Sexual Assault Crimes

Man Sexually Abuses Young Women How can sex offenders go under the radar for so long? Does neighbors or someone not find them suspicious? Maybe not. However, in some cases people do notice and they call the authorities. A man has allegedly been sexually abusing a group of underage girls in Coolidge over a twenty… Continue reading Sexual Assault Crimes

Mother Arrested for Six Charges of Child Abuse

Phoenix Mother Arrested For Child Abuse New details have emerged in a case against Phoenix resident Alejandrina Angel Flores, 27, arrested last week. She was also charged with six counts of child abuse. According to court documents, the Phoenix Police Department received a call from Flores’ sister last Thursday about a domestic-violence situation at Flores’… Continue reading Mother Arrested for Six Charges of Child Abuse

Arizona Child Cruelty Cases

Phoenix Police Detective Faces Child Abuse Charges When you think of a police officer, you mainly think of hero. You never dream of them being involved in child abuse. However that isn’t always the case.  According to the reports a former Phoenix Police detective and his wife are now going to face charges for their… Continue reading Arizona Child Cruelty Cases

Severe Child Abuse in Phoenix

Phoenix Man Leaves Child in Hot Car Sadly children are usually the ones who suffer the most now days. Child abuse records are higher than ever and now a Phoenix father is going to be sent to trial for his connection in the 2015 death of his two year old little boy. Reports say that… Continue reading Severe Child Abuse in Phoenix

Serious Child Abuse Cases in Phoenix

Arizona Woman Convicted for Child Abuse So as a child everyone remembers the fun of playing in a plastic container or cardboard box. However, for one innocent child, it didn’t turn out so fun. An Arizona woman is being convicted of first degree murder for the death of her ten year old cousin. Her ten… Continue reading Serious Child Abuse Cases in Phoenix