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Search for Male Who Tried to Kidnap a Lady in Apartment Complex

Police Search for Male who Tried to Assault a Woman in Apartment Complex


Police are now on the hunt for a man who is accused of trying to force a woman into a choke hold and then attempting to kidnap and sexually assault her. This happened at a local Phoenix apartment complex.


The press released that came out on August 25th, stated that a twenty-eight year old woman had been visiting her friend who lived at the West 35th Apartments. The victim parked at the apartment complex and then as she was walking she suddenly noticed someone was following behind her. The stranger asked for the time, she told him the time and then things got even creepier for the woman. The male suspect came up behind her and allegedly put her into a choke hold and then forced her to the ground.


Male Suspects Tries to get Victim to Perform Sexual Acts


The male suspect then proceeded to pull down his shorts and tried to get the poor woman to perform sexual acts. The woman screamed for help and luckily a resident who lived at the complex was able to run to help her and pulled the male suspect off of her. They say that the suspect ran southbound and into a local strip mall that is located nearby.  The surveillance camera at the complex showed that the suspect was following a car into the gated area of the complex. Some of the residents of the complex said that they had noticed a suspicious male hanging around the complex area that had matched the suspect’s description.


Police said that the victim was found out of state and she was just visiting a friend at the time of the attack. The Residents say that they had been alerted of the incident by the complex management. They were asked to lock their doors and report anything out of the ordinary.



Male Suspect’s Description

The suspect is described as a black male; 15-20 years old, between 5 foot 8 inches and 5 foot 11 inches tall, thin build and black hair. He was wearing a purple basketball jersey, black basketball shorts; Adidas flip flops with white socks.

If anyone has any information about this incident they are asked to call 602-262-6141 which is the Phoenix Police Department or 480-WITNESS for the Silent Witness line.




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