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Phoenix Police Involved In Robbery Investigations

Phoenix Police Respond to Bank Robbery

The Phoenix police stay pretty busy. Let’s be honest, any police station stays pretty busy now days, but especially those closer to borders or cities.

Recently, the Phoenix Police Department as well as the FBI investigated a bank robbery. This was at 19th Avenue and Van Buren Street. Must be pretty serious to have the FBI to get involved.

According to a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police, a man had walked into Chase bank around eleven o’clock in the morning. He then passed a note to an employee.

The bank quickly went into a security lock down mode. There were twenty people who were trapped inside. Luckily, according to the reports the suspect remained calm and didn’t have a weapon on him. If the suspect had been hyper and crazy things could have been a lot worse.

The suspect was quickly taken into custody, without anyone being harmed.

Authorities Arrest Robbery Suspect

Of course a robbery doesn’t just have to happen at a bank, it can happen at a home as well. Police have recently arrested a suspect who was accused of shooting at officers on a Sunday morning. Talk about a crappy day to start shooting a people.

The Phoenix Police Department arrested, twenty-three year old, Derek Johnson after he opened fire on the responding officers. They were responding to a call near the Interstate 17 between Camelback and Indian School roads. Thanks to local tips that were shared with police led to the man’s location. Unfortunately that was at a home near 23rd and Northern Avenues on Thursday, July 6th.

According to reports, the suspect has an outstanding warrant against him and the police were able to find him and take him into custody.

To continue on with that story, on July 2nd at 4 a.m. police officers responded to an unknown trouble call near 27th Avenue and Camelback Road. The caller told 911 that the suspects were armed with handguns. Must have been a very situation for the 911 caller.

When the officers got to the area of the call they activated the blue lights as well as the police spotlight in the direction of a man that was walking eastbound on West Hazelwood Street.

According to the authorities, Johnson stopped and at first placed his hands up before he turned away from the officers. He then pulled out a pistol and started firing a round at the officers as he turned back turned back towards them.

Police Search for Suspect

The round of the bullets struck the center part of the patrol vehicle’s windshield. The officers then got out of their patrol car. As they got out of their car they left it in drive and it rolled and then crashed into the fence.

According to the reports Johnson was last seen running on the North Black Canyon Access Road. He was not found that morning. He was booked on two charges of attempted first degree murder and one charge armed robbery.

Apparently, this isn’t Johnson’s first run in with the police. He had a previous run in with the police and it was for robbery as well. He as well as three other people held a clerk at gunpoint and took merchandise with them from a business.


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