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Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty for Attacking Dog

Phoenix Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty for Injuring Foster Dog

On Wednesday morning a Phoenix man had been arrested and booked into jail for animal cruelty. This was after he allegedly violently attacked and hurt a foster dog.

Thirty-Eight year old Kristopher Kimmerling is now facing charges for violently attacking a foster animal without provocation.

Kristopher Teases and Attacks the Pit Bull Mix

Police say that Kristopher (a transient) was seen aggravating the pit bull mix for over an hour. This was outside of a private yard that is located near the 19th Avenue and Mountain View Road.

According to the police report, Kristopher is then accused of opening the yard gate and then proceeded to let the animal out. That is when he then began kicking and hitting the poor pit bull mix dog.

The lady that reported the incident is the one who takes care of the dog (Hayden). Her children alerted her of the dog abuse and she called the authorities on behalf of the owners.

The witness then ran outside and yelled at Kristopher. They picked up the dog who was badly injured and bleeding from the head and the mouth. They immediately took the injured dog to the vet for treatment.

The police said that the dog had to receive staples to his head and that his tongue was sutured. Luckily the dog’s injuries were not life threatening.

The police found him near 19th and Dunlap avenues and then arrested Kristopher.