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Arizona Child Cruelty Cases

Phoenix Police Detective Faces Child Abuse Charges

When you think of a police officer, you mainly think of hero. You never dream of them being involved in child abuse. However that isn’t always the case.  According to the reports a former Phoenix Police detective and his wife are now going to face charges for their connection with the death of a man’s young daughter.

The little girl, seven year old, Sanna Cunningham sadly died in Februrary 2017 however Germayn and Lis Cunningham weren’t indicted on the child abuse charges until several months later. On January 2nd they were finally arraigned on those charges.

In Court, thirty-seven year old Germayne, pleaded not guilty to a count of First Degree Murder as well as 11 counts of Felony Child Abuse. Lisa had a hard time breathing so couldn’t make the arraignment due to being taken to the local hospital. The arraignment was postponed by a judge.

Prosecutors asked that Cunningham be taken into custody and held on a $1 million bond.

Prosecutor Joshua Clark’s Statement:

There has been information circulated that he cashed out his retirement, meaning he has the means to flee or leave the state.

The judge had other plans though, Cunningham could remain a free man but must wear a tracking monitor.

The Goodyear Police continued to investigate the case and found that Germayne and stepmother Lisa had abused and neglected the child since at least June 2016. The Court documents showed that they allegedly forced the young girl to sleep outside and restrained her with zip ties. They even locked her in the garage and laundry room.

According to The Department of Child Safety, there were multiple visits made to the family’s home over the last several months however there wasn’t ever enough evidence to justify taking Sanna from the home.

However, the Cunninghams are being indicted by a grand jury on 10 counts of child abuse and one first degree murder charge.

Germanyne Cunningham was with the Phoenix Police Department for 12 years before he resigned in September. It’s not known if the Goodyear Police investigation into his daughter’s death had anything to do with why he left the force.

Couple Arrested for Child Abuse Case

How can anyone willingly hurt a anyone let alone an innocent child? As a parent this is one of the most unthinkable things.

Now a Lake Havasu City man has been arrested and charged with child abuse after a two year old girl had to be hospitalized due to life threatening injuries.

Police and fire crews had to respond to a report of a female child who wasn’t breathing. This happened in the 2800 block of Appletree Drive. The little girl was immediately transported to the local hospital. Officials said that based on the circumstances and at first observations that the detectives with the Lake Havasu City Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit started an investigation.

Police say that the girl’s father, twenty-one year old, Andrew J. Lamorie was charged with child abuse per domestic violence, aggravated assault per domestic violence, child neglect, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Sounds like he’ll be spending some time in jail.

The poor child remains in critical condition and is struggling with his or her life threatening injuries.

Cover Up Abuse

The daycare owner at the center of a child abuse cover-up at his Phoenix facility was sentenced in court on Tuesday.

Ruben Sandoval served two days in jail prior to sentencing and will not get any additional jail time if he completes a year of probation and pays a $950 fine. He is also required to complete 130 hours of community service.

Sandoval owns Brighter Angels Learning Center near Central Avenue and Baseline Road, as well as several other locations around the state.

Man Convicted of Child Abuse

He was convicted of covering up child abuse after a 21-month-old boy was smacked in the face with a broomstick by an employee back in February. He was also accused of seeing surveillance video of the multiple strikes. But, Sandoval allegedly told the employee to not talk to police and drafted a note to the victim’s mother saying the boy tripped and fell instead.

Three employees, including Sandoval were convicted of abuse or covering up abuse.

However, the Arizona Department of Health Services decided the facility was able to stay open. This also comes after ABC15 uncovered more than 35 additional citations that were handed down to the daycare since the abuse occurred.

Sandoval is also still able to run all the facilities in the state, despite his conviction in Phoenix City Court.

Toddler Who Was Abused Has Now Passed Away

According to court documents, the doctors at a Valley hospital found that a little four year old girl suffered severe brain and spinal injuries and signs of sexual abuse.

Sadly the little girl died just a few days later.

Police said that twenty-four year old, Major Aaron Murry admitted to striking the little girl after she spilled some milk. At the time of the initial hearing the Judge said that the little girl may or may not survive her horrible injuries.

Initial reports say that Murry was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of child abuse.

Babysitter Child Abuse

Murry was trusted to watch over the little girl while her mother was at work. However that didn’t work out so well for the poor child. Murry admitted to becoming angry at the girl and then hitting her when she spilled milk near his Xbox video game system. The hit caused her to fall and hit her head.

The court documents say that Murry went to lay the girl down for a nap and when he later checked on her she was unresponsive. He told the police he tried to revive her.

According to the Doctor reports the girl had bruising on her ear, forehead and face and other injuries to her little spine.



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