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Parents Arrested for Death of Three Year Old Daughter

Parents Arrested for Gruesome Death of Their Daughter


Most parents are overwhelmed with love and happiness when they become parents. The day that the bundle of joy arrives changes your life forever. It’s no longer just about you, you literally have to take care of another human being for at least eighteen years. Most parents would gladly do so. However, that isn’t always the case.

The parents of a three year old girl have now been arrested after the gruesome death of their poor child. The little girl was found severely beaten and malnourished on Saturday. The little girl weighed in at just fifteen pounds. The authorities came after a 911 call from the little girl’s uncle.

The police report stated that the paramedics were called to a home near U.S. 60 and Dysart Road. That is when they found the poor child, “completely unresponsive…with no signs of life”.  How truly tragic this is. I hope whoever did this gets what they deserve and that they feel the hunger and pain that this poor baby felt.

The little girl was later identified as Alexandra. She was later declared dead at the Del Webb Hospital.

Her parents, Carlos T. Cruz who is twenty-eight years old, and thirty-six year old Rosemary Velazco are now facing child abuse charges, as well as murder charges, depending on what the investigation proves.

The Surprise Police Department report stated that the little girl’s body had bruises and lacerations in various stages of healing. There was evidence of sexual abuse as well as a one-inch cut to her little forehead that exposed her skull, she also probably had a broken knee. What kind of monsters does this to anyone?! Especially a defenseless child?!


Police Search Parent’s Home of Little Girl’s Death


After serving a search warrant at the home, the police said that they had found the girl as well as her six year old older brother (who was unharmed, luckily). The also found out that the children both lived in the same room as their parents.

The little girl’s bed was wobbly and made out of “about eight pieces of small wood” which was only two foot by two foot big, according to the report. There was a paint can in the room that the authorities believed was the children’s toilet.

The conditions that these children survived in was heartbreaking. The police also said that the bedroom door did not have a handle, however they used a padlock that they had installed and could only be opened and locked from the outside of the door. The key to the lock was put up where the children could not reach it. Those poor children.

Most families care about the children’s needs before their own, however not in this home. The no count parents made sure to stock their freezer with plenty of beer but the detectives said that there was very little food in the refrigerator.

The police of course interviewed the couple and in the “mother’s” interview she claimed that her husband had an anger problem and “would lose his temper with the children when he became frustrated”.  Ok, fair enough…why didn’t you leave? Your children’s safety should always be the number one priority.

The police report also suggested that the father would actually beat the little girl with one of his two belts. The report also said that he ” didn’t care where the belt struck the girl’s body”.

The father, who only speaks Spanish, told the police investigator that he was not aware of the little girl’s injuries. He also claimed to “not knowing the truth” and told the authorities to “ask his wife”.

The mother also had more to tell the authorities saying that she would also whip the girl, however she would “measure her strength” so that the girl wouldn’t be knocked down. Right, because a little three year old needs to be spanked constantly.

The six year old little boy has been placed in a licensed foster home according to the Department of Child Services.

The bond for the Cruz and for Velazco was set for $500,000.

Both parents could face murder charges, it just depends on how the investigation goes and what pops up.

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