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Man Found at Bus Stop wounded By Gunshot

Police Investigating Situation Where Man Was Found With a Gunshot Wound


Fridays. Especially holiday Fridays, you see all kinds of craziness. The police are now investigating where a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound on Friday.


Sgt. Johnathan Howard, from the Phoenix Police Department said that the injured man that had been found at a local bus stop near 51st Avenue and Osborn. The man was quickly transported to the local hospital after he was found, but he sadly died after her arrived to the hospital.


Police Investigate Gunshot Victim’s Death


Lt. Kimberly Mitchell from the Phoenix Police Department, stated that someone who had been walking in the area was the one to call 911 after they had spotted the gunshot victim on the floor. The victim reportedly told the person who called 911 that he had been shot around two hours earlier.


Even though the man gave what information he could, he wasn’t able to provide the police any suspect information. The police are not looking for a particular suspect at this time, only because they do not know who shot the victim. Lt. Mitchell also said that there had been a luggage bag at the scene, however it did not belong to the gunshot victim.


Police do not know if the victim was transient or not. Police closed down the Northbound 51 Avenue from Osborn Road to Crittenden Lane so that they could investigate the scene.




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