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Phoenix Robberies on the Rise

Phoenix Robberies Suspect Arrested

So, in 2017 when you think of a robbery suspect you don’t really think of an old timey alias name. However, it still happens apparently.

Recently a robbery suspect has been dubbed as the “Barrel Chested Bandit”. Talk about something out of a “Gunsmoke” Western. Anyways, the “Barrel Chested Bandit” is wanted for holdups in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona has finally been arrested. This news came from the FBI office in Dallas.

According to the FBI agents, they arrested fifty year old, Anthony James Lane in Tuscon, Arizona on Tuesday. The name “Barrel Chested Bandit” is kind of a let down, totally though that was a badbutt female name. Kind of like a Annie Oakley or something, apparently not.

Lane was a busy man and wanted for several robberies or attempted robberies at eight different banks ranging from Tuscon, Albuquerque to Amarillo and Longview.

According to the FBI press release, he got his name by brandishing a small handgun in each of the robberies. He would order the teller to give him the money and then flee on foot.

Earlier this month the FBI said that they had offered a $10,000 reward for tips leading to the “Barrel Chested Bandit” arrest. Now he will face a federal bank robbery charge in Arizona.

Phoenix Police Suspect Shooting

Circle K seems to be a popular place to have a shooting in Phoenix because yet another shooting has taken place. According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department they have identified a man that the deputies fatally shot outside of the Circle K on Sunday, as twenty-six year old, Manuel Encinas.

The Deputies responded to an armed robbery call at a local Circle K convenience store. According to the Sheriff’s Department spokesman, the incident happened around two o’clock in the morning when they saw Encinas standing behind the Circle K employee.

The man was holding a gun, forcing the employee out of the store. After they left the store the employee ran or his or her life toward a deputy that was standing south of the building.

During that time, the deputies were able to get a clean shot and were able to shoot and kill Encinas after he had “presented a gun”.

According to further investigation that Encinas was also connected to a previous Tucson homicide so it looks like he will be spending some time in jail. While no further details were given on that situation, this shooting is still being investigated.

Phoenix Criminal Threats Lawyer

Criminal Defense Cases

Formerly referred to as terroristic threats, the crime of criminal threats may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending on case specifics. A criminal threat occurs when an individual threatens to kill or injure another person and that person has a reasonably sustained fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family. A defendant may potentially be convicted of making criminal threats even if he or she did not intend to carry out the threat, provided that the alleged victim had a reasonable basis to fear for his or her safety.


Arrest in Phoenix for Criminal Threats

If you have been arrested for making a criminal threat, it is critical that you protect your rights by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney. For a vigorous defense, contact the Law Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC immediately.

Arizona prosecutors have considerable discretion to charge criminal threats offenses as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor criminal threat, harassment or stalking offense, you could face up to one year in county jail. If you are convicted of a felony criminal threats offense, you could face up to four years in state prison. You could face significantly greater penalties if you used a firearm or other dangerous weapon while making criminal threats.


Types of Criminal Threats

A Criminal Threat is a strike offense, which means that you could face significantly enhanced penalties if you are convicted of a future felony. Even a nonviolent felony could result in twice the prison sentence if you have a prior strike offense. A third strike could result in a prison sentence of 25 years to life.


Criminal Threats Defensive Strategy

There are many ways that our skilled Phoenix Defense Attorneys can raise a strong defense on your behalf. First, we will examine the facts of the case to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to obtain a conviction. In particular, we will look at any evidence of the alleged communication. Does the prosecution have copies of an email or voicemail? If the state has nothing more than a he-said-she said case, the prosecution will have a tougher time proving its case.


Taking Your Criminal Threats Case to Trial

Even if the prosecution has evidence of the alleged communication, we will examine the nature of the communication. Was the threat a serious one? In other words, did the alleged victim actually fear for his or her safety and was he or she reasonable to have such fear? The prosecution does not have to prove that you intended to carry out the threat, or even that you had the current ability to carry out the threat. However, the prosecution must establish that the threat you made is the type that would have caused the defendant to have a reasonable fear.

If you choose to take your case to trial, we offer skilled Phoenix trial lawyers who will aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom. If you do not want to fight your charges at trial, we can negotiate with the prosecution to seek a favorable plea agreement. Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to help you keep this off of your record. If that is not possible, we can seek a plea to a lesser offense, including a non-strike offense, or we can seek an agreement on sentencing that will limit the penalties you face. With a team of former prosecutors, the skilled attorneys at the Phoenix Offices of Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC are highly adept at finding creative solutions for their clients.


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