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Final Suspect in Marijuana Trafficking Has Been Sentenced

Final Defendant in Drug Trafficking Case Sentenced


Drug trafficking is sadly becoming a pretty popular thing. People are getting big time into the drug trafficking and making thousands of dollars on it. A recent breakthrough in the Phoenix drug trafficking case left 14 defendants to be judged and prosecuted. The federal prosecutors stated that the final defendant in the case involved a Phoenix Marijuana trafficking and robbery operation has now been sentenced.


According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona stated that Issac Reed who is thirty-two years old has been sentenced on Thursday for two years in prison.  Issac Reed didn’t fight the charges, he pleaded guilty back in February to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute marijuana.


14 Defendants All Sentenced for Drug Trafficking


The authorities say that fourteen of the defendants have now all been sentenced for their roles in the marijuana drug trafficking as well as some armed robberies as well as a fatal shooting of a “co-conspirator”. According to the prosecutors, they have been doing the drug trafficking gig for quite a while. The organization has been going on since September 2009 to January 2011. The had a pretty good run at it. first the would steal the marijuana from the deals and then divide it among themselves so that they could sale it locally or even out of state.


According to the prosecutors, the fourteen defendants also made an attempt to steal almost 200 pounds of marijuana. Their attempt at the theft led to the death of Brandon Edwards. Hopefully when these fourteen people return to civilization, they’ve learned their lesson and will get their lives on track. Maybe this will also be a warning to others who are on this kick and see that eventually, you will get caught and suffer the consequences of your actions.





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