Suspicious Man Admits to Having Weapons Near Super Bowl Stadium

Man Admits to Having Weapons Near Super Bowl Stadium


The Phoenix Police say that their most recent encounter with Super Bowl security is a great example of “See Something, Say Something”. Sometimes it saves lives, sometimes it just causes worry. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially with something as major as a super bow with millions of people.


On Tuesday, around nine o’ clock in the morning, one of the parking attendants told the officers that he saw a suspicious man walking near third Street and Washington. Which just happens to be near where the Super Bowl will be happening this year in Downtown Phoenix.


Police Confront Suspicious Man Near Super Bowl Stadium


Police say that they were quickly able to confront the man. He admitted to the police that he had weapons in his vehicle. When the police looked inside, they found a 12-gauge shotgun that was wrapped in a towel and laying on the dash, a handgun that was between the front seats, and a military type knife in plain view. Sounds like this guy definitley wanted to get caught.


The police say that the man was talking “incoherently” when they found him and that he also appeared to be lost and maybe confused. Due to his behavior the officers took him where he could get a mental health evaluation.


The police impounded the vehicle as well as the weapons and the man’s other belongings for safekeeping. The man has not been arrested at this time, so they are not releasing his name. Even though he was rather close to the stadium, he never got near enough (a 12 block area) of where Super Bowl Central is and that, the Super Bowl area is very secure.





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