Neighborly Dispute Turns into Deadly Shooting

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Saturday Neighbor Dispute Turns into Deadly Shooting


Saturday nights are usually pretty wild for some people. For some it’s a relaxing night at home with the family. For others it’s a shoot out between neighbors. On Saturday night, police said that there was a dispute between some neighbors that ultimately ended in  a deadly shooting.


According to Phoenix Police Officer, James Holmes, The victim was forty-two years old. He died from a gunshot wound to the torso. The victim was taken to the hospital, however he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The investigating officers took the shooting suspect into custody and booked him into jail. The suspect is fifty-year old Mario De La Rosa Masa. According to the report, the police were called around 3:45 on Saturday evening. While they were doing their investigation the police found that Masa and the victim knew each other but they reportedly did not get along.


Barbecue Ends With Deadly Shooting


According to the officials, the victim had been attending a barbecue which was located near Jones and Central Avenues in Phoenix. This is when Mesa approached the party and then the victim and the suspect began to get into an argument, which sadly ended up with the victim striking Masa after Masa wouldn’t leave. Masa eventually left but he returned just a few minutes later and then picked up the argument again with the victim. During the the heated argument, the victim hit Masa again. Masa wasn’t taking it anymore, Masa responded by pulling out a handgun and shooting the victim.


According to the police,  the gunshot victim collapsed and Masa was detained by one of the witnesses until the police arrived on scene. The victims name has not been released at this time.




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