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Phoenix Homicide

On Behalf of / Friday, 01 September 2017 / Published in assault, bank robbery, battery, Homicide, Narcotics, Pedestrian Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Police Investigate Phoenix Homicide

The Phoenix police are now investigating a double homicide. This happened on Wednesday after two people were found shot to death. They were found near the bleachers on a baseball field at the El Prado Park in south Phoenix.

The victims were reportedly a twenty-eight year old man and a twenty-three year old woman. According to Sgt. Alan Pfohl of the Phoenix Police Department, their identities haven’t been released at this time due to notifying their families.

According to the police, they think that the victims died overnight. the bodies were found by a passer-by around six o’clock in the morning. The person notified a park employee who called the police.

Shooting in Phoenix

Police had to arrest a man on Sunday for his involvement in a shooting of another man at an apartment complex in Phoenix. The shooting was reported around 6:20 p.m. on Saturday. The shooting happened at an apartment complex near 19th and Northern Avenues.

According reports, when the officers got to the scene the saw a forty-nine year old man. He was already dead and it was due to a gunshot wound.

Police said that on Sunday the police were able to locate and arrest a suspect, thirty-four year old, Markus Miller.

The victim was identified as Terrance Hodge.

Man’s Body Found in Phoenix

A man’s body was found on Thursday morning. This was in Encanto Park which is in Phoenix as well. Not a good time to be in Phoenix.

The police are investigating this as a homicide case.

The man was only known as “Richard”. He was found dead around 10:15 in the late morning at the park.


Couple Arrested for Homicide

There’s a lot of fun things to do as a couple, however murder isn’t one of them!

A married couple has recently been arrested for their involvement in a homicide case. This was after a body was found at an east Phoenix home. The woman told the police that her husband had killed the victim with a baseball bat last month.  Waited a little long to tell the police didn’t she?

The Phoenix Police said that thirty-two year old, Leviticus Najar and his thirty-five year old wife, Metika Najar were booked into jail for suspicion of abandonment of a dead body.

The victim hasn’t been identified at this time.

The police did said that the body was found inside of a concealed location inside of the home. Apparently the Najar’s had been renting the home since 2005.


Apparently the body was only found after the actual owner of the home was doing some repairs on the home’s flooring and accidently found a six foot tool box wrapped in plastic. The tool box had a foul odor coming from it so he called the police.

The police cut through 12 layers of wrapping and found a human skull, wrapped in duct tape.

Metika told the police that she and her husband had let a man as well as his brother stay at the home from time to time over the past three months.

She went on to say that she saw her husband go into a room and hear a noise like ” a bat hit a bicycle three times”. She said that she thought her husband had hit the victim because he had been making romantic advances towards her.

Metika said her husband had put the dead body in their backyard woodshed and wrapped it in a tarp then she never saw it again. She also told the police that she had burned the mattress where the man was killed in July in hopes to protect her husband.


Phoenix Manslaughter Lawyer

At the Phoenix based Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC, we have defended many clients charged with a violent crime, including murder charges and other high-level violent crimes. We can provide the strong defense you need if you have been charged with voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter.

If you discovered your spouse in bed with a lover and as a result killed your spouse in a sudden rage, you may have been charged with first-degree murder. However, you may only be guilty of voluntary manslaughter, an offense that carries a maximum prison sentence of 11 years, as opposed to a life sentence.

Manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. The term malice is used in a highly technical sense and does not simply imply a feeling of anger.


Types of Manslaughter Defenses

If you have been charged with murder and the evidence is stacked against you to show that you did unlawfully kill another person, seeking a conviction to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter may make a significant difference in your case.

To effectively raise such a defense, you must be able to establish that you were provoked, that a reasonable person in such a situation might be similarly provoked to kill, and that you did not have sufficient time to cool off and further contemplate your actions. If retained as your counsel, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to determine which defense strategy gives you the best opportunity to protect your freedom.


Types of Manslaughter Cases in Phoenix

In the state of Arizona, you may be charged with involuntary manslaughter under two separate circumstances:

  • If you committed a crime (other than a felony) and unintentionally caused the

death of another person.

  • If you were engaged in a lawful act that might cause death and acted without

“due caution and circumspection.”


Manslaughter Conviction and Sentencing

A conviction for involuntary manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of four years imprisonment. If you caused the unintentional death of another person and you were not committing a crime, it is not sufficient for the prosecution to allege that you made a mistake. The phrase “without due cause and circumspection” implies something more than a simple mistake. Our Phoenix Attorneys can raise a number of issues and defenses on your behalf to raise the strong defense you need. A plea to a lesser offense or a plea that allows you to avoid a criminal conviction may be possible depending on the facts of your case. If you choose to fight your charges at trial, we have the skilled trial lawyers to aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom.


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