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From Meth to Child Abuse San Diego Doesn’t Lack Diversity

Drone Used to Smuggle Meth Near San Diego

People use all sorts of means to try smuggle drugs and other things into the United States. Now a twenty-five year old United States citizen has been charged for using a drone to try to smuggle a little over thirteen pounds of meth from Mexico into the Untied States.

According to the reports, Jorge Edwin Rivera told the police that he was using the drone to smuggle the drugs five or six times since march. Rivera told them that he usually delivered them to a nearby gas station to an accomplice in San Diego. According to the report, he was reportedly going to make around $1,000.

The Border Patrol agents in San Diego said that they actually saw the drone in flight on August 8th. They then were able to track it to Rivera which was around 2,000 yards away from the Mexican border. The police say that the agents found Rivera with the meth in an actual lunch box and a two foot drone hidden in a bush. Talk about a pretty sneaky operation. But, no matter how sneaky you think you are they usually always find ya.

In a recent report from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration said that drones aren’t usually used to smuggle drugs from Mexico due to the fact that they can only carry small loads of items. However, once the word gets out this way of transportation might become more and more common.

The trend started in 2015 when two people in California pleaded guilty for dropping twenty-eight pounds of heroin from a drone.

Drone’s are pretty noisey so police think that the drug smugglers will hopefully stay away from this means off  transportation as way to smuggle things. Plus the batter life of a drone isn’t that long, which could be pretty problematic when trying to hide from the police. The small loads also means small payloads, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Child Suffered From Severe Child Abuse in San Diego

Child abuse in any form is unforgivable. To think of someone harming a child is so mind boggling, but it happens. Daily.

Sadly, a poor child had to suffer from severe injuries day before succumbing to those injuries which included: extensive brain bleed, broken arm, and a burn to the bottom of her foot. How the heck does a toddler get this injured?

The eighteen month old little girl was named, Leah Brown-Meza. She died from the blunt force of the trauma, according to the Medical Examiner’s reports.

According to the police, the mother, Lillie Brown had reported that she woke up to find her young toddler unresponsive and then called for help.

Lillie Brown is a twenty-one year old woman and a member of the Viejas tribe. She’s now going to face her young life behind bars, with three counts of willful cruelty to a child with great bodily injury and/or death.

Lillie’s boyfriend, twenty-six year old, Kevin Foster, will also face similar charges. He will face charges of murder, assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily harm or death. He however was ordered to be held on a $2 million bail. Guess he won’t be sneaking off anytime soon.

According to the reports, the little girl had sadly suffered from at least three different injuries. How can someone hurt that innocent child? Poor baby girl.

The autopsy showed that there were several face and scalp bruises, abrasions and extensive and acute brain bleeding in several different parts of her little brain. Pretty much a hopeless waiting game at this point for the innocent little girl.

The report also showed that she suffered from “retinal and optic nerve hemorrhages” as well as other major damage to her central nervous system. As if that wasn’t enough for the little thing, she had blunt force trauma injuries to her back and chest. She even had second degree burns on the bottom of her foot, and a broken upper arm.

Phoenix Battery Lawyer

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A verbal altercation in a bar or at your own home could be misconstrued as an assault charge. If you are accused of starting a bar fight or engaging in domestic violence, secure experienced legal help immediately. Understandably, you may feel tempted to explain your side of the story to law enforcement. But, any details you provide could be used against you.


Battery Defense Strategy

At the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman, we will act quickly to develop an effective defense strategy against battery and assault charges. Our Phoenix-based team of Criminal Defense Attorneys is comprised of former prosecutors with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. They know firsthand how prosecutors develop cases against individuals suspected of criminal assault and are prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution through identifying any procedural errors, contradictory evidence or violations of your civil rights.


Types of Battery Cases

The highly skilled attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC provide a substantial background defending individuals across Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area accused of offenses ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. These offenses may include:


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  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon


Our Attorneys at the Phoenix-based Perlman Law Group will devote the right resources to develop an effective defense strategy against the damaging charges. We will meet with any eyewitnesses to understand the series of events before the alleged criminal activity occurred and are prepared to craft a strategy around self-defense, if you were in fear of your life.


We will also seek to illustrate any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence or contradictory statements from the plaintiff. When appropriate, we work with psychologists to illustrate the plaintiff’s state of mind and tendency to exaggerate or lie as well as analyzing the case from every angle possible. If your civil rights were violated or procedural errors were made, we will fight for an acquittal.


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Severe Child Abuse in Phoenix

Phoenix Man Leaves Child in Hot Car

Sadly children are usually the ones who suffer the most now days. Child abuse records are higher than ever and now a Phoenix father is going to be sent to trial for his connection in the 2015 death of his two year old little boy. Reports say that the little boy was left in a hot car all by himself.

The father, James Koryor is going to face manslaughter charges as well as child abuse charges. The little boy, Alpha Koryor sadly died after he was left alone in a hot car for over two hours. The temperatures were 90 degrees or more. According to the reports, the young boy was unresponsive when they found him. He sadly passed away later at the Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital due to a heatstroke.

The Phoenix Police said that the father was impaired by alcohol. Due to his own selfishness, he was inadequately parenting his young child.

“Loving” Father Figure

However, Koryor’s daughter testified for him in court.

Jamesetta’s Statement:

He was always a loving, caring father to us.

She also went on to say that on to say that she was in the backyard swimming pool when she heard someone yell to call 911. She also said that she remembered hearing her father talking with the young boy’s mother about taking his two sons to get a haircut. However, she never actually saw him leave the driveway with the boys.

She was very close with Alpha since they shared a room. She would often help the two year old get dressed in the mornings. He was free to get out of his crib and leave the room as he wanted.

Jamesetta’s Statement:

He would get up and do what 2-year-olds do.

Even though she bravely testified for her father, the prosecution team disputed her testimony. This is because at first, she told the police that she did see her father and the boys get into a “little car” then leave to go get their haircuts.

She said little car, but James Koryor usually used his larger Ford Freestyle vehicle while taking the boys out due to that vehicle already having the car seats inside. Which if you have been around kids, you know it’s a pain to move car seats around just for one trip.

Jamesetta claimed that she was emotional and under high stress during the investigation. Of course when she was asked about her relationship with the child’s mother, she admitted to them often having small arguments, which isn’t weird since all families argue.

Jamesetta’s Statement:

 I felt I was taking care of more responsibilities in the house. I tried to meet the needs of the house, and she didn’t appreciate me.
Okay, that statement kind of throws up some red flags. Revenge or resentful statements are pretty common in court so could it be a daughter covering up for her dad’s deadly mistake? Or is she telling the truth and trying to do the right thing?


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The highly skilled Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC advise and represent people facing criminal charges for domestic violence often described as Spousal Abuse, Spousal Battery or Domestic Dispute, such charges do not always reflect a case between married people, but include those living in the same location (cohabitation), or sometimes just engaged in a domestic (dating) relationship.  Such cases can also lead to violation of a restraining order or protective orders.  They are NOT the same as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order however.


With a team of former prosecutors, Phoenix based Criminal Defense Attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC offer a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. They understand the necessary steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy focused on securing a dismissal or minimizing any potential penalties associated with a conviction.


Domestic Violence cases have become extremely political and are regularly treated as “guilty until proven innocent.”   Even with minor cases, that do not involve a documented injury, proactive and rapid action by a caring defense attorney may be they key to not only avoiding a damaging no contact order, but may play a significant role in custody issues and an eventual resolution in the case that does not result in a life-time ban on the possession of firearms, tragic orders separating you from your family and other consequences that can interfere with work, school and life.


At the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we are committed to helping you achieve a resolution to your immediate problems, while seeking opportunities to improve the troubled family dynamics that might be underlying factors.


In domestic violence cases, the district attorney and the judge will be especially interested in what you’re willing to do to improve relationships, conflict resolution skills, and anger management. Your demonstration toward positive change will often make the difference in the outcome of your case. We work closely with people charged with domestic assault or battery to obtain a dismissal, diversion to community treatment or deferred entry of judgment prior to eventually achieving a dismissal.



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Our creative approach to difficult criminal defense problems can help you avoid the consequences of a conviction in situations such as the following scenarios:


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  • Elder Abuse
  • Child Abuse, Cruelty to a Child, or Child Endangerment
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Criminal Threats
  • Harassment or Stalking


Our ability to connect you with the programs and services that are right for your circumstances can give you an extra layer of legal protection. At the same time, we work hard to help you get the most out of the presumption of innocence that stands between you and a conviction.


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Sexual Abuse Cases in Phoenix

Several Recent Sexual Abuse Hearings in Phoenix


A convicted felon has recently been arrested for claiming to be a rapist. He even threatened to rape an entire family and several children at the Hermosa Park on a Tuesday, according to the local police.


Fifty-six year old, Russell Theodore was arrested for the following charges: one count of luring a minor for sexual exploitation, one count of threatening and intimidating, and one more count of criminal trespassing in the first degree in a residential yard.


Theodore has been accused of confronting the victim as well as her twelve year old daughter near 20th street and southern avenue. He even told them that  he was a “rapist”.  Theodore (the suspect) had allegedly threatened to rape both of the girls as well as the other children nearby, According to the police reports.


The mother was luck enough to catch the attention of a park ranger. The ranger then followed Theodore and called the police. Theodore fled to a residential area at 20th Place and Roeser Road. That is where he got in trouble for the trespassing.


A second witness from the scene had told the local authorities that Theodore had actually been seen and heard threatening to rape several people. Theodore was then arrested and booked into the 4th Avenue jail. Theodore’s record wasn’t exactly clean to begin with, he was previously convicted of burglary, theft of means of transportation, and public indecency.


Thank goodness the authorities was able to catch this pervert before something happened to those women and children.


Child Sexual Abuse in Colorado


The police have now charged a twenty-six year old man with sexually assault of a fourteen year old girl in Colorado. He has had “varying degrees of contact” with the girl. Arizona authorities say that the contact include, illegal and physical contact.


The twenty-six year old young man, Anthony Martinez was tracked all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. On May 11 of this year, the police arrested him. He is now in the Coconino County Jail.


The Police say that Anthony had been communicating with young girls around 2011-2015 through social media. He had asked them to exchange photographs and would sometimes even meet the girls at “locations often frequented by younger members of our community” according to the Colorado Springs Police Department.


The investigation for the sicko started back in November 2014. The police had opened a sexual assault investigation that involved a fourteen year old girl. During that particular investigation, the police were able to find information that would lead them to a search within other states.


The police are trying to identify anyone who might have been in physical contact with Anthony or even had exchanged photos with him. If so, please contact the Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000. If you call, please just let the investigators know that you’re calling about the Anthony Martinez case.


Police say that this isn’t a one state case, they have leads in Montana, New Mexico, New York, and California.


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If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. A skilled lawyer will not only look for ways to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed but will also focus on developing an effective criminal defense trial strategy. At Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have a substantial background defending clients accused of violent crimes in the state of Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our lead criminal defense attorney, Daniel Perlman, is a former prosecutor who previously pursued charges against individuals suspected of violent crimes. Mr. Perlman and the entire Perlman Law Group offer a comprehensive view of the criminal justice system and know the right steps to take in developing a defense strategy while seeking to mitigate any potential damage.


Our ability to work with the facts in plea negotiations can turn a weak defense into a strong one. In our experience, a creative approach to your defense strategy can result in a sentence of probation or work release, even on a felony plea.


Effective Defensive Strategy for Violent Crimes

As a starting point for an effective defense strategy, we will evaluate the police report, witness statements and any physical evidence. Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC takes its approach a step further through identifying creative solutions by focusing on the actual risk of punishment you are currently facing. The threat of prison will probably be based as much on your prior record as it will be on the facts of the current criminal charges.


Our firm handles cases involving all types of Violent Crime allegations, including:

  • Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Armed Robbery
  • Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
  • Criminal Threats
  • Gang-Related Crimes
  • Resisting Arrest and Assault on an Officer
  • Domestic Violence


If weaknesses in the government’s case mean that you stand a good chance of success at trial, we will aggressively represent your interests before a jury. If the evidence against you makes a trial too risky, we will advise you and work with all parties — including prosecutors, probation officers, court services and community agencies — to show that you are an excellent candidate for favorable treatment.


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Heartbreaking Child Abuse Cases in Phoenix

Phoenix Mother Arrested for Child Abuse

Child Abuse is sadly becoming more common in the United States. More and more people are getting their kids rightfully taken away for being malicious towards their kids.

A Phoenix mother has at least fifteen child welfare cases against her. Now the police have finally rescued her son from the very filthy home they lived in.

The most recent case against the mother, was opened in February 2016. However the DCS spokesman wouldn’t give any information about that case.

According to the court records, the interior of the home in Phoenix was so disgusting that the first responders could only stand to be in the home for ten minutes at a time.

Police Search Child Abuse Case Home

The police showed up to the home of a twenty-eight year old woman, Vernia Elizabeth Livingston an thirty-two year old, Gilbert Martinez. This happened on May 27th 2016. According to the reports, the landlord had gone inside of the home to spray for bugs. But when the landlord got inside he was quite surprised to find that the home was in “an overwhelming state of filth”. The home was completely infested with bed bugs, cockroaches as well as rats. That’s most adults worst nightmares, let alone innocent children.

The landlord then contacted the police since she knew that an eight year old child had to suffer through living there. The landlord had been close with the family for some years.

Landlord’s Statement:

I know there is a [DCS] case open right now, so I don’t know how it could get his bad and they not do something prior.

The police have found some dogs and cats chasing and eating the rats at the home. Talk about nasty. The home was reportedly located near 37th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.


Police Reported that:

The furniture, walls, ceilings and floors were so highly infested with bed bugs that in some places, the ceilings appeared to be black.

Police also found that there was disturbingly large amount of animals as well as bug feces throughout the home. Including where the boy would eat and sleep. During the investigation they also found prescription drugs and weapons near the child’s toys.

They police have said that the child was well spoken and was able to tell the police that he usually feeds himself however he didn’t have any lunch or dinner that day. The little boy didn’t want the DCS to be called because he understandably likes living with his mother. No matter the horrible conditions you always love your mother.

DCS had to be called and they eventually ended up taking custody of the child.


Landlord’s Statement:

I hope that he gets placed in a normal home that’s loving and obviously clean and not disgusting.

The little boy also told the police that he doesn’t get to shower that often since the shower is broken. He also lost his toothbrush. How sad!

Both of the adults were arrested and will face preliminary charges for child abuse. They have both been released from jail, pending trial. A friend of the couple told the police that the house was in such a mess because the family was getting ready to move. She also blamed the landlord for their pest issues.


Phoenix Couple Charged for Child Abuse

Another Phoenix couple is going to be facing charges of child abuse against a six year old boy. The boy sadly suffered from severe burns where the young child had to stand barefoot on the hot ground!



Police say Mark Simmons, 27, made the boy stand barefoot in the backyard for 10 minutes as punishment and hit him multiple times with a belt, leaving bruises.

Sarah Simmons, 30, is accused of cutting the blistered flaps from the bottom of the boy’s feet and threatening to make him stand outside again if he didn’t stop crying, according to court documents.

Phoenix police Child Crime Detectives began investigating the case after being called to the Maricopa County Burn Center on July 12, two days after the incident took place.

Sarah Simmons would later tell police that they didn’t seek immediate medical treatment for the child because she was “afraid the children in the house would be taken away,” police wrote in court record.

“It was only when the victim’s wounds became infected and the top of his feet became red that she and Mark decided to call the fire department for medical care,” police wrote.

Mark Simmons was arrested on suspicion of two counts of child abuse on July 13 but has since been indicted by a grand jury. His next court appearance is set for 8:15 a.m. Sept. 13.

Sarah Simmons was booked into jail Thursday on suspicion of child abuse. Police said in court records that, prior to the latest incident, she has been the subject of approximately 30 Arizona Department of Child Safety reports. Her next court appearance is set for 8:30 a.m. August 11 in Maricopa County Superior Court.


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