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Shooting Suspects in Phoenix

On Behalf of / Friday, 29 September 2017 / Published in assault, battery, felony, Traumatic Brain Injury, Wrongful Death

Police Catch Shooting Suspect

It’s hard to catch a murder suspect, but police work diligently until they make the arrest. Now the police are finishing up a case where a man has been arrested for suspicion of first degree murder. He was also involved in other crimes as well as a fatal shooting that stemmed from road rage.

Talk about a crazy reason to shoot someone. According to the police, the vehicle was registered to a thirty-four year old, Timothy Elliot Pascale. The man left the scene of the shooting, but local witnesses were luckily able to give a vehicle description and license plate.

The police was able to make an arrest on Pascale in his home.  The police say that twenty-one year old, Chris Romo was a passenger in a vehicle and was fatally shot.

The driver of the car was twenty-two years old and there was an innocent eighteen year old woman who was just passing by, were hospitalized but in stable condition after they were shot and wounded. The names of the 22 and 18 haven’t been released at this time.

Shooting in a Motel in Phoenix

A motel is one of the worst places for  a shooting, there’s so many people around and there’s more chances for witnesses and victims.

In Mesa a gunman opened fire inside of a motel room. He ended up killing a man and wounding two women. He then shot three more people.

The officers at the scene had to use a stun gun to get the man captured.

Flores Statement:

At this time we believe he is responsible for each and every one of these shootings.

Police are unsure of what the motive would be for the rampage. The first gunfire started after an argument at the motel.

Flores Statement:

Everything else seemed to be random at that point. We believe his motive at the other locations was robbery and carjackings and just trying to get away.

Local news shoed the man being led out of the residential complex. The man was wearing a full body suit, white in color. He also had his hands shackled.

Flores Statement:

That is something investigators use if they’re going to be protecting his clothing for evidence.

The suspected gunman’s name hasn’t been released to the press yet. However, the local newspaper named him as Ryan Elliot Giroux. According to a hospital worker, Giroux had to be treated at Banner Desert Medical Center then was released into the custody of the police.

According to the Anti-hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center said that Giroux was forty-one years old and known as a member of “skinhead and white supremacist” groups. Apparently the man had served time in prison, but nothing like this. His former charges was for burglary and marijuana possession as well as aggravated assault.

The Tri City Inn in Mesa is the hotel that was used as a firing range for the man. The man opened fire on a man as well as two women. This was after a fight broke out. He then ran to a nearby restaurant where the rampage continued. There he ended up shooting and wounding a student. He also carjacked a man’s vehicle.

The suspect continued to wreak havoc and hurt innocent people. The gunman drove to a nearby apartment complex and starting shooting on person at each of the apartment complexes nearby. The man who was shot at the motel sadly died. On of the surviving victims was listed as critical condition.

According to Tanya Ehrig her sister was at the motel at the time of the shooting. He sister’s boyfried was sadly killed in the shooting incident.

Ehrig’s Statement:

I seen this whole thing blocked off and I couldn’t get a hold of her. I couldn’t call her, I thought something was wrong with her. And she (later) told me that her boyfriend got shot and now he’s gone.

The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey said that he had spoken to the mayor of Mesa. He also made sure to offer resources to those in need.

Phoenix Homicide Lawyer

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Homicide Defense Strategy

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  • Challenging Ballistics Evidence (Relating to Firearms and Bullets)
  • Challenging the Reliability of an Eyewitness
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