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Child Sexual Abuse Case in Phoenix

Man Charged With Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is sadly something that never goes away. It seems like more and more people are abusing children. Luckily they’re getting caught more and more as well.

Recently a man has been charged for two counts of child sexual abuse, soliciting a minor for indecent exposure, as well as possession of juvenile pornography has plead guilty to all of the above charges.

According to reports, sixty year old, Glenn Douglas Smith will receive thirty years in prison for three counts and twenty years in prison for the fourth count. He will also have to pay a $1,000 fine for each of those charges.

All but the first 25 years of the 30 year sentences were “suspended”. Each sentence is to “run concurrently”.

The reports say that Smith will not be able to try for parole for at least twenty-one years and three months. This is because it’s a child sexual abuse crime. When it’s a child sexual abuse crime, at least 85% of your sentence must be served before you can be considered for parole.

Of course after Smith gets out he will have to register as a sex offender.

Sexual Offender

According to the Department of Corrections, Smith actually has a past of similar  convictions. His past record includes two counts of lewd or indecent proposals/ acts to a child.

However, since the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act didn’t go into effect until November 1, 1989 and he was convicted in June of ’89 he never had to register as a sex offender.

This time around Smith pleaded guilty to the accusations of sexually assaulting a thirteen year old on New Years Eve as well as performing oral sex on a child.

A woman “provided” the child for Smith to sexually assault in exchange for money is now being held without bond and is awaiting trial.

Her name is Heather Barbee and she is thirty-four years old. She is accused of sending kids to perform sexual acts with an adult. The suspect then received the payment from the adult in exchange for “not reporting the incident to the police”.

Barbee is facing two counts of enabling child sexual abuse and will return to court on October 12th.

Eighteen Year old Charged with Sexual Abuse

An eighteen year old young man has been charged with child sexual abuse. The alleged abuse supposedly happened several years ago when the victim was only seven years old.

Eighteen year old, William Norfleet is now being charged for the following after the young, brave girl’s “disclosure” to a relative. The first time she told was in August in 2016 then again last Spring. Due to the closeness of the reports,  authorities started an investigation into the matter.

Apparently Norfleet told the police investigators about both of the incidents. Reportedly they both included oral sex with the victim in August 2016 and another last Spring.

The charges however, pertain mainly to the references made about this year’s incident.

The reports said that the incident happened at an address in the N. Phoenix area.

A text message was found that Norfleet “explains” the issue to a relative.

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