Man Arrested for Assaulting His Pregnant Girlfriend

Man Gets Arrested for Biting and Resisting Officer

Man Brutally Assaults His Pregnant Girlfriend

A woman who is seven weeks pregnant was recently strangled by her live-in boyfriend.

According to the local Sheriff’s Office, Christopher Willson who is twenty-four years old has admitted to also pushing his eighteen year old girlfriend’s head into the wall on Monday night at their home.

The Officer reports say that the female victim had called 911 saying that she had been strangled and having some difficulty breathing.

Apparently Christopher had become upset during a conversation about her pregnancy. When she got upset and called 911, Willson allegedly smashed her telephone on the ground.

According to the victim, Christopher then put his hands around her neck and then pushed her head into a nearby wall. He then continued strangling her until she couldn’t breath and could only see “bright lights”. The victim said she had tried to yell for help but she couldn’t.  After however long she then lost consciousness. She told the officers that she was just worried that Christopher Willson would try to kill her and her unborn baby.

After she regained consciousness she had to drive herself to a nearby family member’s home. They then called 911 and she was then taken to the hospital. She had swelling around her neck as well as some defensive wounds on her arms and hands.

The police officials searched for Willson but had no luck in finding him. However, on Tuesday one of his family members called the police and told them where he was. He was then located and taken into custody.

Christopher Willson Charges:

Willson faces charges of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and preventing use of a telephone in an emergency.