
  • Harassment or Stalking

Our ability to connect you with the programs and services that are right for your circumstances can give you an extra layer of legal protection. At the same time, we work hard to help you get the most out of the presumption of innocence that stands between you and a conviction.

Schedule a Free Consultation – Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been accused of a Violent Crime such as Domestic Violence, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense

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Shooting Cases and Consequences

Shooting Situations and Consequences


The Phoenix Police have arrested a man in connection with a death of a pastor who was shot and sadly killed during a February in home invasion. On Thursday, Jesse Armondo Monroy who is only twenty-eight years old was arrested on murder, burglary, armed robbery, as well as kidnapping charges.


Sgt. Jonathan Howard said that the police are still searching for another suspect though. According to the police, two men had broken into a home near 20th Avenue and Monroe Street on February 28th in an attempt to rob it. The robbery suspects met two men inside and then shots were fired.


One of the fatally wounded was John “Jack” Moriarty. John was a pastor at the Redeemed Outreach Center. There was also another man injured and suffered minor injuries. Both of the intruders fled the scene along with stolen property.


The suspect, Monroy, was ordered to be held without bond after the initial court appearance. According to the report, Monroy doesn’t have a lawyer at this time.


The missing suspect, who the police are still searching for, was described as a black male who is between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. He was guessed to be around five foot, ten inches tall and weighed around 170 pounds. Police said that he was wearing dark clothing at the time and was wearing a dark beanie type of hat when he was last seen. The police are asking that if you have any information on this suspect to please call the Phoenix police at 602-262-6141 or even the Silent Witness program at 480-WITNESS.


Types of Shooting


A shooting is the “act or process of firing firearms or other projectile weapons”. The weapons can be guns, bows, and even crossbows. That’s not the only type of shooting though. The firing of artillery, rockets, and even missiles can be called a “shooting”.


A person who is a specialist in shooting is called a marksman. Shooting can happen numerous places, the appropriate places would be in a shooting range, while hunting in the field, shooting sports, and or combat.


Shooting isn’t always bad. They even have a competitive competition for a sport that involves shooting. People who enjoy guns and the way they work and the thrill of hitting a target gather at shooting competitions. Marksmanship has inspired the competition. Several countries even have rifle or gun clubs. In fact shooting events are growing despite all of the hate and war on guns.


People like the sport so much that shooting events started in the late 1800’s. There was a shooting event at the Summer Olympics in 1896 as well as the World Championships in 1897.


The love of the sport still lives on. The international Shooting Sport Federation still administers the Olympic and non-Olympic rifle, pistol, shotgun, and running target competitions.  Of course, they aren’t the only one’s in the nation or internationally who hold these events. There is actually a large number of national as well as international shooting sports that’s not controlled by the ISSF but other organizations.


Shooting Technique


There’s different ways to shoot and it mainly depends on what type of firearm you are using. Such as a handgun or a machine gun, it also depends on the shooting distance, the terrain, what the target is, and how much time you have. The biggest things while shooting depends on your breathing as well as your position. It’s important to know how to handle your handgun or rifle.


The IPSC shooting is like a sport for combat style shooting. You can kneel, stand, or get into the prone position to add support for the shooter.


While shooting mainly refers to the use of a gun. People also say describe firing a bow or crossbow as shooting. A person who is doing the shooting is called the shooter. While when most people hear “weapon” that doesn’t always mean it’s dangerous. They can call it a weapon because that is the piece of equipment the shooter will use to achieve the best outcome in whatever sport they are in.


Uses of Guns

Most the time people use guns for hunting animals or as a defense. Shooting is often used to hunt game birds like: grouse, ducks, pheasants. They are used for hunting other game like: Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel. People practice for the game birds by using clay pigeons.


Some people refer to shooting as a hunting activity itself. If you’re in the country though, you’re probably going to use the term hunting. Shooting usually means to practice.


Of course, people also use shooting as a protection act, as well as in warfare, law enforcement and is almost always used in severe crimes. Some people even use duels with guns to settle a vendette.


Restrictions on Guns

In many countries there are pretty cautious restrictions on owning and purchasing a firearm. In the United States it’s mandatory for people of a certain age to acquire a hunter’s safety course before being able to hunt or purchase a firearm.


Example of Another Recent Shooting


The police have now caught a man who was a suspect in the shooting of an off-duty Los Angeles Police Officer from a car before the suspect fled the scene. This was in a suburban neighborhood and in the Northern Los Angeles County.


Detective, Meghan Aguilar who is also a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, stated that the officer did return fire during the Sunday encounter in the Santa Clarita area. Luckily there were no injuries to be reported.


The officer arrived to the station in his white pickup truck that showed damage. Detective Aguilar did not know if he was inside or outside of the vehicle during all of the shooting.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Investigators are looking into the situation. They are trying to figure out what cause the shooting to start. There was a statement from the Sheriff’s department that stated that the suspect was actually cooperating with the investigators.


The Officer who was involved with the shooting is a twenty-five year veteran of the department according to Detective Aguilar. However, he was off-duty during the shooting incident.



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Man Sentenced for 62 Years in Prison for 2013 Shooting

Man Shoots Phoenix Officer and Sentenced for 62 Years


A convicted felon has now been sentenced to sixty-two years in prison for the 2013 shooting that had wounded a Phoenix Police Officer. These police officers put their life on the line to keep our lives safe, so I’m glad this officer will get some peace knowing that his shooter is facing the consequences. Not often enough, do the victims get to see justice from the suspects. This was a win for all wounded police officers.


The Maricopa County prosecutors say that the shooter, Brandon McCabe was sentenced on Thursday to an “aggravated term”.  He had been convicted back in August for attempted first-degree murder as well as: aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, misconduct involving weapons, and resisting arrest.  Quite a colorful past for our shooter.


McCabe Has Criminal Past


On January 6, 2013 Brandon McCabe was accused of shooting Police Officer, Peter “Chris” Bennett on that January night.  Luckily thirty-six year old Officer Bennett survived his gunshot wounds. He suffered injuries to his face, right hip, and right arm. Apparently Officer Bennett survived the wounds. He approached the shooter, McCabe in an area which has a pretty high burglary rate.


Brandon had ignored the Officer’s command and then the two then exchanged gunfire. McCabe was then arrested after he was found hiding in a nearby shed, like a little coward. He also had some gunshot wounds to both of his hands. Sounds like it would have been a crazy gun shoot out.


Hopefully less officers are injured keeping our streets safe. They work hard all year round with many hours, they definitely do not get paid enough. Let’s hope Officer Bennett’s recovery goes well and he’s back to being himself.  We need more police and more citizens like Officer Bennett and less people like McCabe in this crazy world.




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Phoenix Police Kill 55 Year Old Shooter

55 Year Old Man Killed By Police For Shooting at Them


An older man of fifty-five years old has been killed by the phoenix police. The man was shot by the responding officers after he started shooting at the officers from his front porch. The shooter was armed with five guns.

According to a Phoenix Police Officer, James Holmes, the first shots were fired at around 10:15 on Monday night.


Holmes Statement about the Shooting

People living in the area called police saying they were hearing gunshots.

According to Officer Holmes, the officers had hear an additional shot when they approached the intersection of 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.  The Phoenix officers then went to the home where they believed that the shots were coming from. However, as they were talking to the homeowner the officers started to get shot at from another direction. The investigating officers quickly took cover and were able to figure out where the shooting was coming from. According to Officer Holmes, the officers saw a man standing on his front porch with a rifle.

Police told the local NEWS that at least dozens of shots were fired. The officers quickly called for back up as the man continued his rifle assault on them. As the man kept shooting the police had a police helicopter come to the scene. However, the helicopter had to land after the man had started to also shoot at the police helicopter.

Officer Holmes’ Statement about the Shooting

In 18 years I can’t remember a time when someone blatantly turned to an aircraft and started shooting at it.

After the police again took cover, the officers shot and killed the fifty-five year old shooter. They shot the man while he was standing on his own back porch. Police are investigating the mans criminal and mental health records to hopefully find out why the man had started shooting at the authorities in the first place.

Holmes’ statement about the Shooter

We have to sort all of this out because it is very very hard for us to fathom that a person without cause it going to be armed to the teeth on his porch and just randomly start shooting at police officers when they show up.

Luckily there were no other people were harmed during the shootout. A couple of the shooter’s bullets did go into some nearby houses but everyone was ok.



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