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Phoenix Police Kill 55 Year Old Shooter

55 Year Old Man Killed By Police For Shooting at Them


An older man of fifty-five years old has been killed by the phoenix police. The man was shot by the responding officers after he started shooting at the officers from his front porch. The shooter was armed with five guns.

According to a Phoenix Police Officer, James Holmes, the first shots were fired at around 10:15 on Monday night.


Holmes Statement about the Shooting

People living in the area called police saying they were hearing gunshots.

According to Officer Holmes, the officers had hear an additional shot when they approached the intersection of 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.  The Phoenix officers then went to the home where they believed that the shots were coming from. However, as they were talking to the homeowner the officers started to get shot at from another direction. The investigating officers quickly took cover and were able to figure out where the shooting was coming from. According to Officer Holmes, the officers saw a man standing on his front porch with a rifle.

Police told the local NEWS that at least dozens of shots were fired. The officers quickly called for back up as the man continued his rifle assault on them. As the man kept shooting the police had a police helicopter come to the scene. However, the helicopter had to land after the man had started to also shoot at the police helicopter.

Officer Holmes’ Statement about the Shooting

In 18 years I can’t remember a time when someone blatantly turned to an aircraft and started shooting at it.

After the police again took cover, the officers shot and killed the fifty-five year old shooter. They shot the man while he was standing on his own back porch. Police are investigating the mans criminal and mental health records to hopefully find out why the man had started shooting at the authorities in the first place.

Holmes’ statement about the Shooter

We have to sort all of this out because it is very very hard for us to fathom that a person without cause it going to be armed to the teeth on his porch and just randomly start shooting at police officers when they show up.

Luckily there were no other people were harmed during the shootout. A couple of the shooter’s bullets did go into some nearby houses but everyone was ok.



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