Parents Arrested for Death of Three Year Old Daughter

Parents Arrested for Gruesome Death of Their Daughter   Most parents are overwhelmed with love and happiness when they become parents. The day that the bundle of joy arrives changes your life forever. It’s no longer just about you, you literally have to take care of another human being for at least eighteen years. Most… Continue reading Parents Arrested for Death of Three Year Old Daughter

Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Cases

Former MLB Star Arrested for Dispute Former MLB All-Star Albert Belle was arrested Sunday in Scottsdale on suspicion of driving under the influence and indecent exposure after police say he urinated in the parking lot of a Scottsdale soccer stadium. Police said one of the people he exposed himself to was a juvenile. Belle was arrested… Continue reading Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Cases

Investigating Homicide Cases

Police Still Searching for Homicide Suspects Even though it’s been more than a year since a security guard has lost his life due to being shot and killed, police are still trying to find justice for the fallen security guard’s death. The security guard had been killed outside of an West Phoenix apartment complex. Police are still… Continue reading Investigating Homicide Cases

Human Trafficking Near Phoenix

86 Found in Human Trafficking Incident The Phoenix Police Department along with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton announced Thursday their completion of a recent vice operation. According to officials, the completion of the recent human trafficking operation resulted in 86 criminal arrests in just 10 days. Undercover detectives opened a massage parlor and arrested patrons who wanted… Continue reading Human Trafficking Near Phoenix

Homicide Cases All Throughout Phoenix

Fatal Phoenix Shootings Crime is growing extremely fast. Instead of getting better and growing together, the country keeps getting more and more divided. While some hoped that President Trump’s presidential victory would bring the nation together for better American jobs, less crime, and less illegals it’s also brought a huge segregation against the people of… Continue reading Homicide Cases All Throughout Phoenix

Odd Homicide Cases Severe Victims

Driver Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds After Crashing into Home   The Phoenix police have found the driver of a vehicle. The driver was found dead and the cause was gunshot wounds. He was found after the car crashed into a Phoenix home on Tuesday night. According to a Phoenix Police spokesman, Officer James Holmes,… Continue reading Odd Homicide Cases Severe Victims