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Shooting Cases and Consequences

Shooting Situations and Consequences


The Phoenix Police have arrested a man in connection with a death of a pastor who was shot and sadly killed during a February in home invasion. On Thursday, Jesse Armondo Monroy who is only twenty-eight years old was arrested on murder, burglary, armed robbery, as well as kidnapping charges.


Sgt. Jonathan Howard said that the police are still searching for another suspect though. According to the police, two men had broken into a home near 20th Avenue and Monroe Street on February 28th in an attempt to rob it. The robbery suspects met two men inside and then shots were fired.


One of the fatally wounded was John “Jack” Moriarty. John was a pastor at the Redeemed Outreach Center. There was also another man injured and suffered minor injuries. Both of the intruders fled the scene along with stolen property.


The suspect, Monroy, was ordered to be held without bond after the initial court appearance. According to the report, Monroy doesn’t have a lawyer at this time.


The missing suspect, who the police are still searching for, was described as a black male who is between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. He was guessed to be around five foot, ten inches tall and weighed around 170 pounds. Police said that he was wearing dark clothing at the time and was wearing a dark beanie type of hat when he was last seen. The police are asking that if you have any information on this suspect to please call the Phoenix police at 602-262-6141 or even the Silent Witness program at 480-WITNESS.


Types of Shooting


A shooting is the “act or process of firing firearms or other projectile weapons”. The weapons can be guns, bows, and even crossbows. That’s not the only type of shooting though. The firing of artillery, rockets, and even missiles can be called a “shooting”.


A person who is a specialist in shooting is called a marksman. Shooting can happen numerous places, the appropriate places would be in a shooting range, while hunting in the field, shooting sports, and or combat.


Shooting isn’t always bad. They even have a competitive competition for a sport that involves shooting. People who enjoy guns and the way they work and the thrill of hitting a target gather at shooting competitions. Marksmanship has inspired the competition. Several countries even have rifle or gun clubs. In fact shooting events are growing despite all of the hate and war on guns.


People like the sport so much that shooting events started in the late 1800’s. There was a shooting event at the Summer Olympics in 1896 as well as the World Championships in 1897.


The love of the sport still lives on. The international Shooting Sport Federation still administers the Olympic and non-Olympic rifle, pistol, shotgun, and running target competitions.  Of course, they aren’t the only one’s in the nation or internationally who hold these events. There is actually a large number of national as well as international shooting sports that’s not controlled by the ISSF but other organizations.


Shooting Technique


There’s different ways to shoot and it mainly depends on what type of firearm you are using. Such as a handgun or a machine gun, it also depends on the shooting distance, the terrain, what the target is, and how much time you have. The biggest things while shooting depends on your breathing as well as your position. It’s important to know how to handle your handgun or rifle.


The IPSC shooting is like a sport for combat style shooting. You can kneel, stand, or get into the prone position to add support for the shooter.


While shooting mainly refers to the use of a gun. People also say describe firing a bow or crossbow as shooting. A person who is doing the shooting is called the shooter. While when most people hear “weapon” that doesn’t always mean it’s dangerous. They can call it a weapon because that is the piece of equipment the shooter will use to achieve the best outcome in whatever sport they are in.


Uses of Guns

Most the time people use guns for hunting animals or as a defense. Shooting is often used to hunt game birds like: grouse, ducks, pheasants. They are used for hunting other game like: Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel. People practice for the game birds by using clay pigeons.


Some people refer to shooting as a hunting activity itself. If you’re in the country though, you’re probably going to use the term hunting. Shooting usually means to practice.


Of course, people also use shooting as a protection act, as well as in warfare, law enforcement and is almost always used in severe crimes. Some people even use duels with guns to settle a vendette.


Restrictions on Guns

In many countries there are pretty cautious restrictions on owning and purchasing a firearm. In the United States it’s mandatory for people of a certain age to acquire a hunter’s safety course before being able to hunt or purchase a firearm.


Example of Another Recent Shooting


The police have now caught a man who was a suspect in the shooting of an off-duty Los Angeles Police Officer from a car before the suspect fled the scene. This was in a suburban neighborhood and in the Northern Los Angeles County.


Detective, Meghan Aguilar who is also a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, stated that the officer did return fire during the Sunday encounter in the Santa Clarita area. Luckily there were no injuries to be reported.


The officer arrived to the station in his white pickup truck that showed damage. Detective Aguilar did not know if he was inside or outside of the vehicle during all of the shooting.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Investigators are looking into the situation. They are trying to figure out what cause the shooting to start. There was a statement from the Sheriff’s department that stated that the suspect was actually cooperating with the investigators.


The Officer who was involved with the shooting is a twenty-five year veteran of the department according to Detective Aguilar. However, he was off-duty during the shooting incident.



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