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Man Gets Busted for Selling Medical Marijuana

Man In Custody For Selling Marijuana to Detective

A man from San Tan Valley is now in custody for allegedly selling medical Marijuana to an undercover narcotics detective. The Officials from the Narcotic Task Force of the Pinal County Sheriff’s office stated that they had received the information in February. According to that information, Phillip Vaughn, 32, was selling some high grade hydroponic marijuana.

The officials also said that over a couple weeks time, Vaughn had sold the hydroponic marijuana to an undercover detective on several occasions. He was later arrested on March 27th after selling $100 worth.

The officials from the Sheriff’s office stated that Vaughn had admitted that he was indeed using his Arizona medical marijuana program I.D. card to purchase the hydroponic marijuana from several participating pharmacy. He then admitted to selling it around the Sun Tan Valley area.

At this time, Vaughn is still in jail on “suspicion of marijuana possession” as well as “possession of marijuana for sale”.  They have not stated if Vaughn has a lawyer at this time or not.

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