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Dispensary Causes Suspicion

Chandler’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The United States is always progressing and one of the biggest conflicts is the marijuana debate. Local news was allowed to go visit the dispensary for an exclusive look inside of Chandler’s first dispensary.

According to news reports, this new facility is in place of the old Last Chance Saloon on the Arizona Avenue and Hunt Highway.

On Friday The Herbal Wellness Center will officially open. Patients were anxiously awaiting in line for the soft opening the Wednesday before the Friday opening.

In 2013 the company started their first venture into the Marijuana business. Their first location was in Phoenix.

Chandler Dispensary Opens

The officials in Chandler had tried to fight the dispensary’s opening at first, however they worked hard to come to an agreement to work out all the problems they came up with at first.


Joshua Huntington’s Statement who is the Assistant Manager at Herbal Wellness Center:

We are one of the first state of the art dispensaries in this area especially in Chandler all-around about 25 surrounding miles people are coming from all over.


The manager say that you can look at the items that they have available but you can’t buy them until the opening due to legal requirements. Who ever has an actual medical marijuana card can go ahead and get any kind of bud or pot potion that they would like.

Managers of the dispensaries say that the South Chandler location just makes sense.

According to studies, there are about 4,000 medical marijuana card holders in Chandler. That seems like a high number but that number just continues to grow statewide.

Chandler Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

Chandler has opened it’s very first medical marijuana dispensary. It’s debut had quite the…welcoming committee.

According to the reports, The Herbal Wellness Center was giving away free pot. They claim up to 1/8 of an ounce of marijuana. They gave a little extra as a thank you gift to every patient that made a purchase. They claimed it was part of the company’s Grand Opening celebration. Of course, the promotion worked very well. Claims have said that there has been a steady stream of medical marijuana card holders that went into the clinic.

Wellness Center Gives Away Free Pot

The owner of The Herbal Wellness Center, Rami Sweis said that he definitley saw the need to having a center in the area of the Southeast Valley. His facility is located near Arizona Avenue near Hunt Highway.

Sweis is expecting a great success, which so far it’s proven to be one. As time goes on he expects even more people to register for the medical marijuana card. He hopes his Center is convenient for the residents.

Arizona is one of the twenty-three states in the United States that actually have medical marijuana programs. It’s a bit of an “unorthodox” business, but it’s helps a lot of people. While, the businesses do provide help, marijuana is still prohibited under Federal law. Which makes it a hard honest business to get into.

It’s a Schedule I substance and distributing is of course a federal offense, even though their President has urged the federal prosecutors to not prosecute anyone who is selling medical marijuana in a state that allows it.


Which it makes the business start up even harder. Because a lot of banks actually refuse to work with the dispensaries because they fear a federal crackdown, which they should. The dispensaries do not accept credit cards for this reason so they can only do the transactions in cash only. Which makes it hard on some of their customers. A lot of people do not carry cash on them any more. It’s so much easier to keep a debit or credit card on hand.

The Herbal Wellness Center has a great set up and tries to be as secure as possible. They have security guards at the door for extra protection. There’s also a number of security cameras which covers almost every corner of the facility.

They have great hopes for the facilities at Chandler and the other one which is located at 40th Avenue and Indian School which is in Phoenix.

The center hopes to employee around two hundred people before the end of the year.  This place is helping people and creating jobs, what else could you want from a brand new business?

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