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Phoenix Narcotics

Border Patrol Finds Narcotics

Sadly, drug crimes are on the rise. Times are getting desperate and it seems like people will do anything even resort to trafficking drugs.

According to reports a woman was recently arrested when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found 235 pounds of marijuana in her truck. The woman was twenty-eight years old and a Mexican national. She tried to smuggle the marijuana into the United States through the Raul Hector Catro Port of Entry.

After the officers made the arrest a second inspection of the truck, a narcotics detection canine helped the officers find around $119,000 worth or marijuana hidden throughout her vehicle. Pretty big bust.

The officers seized the marijuana as well as the truck and then arrested the woman for narcotics smuggling. She was then turned over to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.

CEO Arrested for Narcotics

Being an owner of a company of something that would help people would be a hard thing. Especially if that thing is somewhat illegal.

The billionaire owner of Insys Therapeutics was recently arrested and charged for leading a nationwide conspiracy “to use bribes and fraud to cause the illegal distribution of Fentanyl spray intended for cancer patients”.

Wow. Pretty serious allegations. Seventy-four year old, Dr. John N. Kapoor of Phoenix Arizona is the founder and former CEO of Insys. He is now going to face federal charges as well as fined for many many things.

The prosecutors are claiming that the company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to doctors in exchange for prescribing spray called “Subsys” which contained a very addictive synthetic opioid fentanyl. Three of the top three prescribers have already been convicted of taking bribes from Insys.

Narcotics Company in Big Trouble

One of Kapoor’s ex employee’s calls him a genius but evil man. She’s glad the victim’s are getting justice for his crimes. She evens says that if called to testify against Kapoor that she most certainly will.

According to studies, Subsys is 100 times more strong than morphine so that’s pretty hard to believe. It was approved by the FDA to treat patients with cancer and those with “breakthrough” pain.

Nixon, Kapoor’s ex-employee, said that it was her job to make sure that Subsys got into the hands of as many patients as possible. No matter if they had cancer or not.

Nixon’s Statement:

My job responsibilities were to contact insurance companies on behalf of the patients and the doctors to get the medication approved and paid for by their insurance company.

According to Nixon Subsys isn’t cheap. A thirty day supply can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $30,000. It pretty much just depends on what insurers will pay for it. That’s what Nixon’s job was, to trick the insurance company’s into thinking that the drug was “medically necessary”. Which if you have cancer and are in severe pain, I’m sure it is.

Nixon’s Statement:

I would say, ‘Hi, this is Patty. I’m calling from Dr. Smith’s office. I’m calling to request prior authorization for a medication called Subsys. it was a complete bold-faced lie.

According to Nixon, Sarah Fuller was one of the victim patients that was prescribed Subsys even though she didn’t have cancer.

However she did have chronic neck and back pain from being involved in two car accident. Sarah’s addiction didn’t take long. Within a month her prescription was tripled. 14 months later she was found dead on her bedroom floor.

Fentanyl technically killed her though.

Sadly, Fuller is not alone.

Insys denied any responsibility in Sarah’s death. They also claimed that they shouldn’t be blamed for how the doctor’s prescribe their products. As of right now the corporation isn’t facing criminal charges. It’s also still selling Subsys.

Phoenix Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer


Any federal criminal charge is a serious matter, but a federal drug crime is often a high-level felony offense, which may result in a significant term of imprisonment. Many federal drug crimes carry mandatory prison sentences. If you have been arrested for a federal drug crime, it is critical that you protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Our Federal drug charge attorneys defend clients against all federal drug charges in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, including:

  • Drug trafficking (trafficking of narcotics and other controlled substances)
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug importation or exportation


Federal Drug Crime Defense Strategy

Federal drug charges can arise in a number of situations. Often such charges arise out of the transportation, sale, distribution or manufacture of large quantities of drugs. If you passed state lines while carrying drugs, you may also have triggered a federal charge.


  • As with any other drug charge, there are a number of defenses and effective defense strategies that may be utilized in a federal drug case, including:
  • Use of pretrial motions to seek the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of an illegal search

and seizure.

  • Use of pretrial motions to seek the suppression of evidence obtained as a result of a search

performed pursuant to a search warrant that was not supported by probable cause.

  • Fighting charges at trial if the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove all necessary

elements of a drug crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Negotiation of a favorable plea agreement that minimizes a defendant’s exposure to potentially harsh

penalties normally associated with the conviction of a


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Medical Marijuana

Home Grown Pot Plants Numbers Decreasing Due to Pot Dispensaries

Pot Dispensaries Help Lower Home Grown Pot Numbers


2014 was a big year for changes. Same sex marriages became legal in quite a few states and a lot of those states have agreed to legalize marijuana and Republicans are taking over. Everyone has an opinion on these huge changes, some good, some bad, some both. There’s good and bad in everything in my opinion, except marriages…people should marry whoever they want.


Anyways, pot dispensaries’ medical marijuana sales have grown a great bit in Arizona in 2014. The increase that state regulators attribute to fact that very few patients are allowed to grow their own. This is new, and they’re already talking about changes to the marijuana laws.


Marijuana Dispensaries Sales Grow


The State Department of Heath Services has said that the dispensaries has reported more than 1.4 million in sales. Which is equal to ten tons of marijuana, over 55,000 patients in 2014. That’s crazy! Great for those who truly need it though. According to the Health Department, that is up from the 2.7 tons sold in 2013.


According to the department, the 2014 usage would be close to a joint a day per patient. I guess that’s not too bad if you need it. It’d be like your morning thyroid or heart pill, only you smoke this.


Due to Arizona’s marijuana laws, patients who live farther than twenty-five miles from a dispensary are able to grow their own. A lot of people who need the medical marijuana probably can’t just up and drive that far, so it would make things much easier if they could grow their own.


However, with this law, very few patients are allowed to actually grow their own marijuana. Dispensary numbers are growing so that makes it hard to stay out side of that twenty-five mile range. There are now eighty-five dispensaries in Arizona that are operating. It is also recorded that almost 98 percent of the people who need the medical marijuana, usually live within twenty-five miles of the dispensaries.





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