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Home Invasion Robberies Near Phoenix

Robberies: Phoenix Home Invasion

Robberies happen quite often in Phoenix. However, a home invasion has to be terrifying no matter how common they might be in your area.

According to the police, a resident of a west Phoenix home shot and injured at least one man during a robbery during an early Monday morning incident. Talk about a crappy way to start your week.

Sgt. Trent Trump who is a spokesman with the Phoenix Police said that two or three armed men had broken into a home. The home was located near 83rd Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. The robbery happened in the early morning around 3:3o.

Sgt. Crump said that the home’s armed home owner confronted and fired at the robbers when they forced entry into his home. One of the men sustained non life threatening injuries. Maybe that will teach them to break into people’s homes.

The men of course fled the scene after that. The investigators said that they think that the man who was being treated at the local hospital for a gunshot wound was involved in the robbery.

The other men involved are still at large.

Robberies in Phoenix

Federal agents are working with the Phoenix police to try to calm down the onset of home invasion robberies that’s been on the rise in Phoenix lately. They have arrested around 70 people since May and had several operations of several groups of behind the crimes.

According to the police the home invasion robberies and kidnappings are tied to smuggling of drugs as well as people across the Mexican border. This happens a lot in Phoenix due to it being so close to the border.

The officials with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives said that a unit of federal agents have been working with the Phoenix detectives in hopes to break the robbery stings. Most of these have included attackers that have been dressed in dark uniforms and masks which mimics police tactical units.

According to reports, the investigation is called “Operation Gideon”. They use stings as well as other “means” to stop the crews. They charge them with firearms possession and other crimes before they carried out robberies.

According to the reports they included: the seizure of several firearms, ballistic vests, plastic restraints, duct tape, gloves and ski masks, as well as several thousand dollars in cash.

The people who are arrested will face federal firearms, drug trafficking, as well as other charges.

Mayor Phil Gordon’s Statement:

The results are stunning, and meaningful. These people really are the worst of the worst. And now they’re off the streets.

It’s pretty amazing that the detectives and local police are working so well to get things done and making such great progress in such little time. I’m sure the city of Phoenix really feels so much better about this.

However, it’s still pretty unclear how much of an impact the sweep has had. Last month, Police Chief, Jack Harris said that the kidnappings and home invasion robberies have continued without any “significant decrease”. So that’s not the best news. However, if the authorities keep at it hopefully the criminals will see that Phoenix isn’t a place to mess with and they will get caught.

Chief Harris says that in addition to the seventy arrests the federal-state team has made more than 300 arrests since it was created last September which is pretty amazing. The number’s are sure to keep rising.

According to Federal Statistics violent crime in Phoenix is actually down overall. However, police are still alarmed at the home invasion robberies and abductions lately. The victims have been as young as thirteen years old. The victims are even being held for a drug debt or being smuggled across the border. That would be a pretty scary situation for the victim.

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