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Medical Marijuana Rules and Problems

North County Doesn’t Agree with Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


North County city council has now taken the steps to make sure that their community stays free of medical Marijuana dispensaries.

On a Tuesday evening, the San Marcos city council members have unanimously approved the introduction to a possible ordinance that would not allow the cultivation, delivery or the sale of medical marijuana.

The choice came from the anticipation of the bills that are being signed by Governor, Jerry Brown. Which would regulate Cannabis in the state. Not long ago, Governor Brown actually singed a trio of bills that would regulate medical marijuana in California.

The bills would be creating the first statewide licensing and operating rules for pot growers as well as manufacturers of cannabis-infused projects and even retail weed outlets. This is due to the fact that California voters have already legalized the use of medical marijuana back in 1996.

But just because California has legalized the use of medical marijuana, the state regulations, the cities will have until March 2016 to make their own legislation for the sales of medical marijuana.

According to reports, San Marcos has already decided to ban the medical marijuana dispensaries in 2006, however the city council had made the decision by vote, on placing a band in anticipation of next year’s deadline.

The meeting went rather well, despite the very controversial subject at hand. The council members were able to address the concerns about the medical marijuana sales, would also included the mobile marijuana dispensaries.

The public doesn’t seem to mind, since there was no opposition to the ordinance from the public present at the council meeting.

San Marcos is not alone in it’s battle against medical marijuana dispensaries, other local cities are joining in to hopefully prohibit the sale of medical marijuana. El Cajon is following behind San Marcos in hopes to keep the dispensaries out of their cities.


New Bills Bring Order to Medical Marijuana Industry


Governor Jerry Brown will be introducing three new bills which are all aimed at bringing order and oversight to California’s medical marijuana industry. Which some might be saying what? Because California was the first stated to legalize marijuana for medical use nearly twenty years ago.

The Democratic governor’s endorsement of the lengthy, seventy page Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act was hammered out by the lawmakers in the last little bit of the legislative session. They say it was expected due to the fact that his office had created so many exhaustive details in the bill.

The bills were made to create the first statewide licensing and operating rules for the pot growers. But not only the pot growers but for the manufacturers of anything made with cannabis as well as retail weed outlets.

The proposal’s enactment happens after many groups have tried to qualify voter initiatives for the November 2016 ballot that would legalize recreation marijuana in California.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has been vocal about his supporting the idea of allowing adults to use marijuana for fun. Brown, did not think that was a good idea. Newsom said that getting the state’s free-wheeling medical marijuana industry under control would ease the transition to a system that would also address the recreation use of the marijuana.

Newsom’s Quote about Marijuana:

Given the history and complexity of California’s market, achieving the people’s will and responsibly regulating marijuana will be a process that unfolds over many years, requiring sustained attention to implementation.


According to the bill, the package would seek to manage the medical marijuana by “requiring individuals or companies” that engage in any aspect of the industry to obtain at least one of 17 different possible licenses. It would also restrict the number of licenses one company could have.

The legislation would cover all of its bases, by also including a separate license for the indoor and outdoor cultivation, transportation, product testing, distribution, as well as for the dispensaries of different sizes. It would also charge various state agencies to develop guidelines for packing, potency, pesticide, as well as the use and advertising.

The bills would also preserve the right of the individuals who would want to grow small amounts of medical marijuana for personal use. It would allow the local governments to ban or tax marijuana related businesses.

Steven Lubell (Former Superior Court Commissioner) statement:

It was well-written. It was well thought-out. It flows,The industry, I think, wants this. They want to do what they have to do to run it like any other business.

According to the American Medical Marijuana Association, there is an advocacy group for the medical marijuana patients. That advocacy group plans to sue and overturn the legislation.  The group also says that sever parts of the bills, illegally amends the 1996 voter initiative that legalized it in the first place.

The state expects to start issuing the licenses to the medical marijuana suppliers and distributors in 2018. Should give it plenty of time to get things worked out and the companies to get their facilities up and running properly and legally.

The legislation includes: AB266 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, which sets up a medical marijuana bureau; AB243 by Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Healdsburg, which allows the state to issue licenses to pay for oversight; and SB643 by Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, which cracks down on clinics that specialize in issuing medical marijuana licenses for people without valid health needs.




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