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Parents Arrested for Death of Three Year Old Daughter

Parents Arrested for Gruesome Death of Their Daughter


Most parents are overwhelmed with love and happiness when they become parents. The day that the bundle of joy arrives changes your life forever. It’s no longer just about you, you literally have to take care of another human being for at least eighteen years. Most parents would gladly do so. However, that isn’t always the case.

The parents of a three year old girl have now been arrested after the gruesome death of their poor child. The little girl was found severely beaten and malnourished on Saturday. The little girl weighed in at just fifteen pounds. The authorities came after a 911 call from the little girl’s uncle.

The police report stated that the paramedics were called to a home near U.S. 60 and Dysart Road. That is when they found the poor child, “completely unresponsive…with no signs of life”.  How truly tragic this is. I hope whoever did this gets what they deserve and that they feel the hunger and pain that this poor baby felt.

The little girl was later identified as Alexandra. She was later declared dead at the Del Webb Hospital.

Her parents, Carlos T. Cruz who is twenty-eight years old, and thirty-six year old Rosemary Velazco are now facing child abuse charges, as well as murder charges, depending on what the investigation proves.

The Surprise Police Department report stated that the little girl’s body had bruises and lacerations in various stages of healing. There was evidence of sexual abuse as well as a one-inch cut to her little forehead that exposed her skull, she also probably had a broken knee. What kind of monsters does this to anyone?! Especially a defenseless child?!


Police Search Parent’s Home of Little Girl’s Death


After serving a search warrant at the home, the police said that they had found the girl as well as her six year old older brother (who was unharmed, luckily). The also found out that the children both lived in the same room as their parents.

The little girl’s bed was wobbly and made out of “about eight pieces of small wood” which was only two foot by two foot big, according to the report. There was a paint can in the room that the authorities believed was the children’s toilet.

The conditions that these children survived in was heartbreaking. The police also said that the bedroom door did not have a handle, however they used a padlock that they had installed and could only be opened and locked from the outside of the door. The key to the lock was put up where the children could not reach it. Those poor children.

Most families care about the children’s needs before their own, however not in this home. The no count parents made sure to stock their freezer with plenty of beer but the detectives said that there was very little food in the refrigerator.

The police of course interviewed the couple and in the “mother’s” interview she claimed that her husband had an anger problem and “would lose his temper with the children when he became frustrated”.  Ok, fair enough…why didn’t you leave? Your children’s safety should always be the number one priority.

The police report also suggested that the father would actually beat the little girl with one of his two belts. The report also said that he ” didn’t care where the belt struck the girl’s body”.

The father, who only speaks Spanish, told the police investigator that he was not aware of the little girl’s injuries. He also claimed to “not knowing the truth” and told the authorities to “ask his wife”.

The mother also had more to tell the authorities saying that she would also whip the girl, however she would “measure her strength” so that the girl wouldn’t be knocked down. Right, because a little three year old needs to be spanked constantly.

The six year old little boy has been placed in a licensed foster home according to the Department of Child Services.

The bond for the Cruz and for Velazco was set for $500,000.

Both parents could face murder charges, it just depends on how the investigation goes and what pops up.

Criminal Defense Cases

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Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Cases

Former MLB Star Arrested for Dispute

Former MLB All-Star Albert Belle was arrested Sunday in Scottsdale on suspicion of driving under the influence and indecent exposure after police say he urinated in the parking lot of a Scottsdale soccer stadium.

Police said one of the people he exposed himself to was a juvenile.

Belle was arrested outside of the Phoenix Rising Stadium just after 10:30 p.m., according to a probable cause statement. He has since been released on his own recognizance.

A man told Salt River police his 15-year-old daughter had witnessed Belle urinating next to the driver’s side door of his car in the parking lot, the report said. The man proceeded to yell at Belle, who responded by shaking his genitals at the father and daughter, court records show.

Officers said Belle had bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled like alcohol, police wrote in the report. Belle admitted to having a verbal altercation with the man, but denied urinating in public. He also told police he had driven his car, the statement said.

Officers noticed two separate wet spots in the parking lot next to where the car was parked, according to the report.

Belle was booked into a Maricopa County jail on suspicion of two counts of indecent exposure, driving under the influence and DUI with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or higher.

The 51-year-old was a five-time All-Star with the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles from 1989 to 2000. A hip problem forced him to retire at 34.

Belle has been a relatively controversial figure for a variety of incidents both on and off the field, from using a corked bat in 1994 to allegedly chasing down teenagers who egged his house on Halloween. In 2006, Belle pleaded guilty to stalking his former girlfriend and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years of supervised probation.

Man Cut From Seahawks for Domestic Dispute

The Seattle Seahawks quickly cut quarterback Trevone Boykin after a domestic violence accusation earlier this week, and Boykin was arrested and charged for the incident on Wednesday.

WFAA in Dallas said Boykin, a former TCU star who had been with the Seahawks since they signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2016, was arrested and charged for assaulting his girlfriend. WFAA, citing a police news release, said detectives found surveillance video at Boykin’s home that showed “what appeared to be an assault that occurred inside the residence.” Boykin was charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, according to WFAA. That’s a second-degree felony punishable by 2-20 years in prison, WFAA said.

Boykin’s girlfriend claimed to WFAA this week that Boykin had broken her jaw.

Police Sgt. William Yale’s Statement:

Basically [detectives] were able to confirm the assault occurred after reviewing the video.

According to the Associated Press, Boykin has denied the allegations. Boykin was in Tarrant County Jail overnight Wednesday and bail had not been set in his case as of Thursday afternoon, WFAA reported.

Boykin’s Girlfriend, Shabrika Bailey’s Statement:

So he goes into a choke. I remember him choking me and I’m trying to calm him down. And I just couldn’t. And I blacked out. I just couldn’t calm him down at all.

Boykin was Russell Wilson’s backup in 2016, then was on Seattle’s practice squad and didn’t appear in a game in 2017.

Man Arrested for Child Abuse

A Tucson man with a history of abuse and neglect allegations is facing charges in the death of his 3-month-old daughter, authorities said.

The Tucson Police Department said Terry Bruner, 26, has been arrested on one count of first-degree murder and five counts of child abuse.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety said Miracle Bruner was transported to the hospital Oct. 27, 2017.

Miracle had “extensive injuries, including retinal hemorrhages and head trauma,” according to DCS. She died Nov. 3 and Bruner was arrested.

According to case documents filed in the Pima County Superior Court, the interim complaint shows the types of trauma the 3-month-old girl went through.

Domestic Child Abuse

The complaint said Bruner first called 911 on Oct. 27, 2017. He indicated, “his 3-month-old daughter, Miracle Bruner, went limp and stopped breathing.”

The child was transported to Tucson Medical Center by the Tucson Fire Department, “where she arrived pulseless,” the complaint stated. Doctors worked on Miracle and Tucson Police Department detectives responded to continue the investigation.

One day later, on Oct. 28, an MRI scan was done on Miracle’s brain. The complaint states the 3-month-old had, “subdural hematomas, edema (swelling of the brain), Ischemia (inadequate blood supply to the brain) which were all indicative of abusive head trauma consistent with non-accidental trauma also referred to as shaken baby syndrome.”

That same day an X-Ray was done on Miracle and revealed 10 healing rib fractures and fractured bones in her legs.

Bruner admitted to detectives that he takes care of Miracle while the child’s mother works nights and sleeps during the day.

Complaint Read:

He admitted he may have soothed the baby in a rough manner or picked her up too fast by one arm in a rough manner or swaddled her too tight but denied ever shaking the baby at any time and could not explain how the injuries or burns occurred.


A jail phone call, revealed in the complaint, between Bruner and Miracle’s mother shed light on his distress at the time. When she told Terry Bruner of the extent of the injuries to Miracle he stated, “What did I do! What did I do!”

DCS said it investigated Bruner two times since 2011.

In May 2011, Bruner was accused of abusing two young children in the home where he lived. DCS said the allegations were unsubstantiated and the case was closed.

In August 2017, Miracle’s mother was accused of neglect. DCS said Miracle’s mother was receiving “services in the community to address her needs” and the case was closed.

There were no other children in Bruner’s home at the time of the incident, according to DCS.

The Pima County Superior Court schedule shows Bruner is scheduled to be back in court Thursday, March 29. The public defender he was assigned for an active felony domestic violence case does not have a contract with Pima County to defend individuals charged with First Degree Murder.

Jury trial is expected to begin in September 2018, court records show.


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Investigating Homicide Cases

Police Still Searching for Homicide Suspects

Even though it’s been more than a year since a security guard has lost his life due to being shot and killed, police are still trying to find justice for the fallen security guard’s death. The security guard had been killed outside of an West Phoenix apartment complex. Police are still needing helping identifying two suspects.

The Phoenix Police officers found fifty-nine year old, Jeffery Bellemare, suffering from gunshot wounds. This was on November 29, 2013 at the Graybriar Condominiums. This is near the 53rd Avenue and Indian School Road. Sadly, Bellemare died at the scene.

Police Searching for Two Suspects in Security Guard’s Shooting

According to the police, there was a man and a woman that could be seen running from the area. They fled into an older model sedan vehicle. Police have released sketches of what the two suspects might look like. They hope that someone in the public would be willing to come forth if they know these people, or someone might have seen them around, just anything to go on really.

Police say that the vehicle had a vinyl top and could have been damaged in the front-end due to a front end incident that was prior to the shooting. The Phoenix Police said that the detectives have been working on this case for quite some time. It must be awful hard on these officers, not having much to go on.

If anyone has any information about the shooting or could possibly identify the two suspects, please do so. You can contact the Silent Witness program at 480-WITNESS or even the Phoenix Police Department.  If that was a friend of yours or a loved one, you would want justice. The fallen security guard’s family definitely deserves some justice and peace of mind over this. So, please help if you can.

Wrong Way Crash Ends Up in Homicide Case

Authorities say a Utah man has been arrested in connection with a wrong-way crash in western Arizona that killed three California women in another vehicle.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials say 49-year-old Dana Michael Cavanaugh of Washington, Utah, has been booked into jail on suspicion of homicide.

They’re still trying to determine if Cavanaugh was driving impaired at the time of Saturday’s crash on Interstate 10 east of Quartzsite.

It was unclear Monday if Cavanaugh has an attorney yet.

DPS officials say a vehicle entered the interstate going the wrong way and traveled about 500 feet before colliding head-on with another car.

A 55-year-old woman and two 31-year-old women were killed.

They are identified as: Caitlin M. Cascella, 31; Christine A. Bradbury, 31; and Susan C. Bradbury, 55 all from Riverside, Calif.

Mother Faces Homicide Charges

The mother of two children found dead inside a car in Superior has been arrested on homicide charges, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office says.

PCSO says a 2-year-old boy and 10-month-old girl were found strapped to car seats inside a car Monday night near U.S. 60 and Mary Drive.

Both of the children are dead.

The children’s mother, 20-year-old Brittany Velasquez, faces two counts of murder, according to the sheriff’s office.

PCSO’s Statement:

Evidence on scene indicated foul play.

Officials from the Superior Police Department said officers had been out to Velasquez’s home seven or eight times throughout the past few years, including a January incident that was reported to the Department of Child Safety.

DCS confirmed that it had two prior reports of neglect involving Velasquez and her children: In January and in October 2016. Neither instance resulted in action from DCS, which concluded there was no evidence of abuse or neglect despite having concerns about Velasquez’s mental health.

The sheriff’s office is still investigating.

Prison Homicide

A Tucson-area man serving a 22-year sentence for a double murder has died in state prison in what authorities say is a suspected homicide.

Charlie M. Wooden, 34, was found unresponsive in his assigned bunk Monday night at a medium security state prison complex in Buckeye, authorities said. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Arizona Department of Corrections investigators “suspect foul play was involved and have identified potential suspects,” the department said in a news release Tuesday.

Arizona Department Statement:

While the investigation is ongoing, the department intends to fully pursue criminal prosecution in this case.

Wooden was sentenced to prison in 2017 for two counts of second-degree murder in the 2013 deaths of Vanessa Buster, 22, and Pluma-Blanca Jose manual Navarro Cazares, 23.

The victims were residents of Three Points west of Tucson. Wooden also was known to have lived in the Three Points area, and well as in the Drexel Heights area, according to Star archives.

Homicide Suspect

Two Flagstaff men were arrested Thursday after a woman was shot and killed Wednesday night in east Flagstaff, Flagstaff Police Department officials said.

Kinsey Beebe, 19, was found shot and in critical condition Wednesday night when officers responded to a call about shots fired near the 1900 block of east Arrowhead Avenue at approximately 11:30 p.m., Flagstaff Police spokesman Sgt. Cory Runge said in a press release.

Beebe was transported to Flagstaff Medical Center, where she died of her injuries.

Approximately half an hour after Beebe was found shot, police receive another call of shots fired in the area of North Sanford Place and North Miranda Way, Runge said. Police determined it had been a drive-by shooting at an occupied residential structure, but no one was injured.

First Degree Murder

At 2 a.m. Thursday, Adonis Encinas Velarde, 20, turned himself in and was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, kidnapping, disorderly conduct with a weapon, discharging a weapon in city limits, drive-by shooting of an occupied structure, and assisting a criminal street gang, Runge said.

Velarde told police he witnessed the murder of Beebe and was the person who fired the gun in the drive-by shooting, Runge said.

At approximately 8:45 a.m. Thursday, Abraham Puentes Ortiz, 22, was found and arrested at the 700 block of South Blackbird Roost. He was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, kidnapping, disorderly conduct with a weapon, discharging a weapon in city limits, drive-by shooting of an occupied structure, and assisting a criminal street gang, Runge said.

Ortiz told police he shot Beebe three times and drove the vehicle in the drive-by shooting, Runge said.

Police Investigate Homicide

The men allegedly told police they had been drinking with Beebe at the 1900 block of east Arrowhead Avenue. During their time there, the men went outside and fired one shot from an altered Ruger handgun with the serial number removed, Runge said.

Beebe confronted the men about the shooting because there were other people inside the house. The men then placed the gun inside the home and went for a walk. When they returned, they found out Beebe had hidden the gun. The three got in an argument and Beebe made a phone call, Runge said.

Ortiz, who was armed with a Glock handgun, shot Beebe in the head and neck three times, Runge said.

The men fled the scene in a minivan, which had an AR-15 rifle inside, Runge said. Velarde fired a gun at an occupied structure during the drive away from where Beebe was murdered.

Velarde then fled from Ortiz because he believed Ortiz would kill him next, Runge said. Velarde then surrendered himself to police.

When police located Ortiz, he was armed with a Glock handgun and police located an AR-15 in his residence.

Police believe they have arrested all suspects in the case and there is no ongoing threat to the public, Runge said.



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Human Trafficking Near Phoenix

86 Found in Human Trafficking Incident

The Phoenix Police Department along with Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton announced Thursday their completion of a recent vice operation. According to officials, the completion of the recent human trafficking operation resulted in 86 criminal arrests in just 10 days.

Undercover detectives opened a massage parlor and arrested patrons who wanted them to perform sexual acts.

The arrests occurred last December near the area of 7th Street and Greenway Road.

The suspects were men and their ages ranged from 22 to 78 years.

Mayor Stanton said that the task force has made the city get tougher on enforcement.

Mayor Stanton’s Statement:

That’s why we created the human trafficking task force four years ago. To bring together outstanding community leaders, partners, to offer our city resources and to make sure we are taking the lead on ending human trafficking in our community.

Mayor Stanton added that the task force is turning the city of Phoenix “into a national model for combating human trafficking.”

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said the arrests were a reminder of what a huge impact sex trafficking has on the community.

Chief Jeri Williams Statement:

It’s a global issue, but that’s not stopping us in the city from taking advantages that we have in our partnerships and Councilman (Jim) Waring alluded to this a little bit, every arrest counts.

Phoenix police say they’ll continue with these investigations and arrest “anyone participating in this criminal behavior.”

Mayor Stanton said that if the public sees something, they should say something and call the national hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

Traffickers Arrested

Four Arizona juveniles have been rescued from sex trafficking through the FBI’s Operation Cross Country XI, according to officials.

Seven alleged Arizona traffickers were arrested during the four-day nationwide effort that focused on underage human trafficking. Nationally, 84 minors were rescued and 120 suspected traffickers were arrested.

Michael Caputo’s (Special Agent) Statement:

This crime has no boundaries and can impact any child, of any race or ethnicity, anywhere from large cities to small-town communities.

the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Phoenix Police Department helped rescue the four juveniles. In total, nine Arizona police departments and four sheriff’s offices were involved in the operation.

This is the 11th iteration of Operation Cross Country and involved 55 field offices and 78 local and state task forces across the U.S.

As part of the operation, the FBI and task-force agents set up in hotels, casinos, truck stops, street corners and websites to try and rescue juveniles. The average age of victims was 15 years old and the youngest victim was 3 months old, the FBI reports.

Examples of stories the FBI released detail undercover agents being offered sexual favors from friends of a minor’s family or online advertisements. One agent was asked to pay $600.

Minors rescued in the operation are offered assistance from state protective services and the FBI’s Victim Services Division. Victims who require more attention are offered medical care and mental-health counseling.

The FBI said it contacted 86 adult victims in Arizona and offered resources.

Operation Cross Country began as part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative, which was founded in 2003.

 Two Arrested In Trafficking Case

Police have arrested two men accused of child sex trafficking multiple victims in Arizona and Texas.

Mesa police say 24-year-old Oshay Small and 21-year-old Cornelius Wells were arrested near Metro Center Mall following a five-month investigation into the sexual exploitation and trafficking of 15-year-old girls through the website

Police say the suspects first contacted the victims through Facebook and began exploiting them several days later. The victims left home and were reported as runaways while they were being exploited, according to police.

Investigators say an additional juvenile female and two adult females were also being exploited and some of the victims were transported to Tucson and El Paso, Texas.

The suspects allegedly used to advertise and locate buyers, and they received proceeds from exploiting the victims.

Mesa police detectives located the suspects at a hotel near Metro Center Mall where they were taken into custody. An adult female victim was with the suspects at the time of their arrest.

Sex Trafficking Victim

Both suspects face multiple counts of child sex trafficking.

Small is being held on $75,000 bond and Wells is being held on $50,000 bond.

If you have any information on someone being trafficked, you’re asked to contact your local police department or the National Human Trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or

Federal Crimes

In the United States, a Federal Crime or Federal Offense is an act that is made illegal by U.S. Federal legislation. In the United States, criminal law and prosecution happen at both the federal and state levels; thus a “federal crime” is one that is prosecuted under federal criminal law, and not under a state’s criminal law, under which most of the crimes committed in the United States are prosecuted. Whether a crime is considered Federal or State jurisdiction often depends on the location of the crime and where it falls within US State or territory lines. Numerous federal agencies have been granted powers to investigate federal offenses to include, but are not limited to the ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE, IRS, and the Secret Service. Federal crimes may include:


  • Tax Evasion
  • Possession of Weapons Banned by the National Firearms Act
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Mail Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Aircraft Hijacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Bank Robbery
  • Child Pornography
  • Art Theft
  • Damaging or Destroying Public Mailboxes
  • Immigration Offenses
  • The Assassination or Attempted Assassination of the President or Vice President
  • Drug-Related Offenses


Difference Between Federal and State Cases

It is important to understand that federal criminal cases are different from state cases. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines provide courts with significant guidance in such cases. Federal drug cases often involve mandatory prison sentences, as stated above. In addition, federal prosecutors often wait until they have a very strong case before bringing charges, so the government may have considerable evidence it intends to use against you at any potential future trial.

Schedule a Free Consultation – Phoenix Federal Crimes Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been accused of a federal crime, contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Consultation. With a wealth of expertise, a commitment to integrity and a passion for defense, the Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC – Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers – are here to support you with your case. We believe every defendant has the right to a solid defense. Call us today for a free initial consultation at 480-351-6445.


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Homicide Cases All Throughout Phoenix

Fatal Phoenix Shootings

Crime is growing extremely fast. Instead of getting better and growing together, the country keeps getting more and more divided. While some hoped that President Trump’s presidential victory would bring the nation together for better American jobs, less crime, and less illegals it’s also brought a huge segregation against the people of the world.

In Phoenix, a one man crime spree caused havoc on Sunday night. There were two shootings, which ended in death. There was two other shootings, a pair of carjackings, a car chase as well as a self inflicted fatal gunshot wound.

James Holmes who is a Phoenix Police officer said that the Monday investigators had not came up with a motive and that the shooting seemed to be random violence. It occurred at a Motel 6 near Interstate 17  and Northern Avenue.

The suspect was identified as twenty-eight year old, Daterryn McBride. He had to be hospitalized for a gunshot wound and he later died. According to the reports, he had a criminal history.

McBride had shot and killed forty-four year old, Brian Harris as well as forty-four year old, Robert Sykes. He shot them around 10:30 p.m.  There was a clerk that was also shot and is in critical condition.

Phoenix Police Search for Suspect

McBride fled the scene on foot, but not before he shot two people who were just sitting in a pickup truck in a parking lot. The two people were able to drive to a nearby convenience store at 27th and Northern Avenues and were able to get a hold of the police. The pair was treated at the scene.

According to the report, McBride ran into an apartment complex near 27th and Northern avenues. During his flee, he took a man hostage and stole his car as the man’s wife and infant watched. McBride then fled down I-17.

Holmes Statement:

That man got in the car, allowing himself to be kidnapped and wasn’t shot. I can’t imagine the terror he felt.

The car then broke down and McBride left it and then carjacked another victim. He then crashed that car near 16th Street and University Drive in Phoenix.

Police say that McBride then got out of the car and ran into a nearby field. Once in the field, he shot himself.

Criminal Defense Cases

If you have been charged with murder, the attorney you choose to defend you will likely be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Obtaining a strong defense could be the difference between freedom and a life behind bars.

At the Phoenix based Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, you will find the experienced, dedicated and highly skilled trial attorneys you need to protect your rights. Each of our attorneys made a conscious decision to become a criminal defense lawyer. We could have chosen any other field of law, but defending the freedom and liberty of people who are facing the possibility of incarceration was our first choice. We believe strongly that skilled and passionate defense attorneys can make a difference in the lives of their clients. We go into every case feeling that we can make that difference.

Hiring the Right Homicide Lawyer in Phoenix

Having a skilled homicide defense attorney is important in any criminal case, but it is even more critical in a murder case. To properly defend a client against a murder charge, a defense lawyer must be prepared to effectively challenge the prosecution’s evidence. To do so, a Phoenix Murder Defense Attorney must be prepared to effectively cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, including any expert witnesses.

Expert Witnesses

In some cases, a Phoenix Homicide Defense Attorney may need to use expert witnesses on behalf of the defendant to challenge forensic evidence, ballistics evidence and other scientific evidence presented by the prosecution. We are prepared to do so and have worked with expert witnesses in the past to provide a vigorous defense on our clients’ behalf.

In addition to fighting your charges at trial (or seeking a case dismissal for lack of probable cause), we can also negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable plea agreement. A plea agreement might involve a plea to a lesser offense or an agreement on sentencing that will significantly reduce the penalties you face.

Homicide Defense Strategy

We will take the time to talk to witnesses, investigate what really happened in your case, understand what evidence is in the prosecution’s possession, look for holes in the prosecution’s case, and determine if the police violated your constitutional rights or made other critical errors that can be used to your advantage.

We are committed to raising a strong and comprehensive defense on your behalf. Depending on the facts of your case, the following defenses and strategies may be helpful:

  • Self-Defense
  • Insanity
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Suppression of Evidence
  • Challenging DNA, Fingerprint Evidence and other Forensic Evidence
  • Challenging Ballistics Evidence (Relating to Firearms and Bullets)
  • Challenging the Reliability of an Eyewitness
  • Challenging Whether the Evidence Sustains a Murder Conviction
  • Negotiation with the Prosecution to Determine if a Plea Agreement Could

Significantly Minimize the Charges or Penalties you Face

We have defended clients against murder charges and other felony violent crimes. You can be confident that you will have a highly skilled and dedicated defense lawyer who will advise you of your rights, help explain the process and work diligently to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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Odd Homicide Cases Severe Victims

Driver Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds After Crashing into Home


The Phoenix police have found the driver of a vehicle. The driver was found dead and the cause was gunshot wounds. He was found after the car crashed into a Phoenix home on Tuesday night.

According to a Phoenix Police spokesman, Officer James Holmes, the Phoenix police were called to the home near 20th Street and South Mountain Avenue around ten,thirty in the evening on Tuesday. This was after a resident had called and said a car had driven into a home.

Gunshot Victim Found Dead

The investigators found the thirty-six year old man inside of the car. The man was dead. Officer Holmes said that they realized after examining the man that he had a gunshot wound. Police have not identified the victim at this time.

According to Officer Holmes, no one else was in the vehicle when it had went through the home’s garage and then into the bedroom of the home. A woman and her boyfriend were however, inside of the home at the time of the crash. They luckily did not suffer from any injuries.

Blanca Fernandez was in her bedroom when she hear a large crash. She though someone had broken into their home so she immediately ran into her daughter’s bedroom, however she could barely see anything because the furniture had been pushed so far back into the room.

Blanca Fernandez Statement:

We went outside, and that’s when we saw the vehicle completely through the garage in her bedroom.


Blanca lives in the house with two daughters. The girls are four years old and an eighteen year old. Luckily both girls weren’t home at the time of the crash. The car had hit an armoire in the four year old’s bedroom. The impact moved it into the bed then that pushed the rest of the furniture into the doorway.


 Fernandez Statement:

Had she been home, she would have been sitting there when it happened.


The investigation happened after the crash and lasted until around four o’clock that next morning. Fernandez was not allowed in her house while the investigation was going on since it was now a crime scene. The authorities finally removed the body and the vehicle then called in a clean up crew to clean the garage.

The police say that no one had witnessed the shooting and there was no motive or a suspect at this time. However there was one resident who reported that they had heard shots fired in the area.

Police are asking anyone with any information about this case to call Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.

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