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Telemarketing Scam In Phoenix

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Telemarketing has gotten pretty hardcore in the last few years. It seems like this past summer it’s gotten even worse. Thankfully a toughened state law targeting telemarketing scams has led to it’s first criminal prosecution.

Lukeroy Rose is the owner of a Phoenix based Rose Marketing has pleaded guilty to several charges of fraudulent telemarketing business. Which is horrible, but I guess there’s money to be made in it.

Rose was accused of targeting the elderly which is pretty horrible. He solicited them into investing in fake work from home business opportunities.

Phoenix Phone Scam

It’s pretty crappy to pick on the elderly. According to the Attorney General’s Office there were at least sixteen victims that were tricked into investing thousands of dollars over a two year period. That means there was a loss of more than $298,000.

Rose was originally indicted in May 2016 with three of his employees. He went in front of a grand jury for a myriad of criminal charges which include: illegally conducting an enterprise, participating in a criminal syndicate and money laundering.

Rose was released rather quickly, in August on bond. He didn’t waste any time. He started another telemarketing operation around the same time that the Arizona Telephone Solicitations Statue took effect.

Arizona Works to Control Telemarketing Scheme

Officials said that in December the Arizona Attorney General’s Office learned about Rose’s new telemarketing operation. They began to investigate an undercover surveillance team to gain more information about the operation and were able to bring more charges against Rose.

Rose pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to commit theft, fraudulent schemes and artifices, two counts of theft and unlawful telephone solicitations to settle the cases for both telemarketing schemes”. Rose will face five years in prison for the offense.

There were three other people that were indicted with Rose. Those people were: Solana DePaola, Cordell James Bess, and Dino Nick Mitchell. They have all pleaded guilty as well.

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