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Public Shooting in Phoenix

Phoenix Police Officer Shoots Bystander

Shootings are dangerous and if you hear someone shooting, the best thing to do is get far away from the commotion. A Phoenix police officer accidentally shot a bystander as the officer was trying to shoot a dog that had been attacking people, including the officer.

It was four o’clock one morning when the officer was inside of the Quik Trip store which is located at 19th and Southern Avenues. While, the officer was inside a person came inside and said that a dog was outside attacking people.

The officer firstly warned the people to stay inside. However when he went outside he was witness to the dog already attacking and biting a man.

The officer tried to pull the dog off of the man, however the dog decided to bite the officer too. After that the officer fired one round.

Shots Fired in Phoenix

That single shot somehow ended up striking a fifty-three year old man, who had also been bit by the dog. The man was wounded by his foot. The beat up older man was taken to the hospital with, luckily, non-life threatening injuries.

The man and the officer had suffered from non-life threatening injuries. The dog wasn’t so lucky though. The dog ended up having to be mechanized due to his injuries.

Police said that the dog was tan and white in color. He was medium sized as well. They believe the dog was just a stray dog. They searched the dog to see if he was micro-chipped, which he was not. The dog had on a red collar, however there were no dog tags or any kind of information so that the owners could be contacted.

The dog had been seen before the biting incident. The bystander said that the dog wasn’t aggressive at that time, he was just drinking water from the windshield cleaner buckets that are found next to the gas pumps.


Former Furniture Store Operator Arrested for Homicide

Unfortunately, some homicide cases can last years. Everyone wants justice, but sometimes the evidence isn’t there. Just because it’s been put on hold for a little while, doesn’t mean that case won’t ever be solved. You never know when something will strike up an investigation again.

A man was arrested in Arizona for a homicide case that has been around for twenty-three years. The man is a furniture sales competitor. He’s wanted for the killing of a man in Ohio.

Sam Perone, is the man who was arrested for the crime. Police think that the forty-one year old, Richard Woods had been visiting the Columbus area furniture store salesman. There are reports he had been there prior to his death/disappearance.

Lt. John Faine’s Statement:

His last stop that day was at Sam Perone’s furniture store, That stop was the last time Richard was ever seen alive.

Woods was shot in the back of the head and his body was found about a month later in a wooded area near Lebanon. David Fornshell who is the Warren County Prosecutor said that the investigating officers think that Woods was shot in the back of the Perone’s store. He did however, decline to talk about a possible motive and admitted to this being a challenging case.

David Fornshell’s Statement:

Any time you try to prosecute a case that’s 23 years old, it’s a difficult process.
The police are hoping to get Perone’s removal from Phoenix, where he happened to be arrested. On a Friday, the authorities left a message for the Lebanon attorney who had previously represented Perone. The details of the murder incident weren’t immediately released by the Warren County police officials.
Sixty-seven year old Perone at first denied any involvement in Wood’s slaying. He made the decision to close the store, many years ago. However, it’s not for sure how long ago that he moved to Phoenix.
The police suggest that they used the newer forensic techniques to develope evidence.

Fornshell’s Statement:

There’s been a tremendous advance in the use of DNA technology and other types of technology over the past 10 to 15 years
It was a ironic situation that the police are calling a “coincidence” that Perone’s arrest was announced on the 23rd anniversary of Woods’ disappearance.

Long Period Of Time Passes Over Murder Case

On a Friday, a man who was living in Arizona was accused of murdering another man in Ohio over two decades ago was called to make his initial court appearance.

Sixty-seven year old, Sam Perone asked the court if he could have his extradition back to Ohio to be delayed until the end of the month so that his wife could visit him in jail.

According to the reports, Perone was advised more than once by the judge not to talk about his case due to the fact that the entire proceeding was being recorded and could and will be used in any future court proceedings that relate to his case.

Sam’s Statement:

I can’t ask the court to ask them to let my wife see me?


Perone asked the judge, this being after he made the request that his extradition be put on hold until the end of the month on October 23rd.


Judge’s Statement:

There’s nothing we can do intervene on that. This is their warrant that they’re extraditing on. So I don’t know whether they would do it in a week. I don’t know if they would do it in a month. I don’t know if they would do it tomorrow.


Sam stayed in good spirits during the request, joking with the judge about the guards wanting to take him back to Ohio on Saturday so that they wouldn’t miss a game playing later.

Sam is accused of killing a man named woods. The man was killed on October 8,1992. The mans body was later found in an Ohio ravine, at least a month after his death. The body had two gunshot wounds to the head. Woods car was located 1.5 miles away from a nearby rest area.

Police think that Sam Perone was the last person to see Woods alive. The investigators were able to re-open the case in 2006 after they found blood in some carpet however, the results were inconclusive. Last year investigators decided to give the case another try.


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