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Multiple Robberies in Phoenix

Police Searching for Robberies Suspects

According to the Tempe police, there have been three people arrested and two other people are still at large after a string of robberies in Phoenix as well as Tempe.

Spokesman, Lt. Michael Pooley stated that in the early morning of 1:30 a.m. a Whataburger was robbed. It was located at 48th Street and Broadway Road in Phoenix. There was also a carjacking in Phoenix on 40th Street, south of Baseline Road. Tempe was also busy, with another robbery of a person at Priest and Elliot roads.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was able to locate and then tried to stop a suspect in a vehicle which was in the town of Guadalupe. However the vehicle ran from the police. According to Lt. Pooley, there was a police helicopter that had to be brought in to help with the search. The helicopter followed the suspects to the area of Ninth Street and Farmer Avenue which is in Tempe. Three people then jumped from the vehicle and started running away on foot.

Suspects of Robberies Flee Scene

The vehicle was still running at the time and then crashed into a moving train. Talk about a messy situation. There was luckily no injuries from the crash. Pooley said that there were three people found and then taken into custody.

The two people who stole the Nissan Altima are still at large at this time.

Police Arrest Robberies Suspects

Talk about a busy month or so in Phoenix. The Phoenix police say that five teenage boys are now in custody after they were arrested for multiple armed robberies.

Officer James Holmes say that the officers was able to arrest the five teenagers after they were found in a pickup truck that matched a description of a suspect vehicle from three robberies reported earlier in the week.

Of course the young men ran from the truck. Luckily the police were able to quickly apprehend the two males. The officers then found three more people hiding in the trash cans in the back yard of a home around an hour later.

Officer Holmes said that a police dog bit one of the teenagers due to the fact that the young man was refusing to comply with police commands.

Officer Holmes also said that the three teenagers were suspect of at least five armed robberies and that it’s possible that, that number could rise to a total of seven armed robberies.


Police Find Robberies Suspects

Police search long and hard for people who do crimes. You never know what kind of situation you’ll come across. Now the police have arrested five robbery suspects. They were arrested near 55th and Southern Avenues. They have been linked to at least five crimes at this time.

The suspects ages range from 14 to 16 years old. How crazy is it that these KIDS have already started a life of crime? The 14 and 16 year olds are linked to at least five robberies.

ABC15 NEWS Quote

ABC15 video showed one man, who was wearing dark shorts and no shirt, in a backyard of a Laveen home taken away by police. A second individual was also seen taken into custody; that individual was wearing a dark shirt and jeans. A third subject, wearing red shorts and no shirt, was also taken into custody but taken away in an ambulance after he was injured by a police canine. A white truck, with three doors open, was also spotted in the area surrounded by police.

According to the police, the weapons were tossed from the suspect vehicle. Police went door to door searching the neighborhood.



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