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From Meth to Child Abuse San Diego Doesn’t Lack Diversity

Drone Used to Smuggle Meth Near San Diego

People use all sorts of means to try smuggle drugs and other things into the United States. Now a twenty-five year old United States citizen has been charged for using a drone to try to smuggle a little over thirteen pounds of meth from Mexico into the Untied States.

According to the reports, Jorge Edwin Rivera told the police that he was using the drone to smuggle the drugs five or six times since march. Rivera told them that he usually delivered them to a nearby gas station to an accomplice in San Diego. According to the report, he was reportedly going to make around $1,000.

The Border Patrol agents in San Diego said that they actually saw the drone in flight on August 8th. They then were able to track it to Rivera which was around 2,000 yards away from the Mexican border. The police say that the agents found Rivera with the meth in an actual lunch box and a two foot drone hidden in a bush. Talk about a pretty sneaky operation. But, no matter how sneaky you think you are they usually always find ya.

In a recent report from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration said that drones aren’t usually used to smuggle drugs from Mexico due to the fact that they can only carry small loads of items. However, once the word gets out this way of transportation might become more and more common.

The trend started in 2015 when two people in California pleaded guilty for dropping twenty-eight pounds of heroin from a drone.

Drone’s are pretty noisey so police think that the drug smugglers will hopefully stay away from this means off  transportation as way to smuggle things. Plus the batter life of a drone isn’t that long, which could be pretty problematic when trying to hide from the police. The small loads also means small payloads, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Child Suffered From Severe Child Abuse in San Diego

Child abuse in any form is unforgivable. To think of someone harming a child is so mind boggling, but it happens. Daily.

Sadly, a poor child had to suffer from severe injuries day before succumbing to those injuries which included: extensive brain bleed, broken arm, and a burn to the bottom of her foot. How the heck does a toddler get this injured?

The eighteen month old little girl was named, Leah Brown-Meza. She died from the blunt force of the trauma, according to the Medical Examiner’s reports.

According to the police, the mother, Lillie Brown had reported that she woke up to find her young toddler unresponsive and then called for help.

Lillie Brown is a twenty-one year old woman and a member of the Viejas tribe. She’s now going to face her young life behind bars, with three counts of willful cruelty to a child with great bodily injury and/or death.

Lillie’s boyfriend, twenty-six year old, Kevin Foster, will also face similar charges. He will face charges of murder, assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily harm or death. He however was ordered to be held on a $2 million bail. Guess he won’t be sneaking off anytime soon.

According to the reports, the little girl had sadly suffered from at least three different injuries. How can someone hurt that innocent child? Poor baby girl.

The autopsy showed that there were several face and scalp bruises, abrasions and extensive and acute brain bleeding in several different parts of her little brain. Pretty much a hopeless waiting game at this point for the innocent little girl.

The report also showed that she suffered from “retinal and optic nerve hemorrhages” as well as other major damage to her central nervous system. As if that wasn’t enough for the little thing, she had blunt force trauma injuries to her back and chest. She even had second degree burns on the bottom of her foot, and a broken upper arm.

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Drug Findings in Phoenix

Drug Houses Found in Bust

Three suspected drug houses were raided and 10 people were arrested in a big drug sweep in El Mirage Wednesday morning.

El Mirage police, along with SWAT teams from DPS and MCSO served search warrants at three homes in the area.

Two homes were next door to each other; a third home was right across the street.

DPS believes the homes were sites of alleged gang, drug and prostitution activities.

“Especially in a smaller community, any time you can shut down three drug houses is phenomenal,” said one DPS detective. “It’s a huge impact in the community.”

Drug Informant

With the help of someone she didn’t know was an informant, records state, Acosta-Quintana transported the supplies to men whose job entails hiding in the desert for weeks on end.

She’s part of a group of 10 U.S. citizens and one Mexican national accused by the feds of running a sophisticated resupply operation for some of the “vast network” of cartel scouts.

In a complaint (below) and indictment made public last month, an assistant Arizona U.S. Attorney describes in detail how people employed by drug cartels allegedly brought food, fuel, and other supplies from Phoenix to the scouts.

The scouts’ job, in turn, was to guide marijuana smugglers through the Tohono O’odham Nation and into Arizona, making sure they stayed far away from law-enforcement officials.

Marijuana Bust

The February 28 federal indictment charges all 11 with a single count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

Records don’t state whether the suspects are Arizona residents or members of the Tohono O’odham tribe, but implies they mostly hail from metro Phoenix or the reservation.

The Native American reservation in southern Arizona, which shares a roughly 70-mile border with Mexico, has been a focal point in the new Trump administration immigration plan.

The tribe strongly opposes the construction of a border wall on its land. But its international border, which is marked in some places by barbed-wire fence or nothing at all, has for years been a sieve for smugglers.

Homeland Security Investigations began its probe of the group in October 2015, after a confidential source outlined much of the operation.

The bust, while noteworthy, may barely make a dent in the overall scout problem. Authorities occasionally target the scouts, like in the raid of a desert area near Arizona City last June.

However, going after the people who help the scouts has been difficult. One obstacle is that it’s not illegal to drive around with supplies or drop them off somewhere.

Drug Trafficking Case

The 15-page complaint in the case, which was filed in January and unsealed late last month, outlines in detail the feds’ case against the alleged conspirators.

Drug-trafficking organizations “utilize a vast network of scouts and scout helpers” to get the marijuana through the reservation, the complaint states.

Scouts are spread out all across what’s known as the “west desert corridor,” which runs roughly from State Route 286 to Yuma, and from the Mexican border to Interstate 8, where vehicles can pick up the pot loads.

Equipped with cell phones, binoculars, and digitally encrypted walkie-talkies, they take positions in hills and rocky outcrops, relaying information to load drivers and backpackers on foot.

For each group of smugglers that reaches their destination successfully, the scouts will be typically paid $500 to $1,000 apiece.

Secret Drugs

They’re hired to work through a “smuggling cycle” of eight to 12 weeks, but take vacations on Easter, Christmas, and Three Kings Day.

Within a group of scouts, one or more people will have specialized tasks, from scoping the area with binoculars to charging radios and cellphones to cooking.

The scouts need occasional drops of food, clothes, camping equipment, and other provisions in order to conduct their mission “without interruptions.”

That’s where the resupply personnel come in. They’re usually people who are familiar with the area because they live nearby.

The cartel gives “resupply members” vehicles, which these members sometimes re-title in their names, plus money to buy the supplies.

The complaint details a few dozen of the resupply operations.

The feds charge that on October 7, 2015, Maria Roxanna “Roxy” Acosta-Quintana was involved in one of them.

Feds Get Involved

They say she instructed the confidential source to drive an SUV to Acosta-Quintana’s mother’s house in Phoenix to Llanteria Michoacano’s #2, a tire shop at 44th Avenue and Indian School Road.

At the house, the informant received the keys to the SUV, which was pre-packed with six large, black trash bags full of supplies. Acosta-Quintana’s sedan was also packed with six bags of supplies.

Acosta-Quintana led her helper-informant to the tire shop, where a pickup truck was waiting. They loaded all 12 supply bags plus two spare tires into the truck.

The informant then hopped in the pickup and told the driver, an unidentified man, how to get to Arizona City near the Tohono nation.

Once at the intersection of Sunland Gin and Green Reservoir roads, “10 Hispanic males dressed in camouflage clothing came out from behind some bushes and were given the Ford pickup,” the complaint states.

Acosta-Quintana and the informant then returned to Phoenix.

 Drug Informant

In another example, the informant told officials how bags of supplies were taken directly to scouts working in the Sheridan Mountain Foothills, Castle Mountains, and Cimarron Mountains near Federal Route 34 on the reservation. In that same operation, the helpers took bags to the Tohono villages of Hikiwan and Kaka.

Resupply members often used the Walmart at 51st Avenue and Indian School Road to pick up supplies and exchange vehicles.

Border Patrol

Another resupply member, Fawn Eveningstar Manuel, was stopped in January 2016 by the U.S. Border Patrol. During the stop, Manuel admitted that she was taking bags of supplies in her SUV to Hikiwan “to assist with illegal alien smuggling occurring in the village of Hikiwan.”

As the investigation progressed, the feds tracked certain resupply vehicles to desert locations. In one such instance in January 2016, they found and arrested nine suspected smugglers with 473 pounds of marijuana.

Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, declined comment on the case.


The indicted U.S. citizens are:

• Maria Roxanna Acosta-Quintana

• Angelica Alvarado

• Nicole Havier

• Dora Carreras

• Fawn Eveningstar Manuel

• Annai Arlene Hernandez

• Jesus Gilberto Parra-Acosta

• Jackie Ann Garcia

• Antonio Pasqual Aguilar-Sanchez

• Lawrence Juan Jr.

• Andrew Ortega

Ruben Villegas-Acosta of Mexico was also indicted.




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Police Find Suspect in Deadly Armed Robbery

Police Identify the Robbery Shooter and Victim


On Tuesday night things got deadly dangerous when a shooting happened in East Phoenix. The police have now been able to identify the victim in the shooting.  The Police officers say that the had to respond to a call about an armed robbery around eight o’clock in the evening at 52nd and Van Buren streets.


The police found a female victim when they got to the scene. The victim told the Phoenix Officers that she had been on her cell phone outside of her apartment building when the suspect pulled out a gun and then pointed it at her while demanding her money. The suspect was a twenty-one year old male. When she told the suspect that she did not have any money things got even scarier for the victim. The suspect then pointed a gun at her and demanded that she take off her clothes and he also tried to get her to go back into her apartment. However, according to the police, the young woman used her brain. She was able to stall by fumbling with the lock. That luckily gave her enough time to get into her apartment and she was then able to lock herself inside and away from him. She then immediately called the police.


Officers Arrive to Shots Being Fired at Robbery Scene


When the responding police officers came to the robbery scene they could hear gunshots being fired. They found a gunshot victim at the scene. The gunshot victim died at the scene, he was twenty-one year old Juan Guerava-Martinez. Eye witnesses told the investigators that Juan was on his cell phone outside when he was shot. Juan was able to make it back to his apartment and then sadly collapsed.


The witnesses say that they did see the male gun shooting suspect take off running northbound from the scene, he still had his gun at the time. Luckily the local authorities were able to bring him into custody not long after the shooting. He was caught as he was trying to run down an alley. The Police were able to positively identify the suspect as well as the weapon used in both cases. The male suspect told the officer that he had been on a methamphetamine binge and had been high/using meth for around five days then. Officers brought him in and he was charged and jailed on first-degree murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robbery, as well as possession of a dangerous drug.



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Drug Traffickers Found a New Way to Smuggle Meth

Drug Traffickers Found a Way to Make Meth Liquid

The Police authorities say that drug traffickers now days are getting creative. They have found a way to disguise methamphetamine as a liquid so that they can smuggle it into the United States from Mexico.

They now seal the meth in Tequila bottles or plastic detergent containers so they can fool the border agents and the traffic officers. Once they arrive deep inside of the California’s Central Valley, which is a national distribution hub, the meth then cooks and convert into crystals…which happens to be the most sought-after form on the street.

Mike Prado with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigation’s Fresno unit said that the conversion labs are popping up all over the neighborhoods. As the result of a lab that had caused a house in the Fresno area to explode just two years ago. The explosion rattled the neighbors nerves.

Meth Labs are Creating Numerous Problems

Mike said that the labs are pretty dangerous due to the fact that they are hidden away and most cases are in densely populated apartment buildings and foreclosed homes in quiet neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods are family areas where the children could be playing in the street.